It is surprising to note that many small businesses have still not realized the fact that social media platforms could help them reach across to their audiences. A new survey carried out by Visual Objects, a website that showcases the portfolios of the world’s top creative firms, showed that more than 33 percent of small businesses do not have social media accounts. However, some small business owners, approximately 22percent, are planning to invest in social media networks in the future, according to the survey.

Visual Objects’ survey which covered 529 companies also suggested that social media is a versatile tool, but it is unlikely to be the best tool for all small business through 63 percent of them are making use of social media accounts to increase their brands’ reach. The small businesses that have social media accounts believe that it presents an authenticity to their brand and that it is an affordable investment even though they have fewer resources and staff members.

If you are a small business owner in Kerala and do not have a social media account, it is highly recommended that you consult with social media management agency to decide whether it would be helpful for your business or not. This is because social media channels along with software management tools have the potential to help small businesses employ customized strategies to achieve their specific business goals.

Small Businesses are using images in their social media content, but experts opine that videos would be more helpful.

Nearly one-third of small businesses are sharing images/infographics through their accounts on social platforms. However, experts in the field are of the opinion that videos would help improve social media engagement.

Of all the small businesses that were contacted as part of the survey, only 16 percent said that they posted videos more frequently than other content. Actually, videos can be easily repurposed and are helpful because platform algorithms prefer them. A video can be used to create a post and screenshots can be placed on Instagram.

Experts agree that small businesses should post images and infographics on social media, but videos will provide the engagement metrics that small businesses are looking for: Almost one-quarter of small businesses (24%) track social media success through likes, shares, and comments.

Small businesses opt for in-house social media management

More than 50 percent of the small business owners manage their own social media accounts through in-house resources. Further, 37percent make use of social media software for overseeing accounts on many channels. For better outcomes for your small business, it is highly recommended that you work with a reputed social media marketing company Kerala.