Social media platforms are evolving over time and there are new ones that emerge every one and then. Some of which are here to stay, while others lose market at a very early stage. Social media platforms are one amongst the kind of digital media platforms that have a key role in boosting your digital marketing scenarios. Similar was the inception of Clubhouse, a social media network, that gained popularity in the late 2020s and early 2021. Clubhouse being the first audio-only social media app has gained popularity in a shorter span of time. Social Media Marketing has gained momentum with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn and now will clubhouse also join the lead is a thought that many have.



Clubhouse was launched less than a year ago by two Stanford University alumni, Rohan Seth and Paul Davison and has turned out to be the most talked about social media platform of 2021. This app has seen a massive growth rate within a very short time and that is mainly because of its unique app features that it provides the user with. Clubhouse features are now being targeted and the giant tech companies are beginning to build potential rivals for this audio-only social media platform.


How does Clubhouse work?

Clubhouse being an audio-only social media platform, only enables you to create or participate in audio chat rooms. As you log-in successfully by creating your account in Clubhouse, you will see a host of chat rooms where discussions on varied topics and subjects will be displayed. The chat rooms that are visible to you will be based on the preferences and topic interests that you were asked to set during the time of creating a new account.

These active chat rooms will have a list of speakers talking on subjects and the listeners can occasionally chime in like in a live podcast. You also have the option to create a chatroom of your interest and start conversing with people of similar interests. Only live conversation can be heard in Clubhouse and there is no playback option available.


Is Clubhouse the next-in-line social media platform?

This hot-new app has undoubtedly created enthusiasm amongst entrepreneurs, start-ups, venture capitalists and even celebrities. The app’s feature of being a voice-only social media platform has itself drawn in huge users. There are no visual cues such as text, videos or images in it.

The attraction is very evident already. To mention, Cred founder Kunal Shah and Razorpay’s Harshil Mathur are amongst those Indian industrialists who have inclined a special interest in this trending app. And, according to a report by The Economic Times, with a participation of almost 4,000 members, Indian Startup Club emerged to be one of the biggest groups on the app within the country.

It is not mere casual conversation that happens here. There are serious and interesting discussions along the lines of product marketing, entrepreneurial insights, how to grow your start-up and hacks and tips to mention a few major topics.

It is not surprising that the app’s algorithm also cultivates an individualised experience for the user. User engagements are happening a higher level and these quality engagements are a very promising sign for any industrialist or businessman. The social network feeds on Clubhouse’s chat rooms revolving around real-life elements: spontaneity, interaction, and encounters with friends and strangers.

Clubhouses’s attribute at being able to focus on individual interest rather than intending on social circle preference has gained popularity for the app.


To Conclude

Clubhouse has been able to create user interest. But one will have to wait and see how well the app is able to maintain the momentum and be a trending attribute in the social media marketing scenario.

In this current time period of the corona outbreak and it’s after effect situation, all the regular routines in the business world have changed. Many of the Digital Marketing Jobs and other related jobs are being interviewed virtually.  In order to overcome the current crisis and to implement a better experience for the future, Different Social media are implementing new features. In this blog, we will discuss the upcoming Virtual interview support introduced by LinkedIn.  They are planning to implement tools that can help us to groom ourselves for an interview and to implement a virtual interviewing platform.

Senior director of product management  Blake Barnes wrote on his blog about the current scenario and he quoted about the tools that they are planning to introduce.

Two new tools introduced by Linked in are

  • Video Introductions
  • AI-Powered feedback

Video Introductions

The best way for a recruiter to get an overview of a candidate and for a candidate to convey his confidence and to get a good impression is the introduction part of the interview. It is an inevitable one. So this new upcoming feature of LinkedIn is a helpful one. By this feature being implemented, the recruiter can ask for an introduction to the candidate, and the candidate can reply to that using recorded video or in written formats. They said that a carefully made response can help you in the interview to stand out before the officials.

Many of the companies demand the soft skill of an employee which is a harder one to assess. So by this feature, the recruiter can analyze the communication style, soft skill, and also his motivation within a small period of time and it will help to shortlist the efficient ones from a larger number.

For a candidate, it will help him to prepare a self-satisfying introduction that may help him to boost his confidence level. The candidate can re-record the video before submitting. So analyzing his positives and negatives and preparing himself to be an efficient one without being under pressure is possible.

AI-Powered Feedback

This feature is to help the candidate to prepare for an interview. It comes under the preparation tools offered by LinkedIn. An important problem faced by the candidates during the interview is the lack of self-confidence during the question-answer section of the interview. To help the candidates to analyze himself on the frequently asked questions of an interview, LinkedIn introduced this feature. We can answer those questions with a recorded video clip and it will be analyzed with the AI-Powered feedback section and feedback will be given to us based on the phrase usages and word fillings that we used during the answering. By this feature, we can improve ourselves to answer perfectly to the frequently asked questions during the interview.

 In this section, we can also refer to the helpful videos of experts that may help us to be a better candidate during the job interview. It is sure that this will be a life-giving feature by LinkedIn for many of the low confident job seekers.

In his blog, Blake Barnes also quoted some important tips for an interview including the importance of building a personal relationship during the interview, making a quiet atmosphere by avoiding distractions and being prepared with the essentials for an interview.

Google announced on 17th January that it will start considering page speed for mobile search. The new update called the Speed Update will start rolling out on July 2018. Google had admitted to pagespeed being one of its ranking factor in 2010 but back then searches were mostly desktop searches. But now mobile searches have raised far and above desktop search.
If you have not yet started optimizing your websites for increased pagespeed don’t worry, we still have more than 4 months for the update to take over. But that doesn’t mean that you should waste time, the earlier you start the better.

As the first step towards optimizing your websites Google recommends the use of PageSpeed report or tools like LightHouse to measure page speed and make improvements.

If your website has Google AMP then this update should not be creating trouble for you, unless your pages are loading slow in spite of the AMP. And for people using a mix of AMP and regular mobile pages, Google will determine the speed based on the page they show in the search results. So in short having AMP will not give you a clean chit, Google is not going to consider the technology you are using, the only thing that matters is the speed of the pages.

Google also says that user intent will be given the top priority, i.e a page that has the most relevant information related to a search query may rank in the results in spite of a slow pagespeed. Now if you are waiting for the update to demote your site and then start working on it, then there are chances that you may not even know that your site has been hit. Google will not alert you when your site, so the only way for you to know is by continuously monitoring your webpage performance and rankings.

Another area where Speed update can bring in changes id your Adwords campaigns. Though Google have not specifically stated it landing page experience is a major factor in determining the quality score. So if the pagespeed of your landing page is low, it may affect your quality score and you may end up paying more that you used to. So if your landing page is slow to load, do not hesitate to correct the issue.

So the easier path would be to audit your website, or even better assign a search engine marketing company to do an audit on your website and understand how it’s pagespeed can be improved. This will help your website to stand strong when the Speed Update rolls out.

Instagram has been rolling out new updates on a regular intervals to bring in more people to them. And the latest addition to this one is the new ‘Type Mode’ feature, the long awaited text only feature. This latest Instagram update enables users to share text-only posts on their Instagram Stories without photos or videos.
Users get to choose from colorful and customizable backgrounds with different text styles. It also has a neon font. You can also use the other recent Instagram update, the GIF stickers. These animated stickers will help you make any photo or video funny, interesting or creative.

Accessing the Type Mode is pretty simple, open the camera in the Instagram app and swipe to “Type,” and write whatever you need to express. Once you have finalised the text and created it tap the button at the bottom of the screen to change the text color, background color, font etc. And if you want more you can also add a background photo by tapping the camera icon on the bottom right.

The new Instagram update has bought in different responses from the users. Many are happy about the update as they can now share their thoughts and feelings without using images or videos.
But there are others who feel that this update was uncalled for. They feel that this update will destroy the essence of Instagram, that is not to have to read anything and just absorb things through photos or videos.

Whatever be the reactions, the feature has already rolled out and whoever approves of this can embrace it with open arms. And the others can ignore it and keep on using photos and videos. And with Instagram being the fast growing medium for social media management service this update will force marketers to build new strategies and techniques to win the market.

And Instagram is not stopping the experiments with new features. According to reports they are testing an option that lets you “regram” public feed posts from other users to your Story. This feature is yet to roll out, so let’s wait and watch.