“Negative reviews can feel like a punch in the gut”, says Yelp. According to a recent study by Cone Communications, it was noticed that four out of five consumers have changed their minds about a recommended purchase solely based on negative information that they had found online. Get in touch with our SEO specialist in India for the best local SEO services.

After all, negative reviews can actually increase sales. Because negative reviews can help potential customers feel like they have done their homework which helps to move them further towards making a purchase decision. Negative reviews can in a way, also add credibility to your positive reviews. Thereby, negative reviews give businesses a chance to respond adequately and show how awesome they really are.

So whenever your business gets slammed on a local review site, be it a legit complaint or a crackpot customer, you can’t ignore the negativity.  

Here’s how to turn these major bummers into teachable moments.


1. Have A Game Plan

As Mike Blumenthal recommends with regard to Responding To Negative Reviews. Your Prospects Are The Real Audience: “Never respond to reviews unless you can own the issue, describe how future customers will not have the issue, and offer to fix the issue”. He also recommends that when you do respond, you “write with your prospects in mind”.

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2. Understand The Tools At Your Disposal

It is ideal to get to know the sites that all merchants respond to and learn about how to use their tools. Miriam Ellis had put a great post Edit, Remove and Respond To Reviews – Tools for Conflict Resolution that outlines what kinds of merchant responses are allowed on different local reviews sites. 


3. Learn How to Find Positivity From Negative Reviews

In the video by Seth Godin interviewing Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio and Food Network’s Sarah Moulton about how they use bad reviews to make their businesses better. Similarly, you can also adopt strategies with the help of our agency, which is the best SEO company in Kerala to churn the best out of a negative review and create positivity out of it. The post on Tools for Managing Negative Customer Reviews for more great words of wisdom on the subject also showcases some helpful ways to deal with a negative comment. 


4. Make A Study At The Feet Of The Masters

You can even take examples from a page from R.J.Hidson’s Place Page,  where, R.J., an Edmonton Wedding Photographer displays a textbook example of how to respond to a negative review when he got slammed for showing some ‘tude at a customer’s nuptials. These are live examples of how to deal with negative reviews. Taking inspiration from these can always be helpful because these are tried and tested strategies.


5. Don’t Ignore It, Because It Won’t Go Away

Lisa Barone puts it about what can happen when “a review develops legs”: “Staying quiet simply because you don’t think it’s serious enough to warrant a response is almost certain to invite the fire to spread beyond Yelp and onto other blogs and news sites. You don’t want that to happen. The best way to contain the mess is to handle it at its source. If something is gaining legs, get in the conversation and help calm it down. Often just a few words from you will be enough to soothe the hype and get the conversation back on track.”

Several years ago, an ego-maniacal blogger had found himself on the wrong end of some bad service and had decided to blog about it. This review “developed legs.” But the merchant ignored the problem and had lost his business because of it.

If the merchant had followed Lisa’s advice and had contacted the pesky little blogger to explain his side of the story he probably could have saved himself a lot of grief. And he might have even gotten some business out of it.

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Bottom Line

Customer reviews can affect your business both positively and negatively. It also depends on how well you manage a negative review and try to bring or reflect positivity out of it. The points mentioned above are sure-shot helpers that will help you deal more effectively with your negative reviews. 

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