With an estimated 400 million monthly active users, WhatsApp has a very important market in India. In November 2020, WhatsApp was downloaded 58 million times. 17 million of these came from its biggest market, India.1 in every 5 WhatsApp users are from India. WhatsApp’s market penetration for India has improved over the past few years. Growing from 28% to 64% now, India ranks 21st in the list, which shows how WhatsApp’s potential for continued success in India is limitless. Thus, WhatsApp and Whatsapp Chat Bots play a vital role in improving your business. We are the best SEO company in Kerala, who can help you with this. 

According to the WhatsApp stats published by GlobalWebIndex in 2020, Kenya and South Africa are leading the way with a massive market penetration of 97% and 96% respectively. In Japan, the infiltration rate is just 2%.

Nearly 95% of Android device users in India have WhatsApp installed. The socioeconomic trends suggested similar numbers for iOS and Apple devices as well.

Though a major share of WhatsApp’s users come from urban areas, rural areas have recorded an increasing share of the app’s adoption too. In India, young and old, poor and rich, urban and rural; all use WhatsApp.


Companies Follow Customers Onto Platforms

In India, 80% of small businesses are using the platform to connect with their customers and expand their business.  Fintech startup Kaarva has built a WhatsApp Chatbot that generates, qualifies and supports over 100,000 customers.  Kaarva operations are almost entirely run using WhatsApp’s Business APIs. From onboarding to cash transfer confirmations, everything’s done through WhatsApp.

Did you know that WhatsApp uses India to beta test its most important launches and experiments? WhatsApp decided to launch WhatsApp Pay in India, with India being a huge supporter of UPI transactions and being the home to 400 billion WhatsApp users. 

Once customers start transacting, the next step is to give them someone to transact with.


What Is a WhatsApp Bot?

Bots are the colloquial shorthand that is used to describe Chatbots.

Chatbots replicate human conversation. Chatbots range from Google Homes’ to automated text bots. 

Hence, chatbots can be replicated beyond just on websites, to Apps, Facebook pages and WhatsApp chats. Regardless of where you interact with, the backend functionality of a chatbot remains largely the same.


Why Should Your  Business Have a Bot?

Chatbots have two primary customer interaction roles – lead generation and customer support automation. Like any other successful automation efforts, customer service chatbots can reduce your business costs and the improvements they make in customer experience are far more impactful.

Chatbots work great both on websites and in apps. WhatsApp, on the other hand, is a much more effective medium. Marketing communication that is sent through WhatsApp sees 3x conversions than on any other channel.

Chatbots provide time-sensitive customer interactions such as conflict-resolution and lead qualification Whenever a customer visits a website looking to make a purchase, time is of the essence. And hence, queries of purchase consideration must be resolved in a manner that is both easy and timely. 

If you would like to see a demo on how WhatsApp Chatbots work, you may get in touch with us. Ours is a data-driven digital marketing agency with an impressive track record of numerous happy customers. 


How To Build a WhatsApp Bot?

Nykaa, the eCommerce fashion store Nykaa, was able to automate over 1.6 million conversations using chatbots. This allowed 99.7% of all conversations to be tended to in 30 seconds. Just as emails had made for faster response rates and better query closure rates when compared to postcards, a well-designed chatbot boosts customer satisfaction beyond the existing systems.

Note that WhatsApp’s Business APIs are not open to the public. Unless you’re a large multinational firm or an enterprise-scale company, you won’t be given access.

WhatsApp rolls out the plan to monetize its platform. It is treading cautiously so as to not irk the existing customer base. WhatsApp does this by preventing any potential for abuse by allowing only a handful of verified companies and vendors onto their platform.

To build a WhatsApp bot for your business, you should use a verified WhatsApp API provider like us. Based on the recent WhatsApp policy update, businesses can also choose to receive secure hosting services from their parent company Facebook that will help manage their communications with their customers on WhatsApp!

Businesses can advantageously host their Whatsapp APIs on Facebook directly without compromising on user data. WhatsApp is labeling conversations with businesses that are choosing to use hosting services from Facebook.


A Step-by-step Breakdown


The initial step will be to reach out to a company or a third-party provider who can build a chatbot for you. Our data-driven digital marketing agency will be more than happy to help you out. 

The next step is to make sure that you’re the right fit. Businesses are asked several questions to gauge API qualification.


The two important factors that are taken into account before processing the request are:

A. Type of Industry: 

WhatsApp pays close attention to those industries your business falls under. 

WhatsApp restricts its API access to the following industries:

1.Government and political organizations,

2.Gambling industry

3.Adult content


5.Tobacco items, Drugs, Alcohol



Here’s more on the WhatsApp industry limitations: WhatsApp Commerce Policy


B. Chatbots Use Case: 

WhatsApp doesn’t  allow users to use the bot for any promotional or marketing activities. Use WhatsApp chatbots only for customer support, non-promotional alerts, lead acquisition and notifications. 


Your WhatsApp chatbot must comply with these policies listed here.

Application Processing

Our agency will guide you through the possible use-cases, assist you with compliance, and provide proofreads and develop acceptable templates for your business.

We ensure that you not only have WhatsApp APIs but are also able to keep them.


Your WhatsApp Bot is Yours.

Once the framework is set, it’s just a matter of plugging it into your system.

The ease depends on the provider you choose. We are the best SEO company in Kerala and provide an all-in-one solutions stack. We integrate your CRM for WhatsApp queries, encrypt and decrypt messages and provide you with the benefit of a single dashboard.

Our all-encompassing dashboard allows you to monitor metrics such as the resolution time, bot deflection percentage, average CSAT rate, common phrases used by your customers, and a lot more actionable insights!