Facebook users typically spend more time in their News Feed, and as Facebook continues to expand into new areas, it opens up a whole new ecosystem of behaviors that can be targeted. This trend is gaining momentum with the onset of the Engagement Remarketing options that are now available. 

Though it’s still vastly underused on many accounts. They can be a goldmine not only for remarketing but also for creating lookalike audiences and moving users through a sales funnel. Know how you can benefit enough by relying on Facebook by getting in touch with our agency which is the best social media marketing company in India.

These can be extremely effective for brands that have a lot of social interaction, as well as businesses that may not have micro-conversions on their site, substandard landing pages, or anything else that creates challenges around remarketing or solid Lookalike audience creation.

Listed below are some of the most powerful ones that you should consider.


1. Video Behavior Remarketing

The Engagement options provide an option of choosing Video that gives you a small screen with a drop-down for the behavior you want to isolate:

Once you have picked the behavior you want to create an Audience from, you can choose the length of time to include, and then the specific video.

This is great because you can create a content funnel based on what the user has viewed.

For instance, if you create an Audience of users who viewed 25% of your how-to video on building a deck. You could then follow up with a carousel ad of tools that are featured in the video.

And if you want to promote more content, you can show a part 2 to the original video, and then follow that one up with something sales-focused.

By building the Audience you choose, you can create a Lookalike off them as well and give Facebook more data it can find other users in your target demo who are most likely to watch your video, making that targeting more exact.

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2. Lead Ad Engagement

Lead ads help drive building your email list for a relatively low cost. These ad units enable users to submit things like their name, email, and many other fields of their choice within the unit, without having to leave and go to a landing page.

There are numerous options for Engagement targeting based on their interaction with your lead ad unit.

You can even remarket to users who opened the form but didn’t submit it. And if you want to test showing a remarketing ad to users who opened and submitted with a more sales-oriented promotion message.

This is a prime opportunity to create more lookalikes that you can use to further your lead gathering. 

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3. Page Engagement

Page engagement cites your page and it also applies to the ads you create or messages sent to your page

Generally, if you get a lot of social interaction on your posts, this can be a great way to continue interacting with users. The option to interact with users coincides with the ability to have ads drive to Messenger which helps to start those conversations in the first place.

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4. Instagram Business Profile Interaction

This option is a crossover, especially for businesses that have a healthy Instagram following but are struggling to replicate it on Facebook.

Similar to Page options on the Facebook side, this one allows you to create ads based on Facebook behaviors.

This is effective for brands that are focused on images, such as apparel, allowing them to use their fan base on Instagram to drive their messaging and targeting on Facebook.

When combined with other interests, this option can be used to target a combination, like a Lookalike audience plus a makeup interest for a makeup brand’s ads.

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Additional Options That Work If Made Available

Here are three options that would work for you:

Possibilities for content targeting

The ability to choose which piece of content or post to be created for the Custom Audience when it comes to post/ad engagements. As of now it just applies to every post. But if the advertiser can choose which pieces of content the user has already viewed it helps to create a specific video for the audience around.

Target-based interaction

The ability to interact with a user and know did they like it? Love it? Comment? There have been screenshots circulating that there’s a beta test based on users who shared your content, so they’re on the way to having this as an option, but it would be a super-cool option to have!

A way to categorize or tag your content within the interface 

This helps easily to create larger groups for remarketing. So you can tag things based on “how-tos” or “sales messaging,” and then you can easily push out messaging you know those categories of content consumers are going to be interested in.

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With all the data that Facebook Ads have, the sky’s the limit. The options outlined here are powerful on their own. Know which ones would benefit you right with the help of our social media marketing company in Kerala

We help you to test them out and find what works best for you, and be ready for the newer iterations that are sure to show up!


It goes without saying that social media is more valuable for your small businesses.  Being a social media marketing company in Kerala, we can say this is very true because, when compared to established or large businesses, it is essential for the smaller ones to rightly create that impact required for it to stay fit and visible amongst the other big players. 

How the goals are set will have an impact on your bottom line. And how those goals are tracked using social media analytics impacts. These are tactical stuff. 

Are you wondering how to achieve these? Sharing a few tips that will help ramp up your social media marketing. For a full-fledged guidance and support, you may consider our social media management company in Kerala. 


1. Know your social audience

The first step in creating a successful campaign is trying to know your audience. The same applies to when it comes to social media as well. You can have an understanding of who your audience is from the social data. 

Have a better understanding of your social audience by using the data from social networks or a third-party social media tool. 


2. Use engagements to build relationships

Engaging with your audience on social media is critical. Customers can reach out to you on social media for a number of reasons. Try to know why they’re reaching out.

This will aid in answering your customers in a timely fashion and build a deeper relationship and help to sell more.

You wouldn’t ignore a customer who is calling your office phone, would you? This is the same as that, even on social media. 


3. Make use of social media to search for new opportunities

A social media listening tool can make it possible to find conversations happening on social media that can turn favourable and perfect for you to join.

Assume that yours is a pizza restaurant in Chicago that sells gluten-free pizza.

Setting a Brand Keyword will help to constantly search social media for people who mention “gluten-free pizza” within the radius of your restaurant. Those messages will then be streamed to you enabling interactions.

A few things you can do are:

  1. Giving them a simple Like 

They might check out your page and see similar offers on gluten-free pizza and may even put you on their list of places to try.

  1. Reach out to them

Acknowledge their original message to show you care about their opinion and try offering a coupon code for the next time. 


4. Make use of a social content calendar

Not planning your social media calendar in advance, can end up scrambling to find content to share.

This will turn out to be a big problem because sharing quality content across your social channels is key to engaging your audience. It also attracts new followers.

Our social media marketing agency in Kerala helps our clients to prepare their content calendars. Here’s how: 

1. Figuring out what content resonates with the audience

2. Deciding on how often to post on each social network and profile

3. Creating or sourcing great content to share

4. Filling up the content calendar with a social publishing tool


5. Always make sure to post your content only at optimal times

It is always a good idea to publish your content at your optimal send times. Studying your social media sent messages and finding trends in when posts get top engagement, can help you do this.


6. Use the best hashtags

Hashtags may seem a bit played out as they’re frequently used. 

But hashtags are critical elements to use on social media and can increase your reach tremendously. 

Hashtags are a great way to inspire content while taking advantage of a trending topic.


7. Timely audit your social presence 

Irrespective of the fact that you’ve been running your social media accounts for a while it’s important to conduct an audit of your social presence.

A successful and rightly done social media audit will tell you what has worked, what hasn’t worked. It will also help you know what profiles need a bit of an update and so much more.

We help you carry out a successful audit and advise you rightly on what areas need to be improved or enhanced. We are different from the other social media companies in Kerala because we treat each client differently and have curated plans that specifically work for them. It is not a one size fits all solution that you get when you approach us. 


8. Make use of great visuals

Social networks require differently sized imagery for posting, and not using the correct size for your image may turn out a bit distorted.


9. Create powerful and relevant social media videos

Video contents are always an amazing way to increase your engagement. But creating videos can be intimidating.

Not having the necessary supplies to shoot something in quality, lack of proper location to film, or having just a bit of stage-fright, all of these can be hindrances.

Here are some ideas that our social media marketing company in Kerala, make use of, for creating apt videos for our clients:

1. Creating video content that is meaningful and relatable

2. Using previous content’s success to inspire new videos

3. Planning about the social assets that need to be gained

4. Being intentional with your CTAs.

5. Making your videos accessible

6. Never neglecting video SEO

7. Analyzing the video’s performance

8. Turning your video into additional social assets


10. Make use of both organic with paid Ads, as required

Are you thinking that when you can run organically, why should you consider paid Ads?

Well if your messages aren’t getting the impressions or views that you’d expected,  it is always possible to give them a boost by relying on paid Ads. A little money spent can get you hundreds of new impressions for posts.


11. Get your team on social media

Think from the perspective of a social business team because social media touches all facets of your organization. Not just branding and awareness.

Social media plays a role in all areas of your organization. From managing client relationships, to engaging audiences, through your customer service and sales teams, to your social and agency teams and discovering new avenues for your product team, social media has a role to play everywhere. 



Our social media marketing company In Kerala is one of its kind where we help nearly businesses of all kinds and any industry to build stronger relationships with customers and eliminate time-consuming tasks on social media.

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