Spotted as a beta test, Enhanced Conversions for Leads, offers an alternative to the existing Google Click ID-based offline conversion tracking method. This new method can be configured entirely from your Google Ads account instead of your CRM.

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Since this can be configured from your Google Ads account, instead of your CRM, it makes it easier to adopt and enables more advertisers to track their offline conversions. Google’s systems may be able to make better auction decisions using that data. And this could mean more efficient campaigns and better conversions.

If you are using the existing Google Click ID-based upload method, this option is still supported.


What are enhanced conversions?

Enhanced conversions are a feature that improves the accuracy of your conversion measurement and helps to unlock more powerful bidding. By sending hashed first-party conversion data from your website to Google in a privacy-safe way, it supplements your existing conversion tags. The feature makes use of a secure one-way hashing algorithm called SHA256 on your first-party customer data, such as email addresses, before sending it to Google.

Google is committed to protecting the confidentiality and security of your data. It keeps your data confidential and secures using the same industry-leading standards as Google uses to protect its own users’ data. It only reports aggregated and anonymized conversions. 


Here’s how it works:

Whenever a potential customer fills out a lead form on your site, you’ll receive first-party data including the customer’s email address, name, home address and/or phone number. The said data can be captured in your conversion tracking tags, hashed and then sent to Google.

You upload your hashed lead information, when a lead converts, and Google matches that information to the ad that drove the lead. This will provide the platform with a more complete picture of the customer’s entire journey.

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A look into the issue with the existing offline conversion tracking method:

Offline conversion tracking helps Google get a better idea of the value of different leads. This in turn will help to prioritize more valuable leads using the Maximize Conversion Value bid strategy. Irrespective of this potential advantage, offline conversion tracking has not been widely adopted. And that is mainly due to the difficulty of implementing it.

Frederick Vallaeys, co-founder and CEO at Optmyzr said that “Advertisers are used to being able to control most elements of their campaigns through self-service tools. But those same marketers usually don’t control the CRM systems where this valuable offline conversion data lives inside their organization. This dependency on other teams and sometimes even engineering significantly reduces the adoption of OCI [offline conversion tracking].”

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You don’t have to modify your CRM systems because Enhanced Conversions with Leads uses information about your leads that you’ve already captured. This makes this a more convenient solution for many advertisers.


What are the setup methods?

If you have Google Ads conversion tracking setup and auto-tagging is enabled, Enhanced Conversions for Leads can be configured via Google Tag Manager.

Or if you already have conversion tracking implemented this way, it can also be configured using the global site tag directly on your page. 


Features of Enhanced Conversions for Leads

     – It is relevant for advertisers who want to track sales that happen off a website (for example, phone or email) from website leads.

     – It improves the measurement of offline transactions from a website lead or visitor.

     – It lets you use hashed, first-party user-provided data from your website lead forms for offline lead measurement. When you upload your leads, the provided hashed information is used to attribute back to the Google Ad campaign.


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Enhanced conversions will only work for conversion types where customer data is present like subscriptions, sign-ups, and purchases. 

One or more of the following pieces of customer data must be available for Enhanced conversions to work:

        – Email address (preferred)

        – Name and home address (street address, city, state/region, and zip code)

        – Phone number (must be provided in addition to one of the other two pieces of information above)

Using enhanced conversions for the web, first-party customer data such as an email address, name, home address, or phone number is captured in your conversion tracking tags. It is then hashed and sent to Google in its hashed form. Later, it is used to match your customers to Google accounts, which were signed in to when they engaged with one of your ads.


        – Recover conversions that otherwise wouldn’t have been measured

        – Improve bidding optimization through better data

        – Privacy safe with hashing of first-party customer data


To Conclude

Offline conversions occur when an ad that instead of generating a direct sale online, starts a customer down a path that converts into a sale over the phone or in your office.

Previously, tracking offline sales required developer resources, CRM, and website changes. However, things got easier with Google’s new enhanced conversions for leads. Now you don’t need to make changes to your CRM or website. Instead, you can set up your offline lead measurements directly through Google Ads or Google Tag Manager.

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