Facebook ads are so common these days that even a common man will probably be able to tell which part of the ad is the headline and which part is the image, and so on. It seems too simple. 

If you are someone who wants to learn about Facebook ads, it won’t be enough to identify the parts of a Facebook ad alone, as how a common man does. You should also know the purpose of the ad and understand the ways to maximize each element of that ad.

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A Look into The Anatomy of a Facebook Ad

A typical Facebook ad like the link ad has 5 elements:

1. Post text

Often known as post text, it is the copy that’s right above the image. Some brands may just write 1-2 lines of text while some others may do it in several paragraphs.

Though there is no right and wrong answer, the best tip is to do A/B testing. This lets you check whether people respond better to short or long copies. This lets you get clear on your message.

Always make use of simple and actionable language that reflects their needs.


2. Image

It is a known fact that the human brain processes visual content faster than text.  Hence, your choice of Facebook ad image counts. The more appealing you can make it, the more effective your Facebook ad becomes.

Then comes the doubt on how you select images that make a positive impact. The guidelines mentioned below help you in choosing the right images:

Buyer PersonaThink about questions such as: Who is your audience? What are their goals? What do they value or fear?

MessageThe image should communicate the main message of your Facebook ad. It must be one that can draw people deeper into your offer. 

QualityAn image that’s grainy, blurry, and basically poor in quality will do no help. Facebook recommends uploading 1200 x 628 pixels for the best image size.


3. Headline

When done right, headlines can do a lot of convincing. You can employ different techniques in writing ad headlines like sparking a sense of urgency or using an active voice. But remember to always keep the headline short and catchy.


4. Description

The description of any Facebook ad is found right below the headline. Description enables you to explain your headline in more detail. 

Some brands also use the description to reveal the price of their offer. Others may use it to specify the features or benefits of a product. Always make sure that your description convinces people to click on the call-to-action button to its right.


5. Call-to-action button

Having a CTA button will take your ad viewers to their ultimate destination where they can take the action that meets your goal. Facebook provides different options for your call-to-action (CTA) button such as Shop Now, Sign Up, Subscribe, Book Now, Contact Us, and more.

A classic example of using the CTA button right is when AdEspresso did a $1000 experiment where they tested four different call-to-action options which included No Button, Learn More, Download, and Sign Up. They concluded that any choice of CTA button works better than having no CTA at all.

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Examples of Facebook Ad to Take Inspiration From

You might have identified the anatomy of a Facebook ad but still may be unsure about how to optimize each part in a way that makes your ad 10x better. 

Here are the best examples and included along with a couple of good insights. 

Check them out:


1. Dean Graziosi

Mastermind groups are worth a thing these days, and this Facebook ad by Dean Graziosi depicts how his millionaire mastermind is worth it. It uses just a few words and a powerful picture.

Take away from this FB ad:

      – Show the price of your offer beyond one element of your ad. And the word “just” makes your offer emphasize its affordability.

      – If you want to include your audience in your exclusive group or mastermind, use an image of your actual, successful members.


2. Yoga on Gaia

Gaia is a service by which you can do yoga anytime and anywhere. Their offer to everyone is a chance to enjoy unlimited yoga for 2 weeks. But what stands out is the text on the ad image that says, “Gaia 99 ¢ JOIN NOW.”

Take away:

        – Make use of a directional cue to shift your audience’s attention to your main message. 

        – Use your user testimonials in your FB ad’s post text. You needn’t reveal the name of your user.

        – Include time-related words that create urgency. Apart from the word now, other words that can be included are limited time, and today only.


3. Shopify

Shopify features a story of one of its users.  It inspires people to start a business. Their effective way of using storytelling in their FB ad’s post text, image, headline, and description has gained them much traffic. But, they chose not to use a call-to-action button.

Take away:

– As the CEO of your business, take a photo of yourself. Showcase your product. Add a little creativity to make the image more interesting.

 – Include a sneak peek of your story in the description section. You may begin by mentioning how you got started on your entrepreneurial journey.


4. Men’s Health

Men’s Health’s ad is a straightforward one and it features a post that reveals the benefits of outdoor running. The post itself will show you an option to buy a pair of trail running shoes worn by the man in the ad image.

Take away:

          – Use an FB ad to promote your blog content and the title of your post can be used as the headline itself in the ad.

          – Get sales by advertising a blog post by including your product in the ad image.

          – Adding a CTA button will make your ad look more natural and less promotional especially if you’re leading people to a blog post.


5. Academy Sports + Outdoors

Academy Sports + Outdoors has apparel, protective gear, and equipment for sports enthusiasts. Their ads are a good example for brands who want to give their audience a nudge.

Take away:  

           – Mention the features and benefits of your product in the post text.

           – Make the headline exciting.

            – Add a Shop Now CTA button if you’re going to lead people to a product page.

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The above-mentioned examples and tips might have familiarized you with the anatomy of a Facebook ad and how each element can play a role to make your ad campaign more effective. 

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Facebook users typically spend more time in their News Feed, and as Facebook continues to expand into new areas, it opens up a whole new ecosystem of behaviors that can be targeted. This trend is gaining momentum with the onset of the Engagement Remarketing options that are now available. 

Though it’s still vastly underused on many accounts. They can be a goldmine not only for remarketing but also for creating lookalike audiences and moving users through a sales funnel. Know how you can benefit enough by relying on Facebook by getting in touch with our agency which is the best social media marketing company in India.

These can be extremely effective for brands that have a lot of social interaction, as well as businesses that may not have micro-conversions on their site, substandard landing pages, or anything else that creates challenges around remarketing or solid Lookalike audience creation.

Listed below are some of the most powerful ones that you should consider.


1. Video Behavior Remarketing

The Engagement options provide an option of choosing Video that gives you a small screen with a drop-down for the behavior you want to isolate:

Once you have picked the behavior you want to create an Audience from, you can choose the length of time to include, and then the specific video.

This is great because you can create a content funnel based on what the user has viewed.

For instance, if you create an Audience of users who viewed 25% of your how-to video on building a deck. You could then follow up with a carousel ad of tools that are featured in the video.

And if you want to promote more content, you can show a part 2 to the original video, and then follow that one up with something sales-focused.

By building the Audience you choose, you can create a Lookalike off them as well and give Facebook more data it can find other users in your target demo who are most likely to watch your video, making that targeting more exact.

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2. Lead Ad Engagement

Lead ads help drive building your email list for a relatively low cost. These ad units enable users to submit things like their name, email, and many other fields of their choice within the unit, without having to leave and go to a landing page.

There are numerous options for Engagement targeting based on their interaction with your lead ad unit.

You can even remarket to users who opened the form but didn’t submit it. And if you want to test showing a remarketing ad to users who opened and submitted with a more sales-oriented promotion message.

This is a prime opportunity to create more lookalikes that you can use to further your lead gathering. 

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3. Page Engagement

Page engagement cites your page and it also applies to the ads you create or messages sent to your page

Generally, if you get a lot of social interaction on your posts, this can be a great way to continue interacting with users. The option to interact with users coincides with the ability to have ads drive to Messenger which helps to start those conversations in the first place.

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4. Instagram Business Profile Interaction

This option is a crossover, especially for businesses that have a healthy Instagram following but are struggling to replicate it on Facebook.

Similar to Page options on the Facebook side, this one allows you to create ads based on Facebook behaviors.

This is effective for brands that are focused on images, such as apparel, allowing them to use their fan base on Instagram to drive their messaging and targeting on Facebook.

When combined with other interests, this option can be used to target a combination, like a Lookalike audience plus a makeup interest for a makeup brand’s ads.

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Additional Options That Work If Made Available

Here are three options that would work for you:

Possibilities for content targeting

The ability to choose which piece of content or post to be created for the Custom Audience when it comes to post/ad engagements. As of now it just applies to every post. But if the advertiser can choose which pieces of content the user has already viewed it helps to create a specific video for the audience around.

Target-based interaction

The ability to interact with a user and know did they like it? Love it? Comment? There have been screenshots circulating that there’s a beta test based on users who shared your content, so they’re on the way to having this as an option, but it would be a super-cool option to have!

A way to categorize or tag your content within the interface 

This helps easily to create larger groups for remarketing. So you can tag things based on “how-tos” or “sales messaging,” and then you can easily push out messaging you know those categories of content consumers are going to be interested in.

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With all the data that Facebook Ads have, the sky’s the limit. The options outlined here are powerful on their own. Know which ones would benefit you right with the help of our social media marketing company in Kerala

We help you to test them out and find what works best for you, and be ready for the newer iterations that are sure to show up!



Earlier this January, Meta had announced that audience targeting changes will be coming to Facebook ad campaigns. This was in response to industry pressure. Facebook parent brand Meta stood to its earlier promise and scaled back advertiser targeting settings. Do you wish to know, how would these changes affect your business? Do contact our digital branding solutions in Kerala.

This was indicative of a broader trend. On one hand, there is the support of a high degree of targeting precision that helps in creating highly personalized experiences, which in turn allows for relevant and valuable user interaction.

At the same time, there was also a rising sensitivity when people are identified based on their affiliation to social causes, health conditions, or demographic characteristics.

Having taken all these into account, Facebook is thus limiting advertising options to no longer allow targeting based on these sensitive parameters.

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What are the changes in the Facebook Ads Targeting?

Starting from January 19, 2022, Facebook has removed targeting options in four main categories along with niche segments that are rarely used.

–    Health causes (e.g. breast cancer awareness).

–    Sexual orientation (e.g. LGBT).

–    Religious practices and groups (e.g. Catholic Church ).

–    Political beliefs, social issues, causes, organizations, or figures (e.g. political party or political candidate).

Meta’s update on the upcoming changes mentioned that campaigns can keep delivering to impacted audience targets until late March 2022.

Additionally, it was also mentioned that the changes will not fully propagate through the Meta ecosystem.

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For those ad sets that were created before January 19, it was possible to make campaign-level edits, such as budget amounts or campaign names, without impacting targeting until March 17.

However, any edits at the ad set level were expected to trigger audience changes.

Similarly, if an ad set was paused before March 17 and when it was reactivated, the new targeting changes were said to kick in.

After March 17, it is no longer possible to edit prior campaigns that were used to leverage deprecated targeting settings.

For it to be possible businesses were required to change the campaign, ad set, or ad level, and revise the detailed targeting settings before March 17.

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What broader impact on social advertisers was anticipated?

So far, Meta has seen more pressure than other platforms.

The advertisers are eager to know if other social media platforms will follow suit and also adjust their targeting capabilities. 

Without reviewing and potentially also reducing their targeting granularity across sensitive criteria, other social platforms risk drawing the same scrutiny as has been directed at Facebook. It can be expected that shortly, they too will scale back their targeting away from personal characteristics.

Meta has still not indicated whether it envisions further targeting adjustments or if this will be the only tweak in the foreseeable future.

But the thing of relief is that Meta is responding to the mounting vocal feedback and hope that it will continue to take note of further developments.

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While this has come up first in the context of social media, programmatic and search advertising providers should be careful though.

Historically, great use of data allows a high level of targeting precision and provides granular insights using demographic, socioeconomic, and other parameters.

Hence, if these players do not directly address the sensitivity of granular ad targeting and reporting in light of the above developments, they may be forced to as soon as implications from cookie deprecation gain momentum.

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Right from social issues that are expected to arise due to profiling to the bigger trend of data privacy concerns, advertising platforms and advertisers alike need to be prepared to tackle sensitive topics.

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