It goes without saying that social media is more valuable for your small businesses.  Being a social media marketing company in Kerala, we can say this is very true because, when compared to established or large businesses, it is essential for the smaller ones to rightly create that impact required for it to stay fit and visible amongst the other big players. 

How the goals are set will have an impact on your bottom line. And how those goals are tracked using social media analytics impacts. These are tactical stuff. 

Are you wondering how to achieve these? Sharing a few tips that will help ramp up your social media marketing. For a full-fledged guidance and support, you may consider our social media management company in Kerala. 


1. Know your social audience

The first step in creating a successful campaign is trying to know your audience. The same applies to when it comes to social media as well. You can have an understanding of who your audience is from the social data. 

Have a better understanding of your social audience by using the data from social networks or a third-party social media tool. 


2. Use engagements to build relationships

Engaging with your audience on social media is critical. Customers can reach out to you on social media for a number of reasons. Try to know why they’re reaching out.

This will aid in answering your customers in a timely fashion and build a deeper relationship and help to sell more.

You wouldn’t ignore a customer who is calling your office phone, would you? This is the same as that, even on social media. 


3. Make use of social media to search for new opportunities

A social media listening tool can make it possible to find conversations happening on social media that can turn favourable and perfect for you to join.

Assume that yours is a pizza restaurant in Chicago that sells gluten-free pizza.

Setting a Brand Keyword will help to constantly search social media for people who mention “gluten-free pizza” within the radius of your restaurant. Those messages will then be streamed to you enabling interactions.

A few things you can do are:

  1. Giving them a simple Like 

They might check out your page and see similar offers on gluten-free pizza and may even put you on their list of places to try.

  1. Reach out to them

Acknowledge their original message to show you care about their opinion and try offering a coupon code for the next time. 


4. Make use of a social content calendar

Not planning your social media calendar in advance, can end up scrambling to find content to share.

This will turn out to be a big problem because sharing quality content across your social channels is key to engaging your audience. It also attracts new followers.

Our social media marketing agency in Kerala helps our clients to prepare their content calendars. Here’s how: 

1. Figuring out what content resonates with the audience

2. Deciding on how often to post on each social network and profile

3. Creating or sourcing great content to share

4. Filling up the content calendar with a social publishing tool


5. Always make sure to post your content only at optimal times

It is always a good idea to publish your content at your optimal send times. Studying your social media sent messages and finding trends in when posts get top engagement, can help you do this.


6. Use the best hashtags

Hashtags may seem a bit played out as they’re frequently used. 

But hashtags are critical elements to use on social media and can increase your reach tremendously. 

Hashtags are a great way to inspire content while taking advantage of a trending topic.


7. Timely audit your social presence 

Irrespective of the fact that you’ve been running your social media accounts for a while it’s important to conduct an audit of your social presence.

A successful and rightly done social media audit will tell you what has worked, what hasn’t worked. It will also help you know what profiles need a bit of an update and so much more.

We help you carry out a successful audit and advise you rightly on what areas need to be improved or enhanced. We are different from the other social media companies in Kerala because we treat each client differently and have curated plans that specifically work for them. It is not a one size fits all solution that you get when you approach us. 


8. Make use of great visuals

Social networks require differently sized imagery for posting, and not using the correct size for your image may turn out a bit distorted.


9. Create powerful and relevant social media videos

Video contents are always an amazing way to increase your engagement. But creating videos can be intimidating.

Not having the necessary supplies to shoot something in quality, lack of proper location to film, or having just a bit of stage-fright, all of these can be hindrances.

Here are some ideas that our social media marketing company in Kerala, make use of, for creating apt videos for our clients:

1. Creating video content that is meaningful and relatable

2. Using previous content’s success to inspire new videos

3. Planning about the social assets that need to be gained

4. Being intentional with your CTAs.

5. Making your videos accessible

6. Never neglecting video SEO

7. Analyzing the video’s performance

8. Turning your video into additional social assets


10. Make use of both organic with paid Ads, as required

Are you thinking that when you can run organically, why should you consider paid Ads?

Well if your messages aren’t getting the impressions or views that you’d expected,  it is always possible to give them a boost by relying on paid Ads. A little money spent can get you hundreds of new impressions for posts.


11. Get your team on social media

Think from the perspective of a social business team because social media touches all facets of your organization. Not just branding and awareness.

Social media plays a role in all areas of your organization. From managing client relationships, to engaging audiences, through your customer service and sales teams, to your social and agency teams and discovering new avenues for your product team, social media has a role to play everywhere. 



Our social media marketing company In Kerala is one of its kind where we help nearly businesses of all kinds and any industry to build stronger relationships with customers and eliminate time-consuming tasks on social media.

We work with you and help you find success. Just a call away from you, waiting eagerly to associate with you.

If you have been promoting your content on different social media to boost the rankings, it may be surprising to know that some experts do not agree that this works. There is a relationship that exists. However, it is not obvious. Read on to find out how exactly you can improve your rankings on the basis and extent of your social presence.

Social Media – Is it an SEO Ranking Factor

Experts from social media marketing services in India would opine that social media does not directly contribute to the ranking, but there is a compacted relationship that exists between the two. This is confusing as there is ample evidence already that the number of likes to your social media post contributes to the level of ranking. When a website ranks higher, it has a better social media presence.

Social Media and SEO – The Connection

Whereas for the search engine Bing social shares and likes form a direct ranking factor, in the case of Google, their criteria are different. The fact that Google dominates US search queries (about 63%; Bing 24%) is also true. For Google, whereas social media share is not directly a ranking factor, I can serve to amplify other ranking factors that are important.

An expert SEO company in Kerala like will tell you that while social media may not be a ranking factor for Google, it can amplify the ranking factors that Google DOES consider. Social media has been created for the purpose of mass sharing and is just about the best tool that can be used for the purpose. Therefore, its optimum use adds to the visibility of your brand. If more people end up sharing your content on social media, the chances that more people will link to your brand increase. Links, as you may already know, form a very significant SEO ranking factor.

How to Go about It

To get maximum SEO benefits for marketing your brand through social media, your social media presence needs to be optimized for maximizing the visibility. For this, you can engage the services of a reputed social media management company in Kerala.

The social media management services company would first optimize your social media profiles and feed consistent information all across all the social media platforms. They will ensure that your bio is relevant to your form of business. They will include a link to your website.

They would post updates regularly according to a pre-set schedule suitable to the social media platform. They would also be optimized for shareability which means they will have attractive headings and use stunning and eye-catching visuals explicitly request shares. They would use promotional videos to help you rank better.

Ultimately, for Google ranking to be high, it is the engagement rate that matters and not merely the presence of the brand in social media.


One of the most notable announcements made by Facebook in the recent past has been its intention of integrating Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger so that it facilitates cross-communication between the users. This is a powerful move and an easy one because Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014 and Instagram in 2012. However, the company assured that the three social platforms would still remain distinct.

The work to facilitate this move is expected to take at least a year. However, listed below are a few things that a user should know about the integration, especially if you are a social media management company in Kerala.

#1: This move will spell convenience for the users of these social media

Integration of the three social platforms would make messaging more convenient, reliable and simple. Through the integration, the company is trying to pass on streamlined user experience in the case of cross-messaging. However, the messages will be private and encrypted end-to-end for the sake of security.

The demographic is likely to be more varied and this requires extra planning in terms of content. Even the ages groups may be different and digital marketing agencies would have to tackle Facebook users that fall into higher age groups as well.

#2: For businesses, it means much more

For businesses that have a strong presence in social media, it means reaching out to a much bigger audience when the messaging among the three are integrated. A digital marketing agency in Kochi like would be required to plan content and reach it out for a much bigger audience of its clients. With the largest numbers of WhatsApp users coming in from Europe, Asia and S. America, gathering a large audience may not be a problem any longer.

#3: Facebook is looking to increase its revenues big time with the integration

Facebook is looking to add exclusive features that users of the integrated platform would have to pay for. This is likely to bring in larger profits for Facebook which is crucial for the company’s survival and well-being.

#4: Role of chatbots is expected to increase exponentially

This is a great opportunity that has come in as a boon for marketers. The inclusion of Automated chat features contribute to the trends of today: AI, personalization, interactivity and automation. This translates to instant personalized customer service.  A single chat bot-building platform will help to reach out to diverse customers (of clients) across different populations.

#5: This could end up to be more engaging than email marketing

This is likely to enable social media marketing companies in Kerala to create a communication channel for their clients that is more engaging and friendly than email marketing. The open rates of the content in the integrated platform is expected to be 60 to 80 percent and open rates and click rates can be up to  8 times higher.

Facebook wants to build the best experience as far as messaging is concerned for the users of the three applications.