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Website Analysis

Analyzing a business website highlights both positive aspects that make the website successful as well as negative aspects that prevent the site from thriving. SocialPulsar’s SEO Services in Kerala is known to offer comprehensive web analytics services to its global patrons.

It becomes incredibly difficult to evaluate a website’s performance with so many different aspects to consider. This is where our team steps in.  After a thorough website analysis, we recommend the required changes.

Our analysis addresses every element starting from the website speed test, architecture to the web page analytics. We offer high-end website testing tools to complete the process. It helps in optimizing different website elements.

Our Website Analysis report includes the following:

  • SEO Review

It talks about optimization for search engine ranking, website’s analytics, backlinks, tracking data, and keyword effectiveness.

  • Marketing Review 

This section puts light on the effectiveness of the marketing strategies utilized by the site including PPC, Google AdWords and other strategies.

  •  Content Review

A detailed analysis report showcases the results after a thorough evaluation of the website’s content on different aspects.

  •   Design and Development Review

The website’s codes are evaluated on different criteria and an exhaustive report is prepared. Thereafter, different design elements of the site are analyzed while providing necessary feedback.

  • Usability Review

In this section, report highlights the results of evaluation of factors like navigation and visitors ease of finding data in the site, placement of dynamic content, etc.

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