Unlike the earlier times, when standalone broad keyword strategies were used widely and had worked well, the recent times have seen a shift in the pattern. From the beginning of 2021, long-tail SEO strategies have been turning crucial like never before. Being an SEO Company, one’s aim is always to drive more traffic and user engagement to the websites. Though long back, the hunt for low search volume long-tail keywords was considered an effective process, it has now been proved that long-tail keywords connect well with the potential customers and positively affect sales growth and returns.


What Are Long-Tail Keywords?

A phrase that is generally made from three to five words makes a long-tail keyword. Usually, long-tail keywords are very specific keywords and since people phrase their questions very often in different ways, these keywords are very much unpopular. Though they have high variation, long-tail keywords have a very low search volume and a high conversion rate.

Long-tail keywords are intent-driven and are thus effective when it comes to customer communications. This enables you to create content that specifically addresses queries leading to higher conversion rates.


Why Are Long-tail Keywords Important in SEO


  • Less Competition


It is true that the search volume will be low while using long-tail keywords but, you have the privilege of creating specific keywords that are apt for our business that enables you a better ranking and increased user experience. To complement this, if you turn successful enough by implementing the required on-page SEO and perform link building, your landing pages would gain much prominence.


  • Higher Conversions


Long-tail keywords help in easier discovery of search intents and this allows you to identify queries that indicate the buyer’s intent. By using this knowledge, you can have an improved sales and complement your content marketing strategy.


  • It Helps You To Optimize for Semantic, Conversational and Voice Search


Optimizing for semantic search is possible with long-tail keywords. The use of voice-search has evolved very common and users are making use of the long-tail keywords phrases to raise questions with the search bar.


How to Find Long-Tail Keywords

You can create a favourable list of long-tail keywords without wasting much time and for that firstly, you should understand and list out all possible long-tail keywords that you are sure that you rank for.

Following that, you should download the information available for your PPC campaigns, Twitter account, Instagram, Facebook page, YouTube videos and other such metrics that you think might reveal new terms.

Subsequently realize new long-tail keywords suitable for you and that you could rank for.


How to manually create a list of potential long-tails

  • Preparing a list of seed keywords with the help of keyword planning generation of a list of keywords would be possible, but make sure to not include Google AdWords. As, Google AdWords doesn’t turn useful when it comes to long-tail keywords as it lowers the search volume


  • Look at Google’s autocomplete suggestions and write down autocomplete suggestions by typing each seed keyword into Google.


  • Collate Google’s related search suggestions and write down the related searches by scrolling to the bottom of each SERP.


  • Perform Bing Search Suggestions and also for any other search engines you want to optimize for.


  • Add these potential long-tails to your target list. Group all your terms and get ready to start trimming your list.


An Overview

When diagnosing conversion issues, analyzing keywords by high-intent should be your first step. Keyword intent is undoubtedly the most important concept that helps you in meeting the users’ needs better and to match your content and landing pages to their intentions. The Long-tail SEO Strategy aims at discovering, pooling and making use of those long-tail keywords that are intent driven and ones that positively influences the conversion rates. Hence, the SEO Companies have incorporated the use of these aiming at better ranking of the websites.

Growing the site traffic and getting more leads through Google ads is the motive of any company doing any business. Whatever be the kind of business that you are doing and irrespective of the nature of your product or service, any company’s motive is to get increased leads from Google Ads Campaign and related Digital Marketing Services. Pay Per Click advertising is a better way to generate more leads. By availing the services of a lead generation company, you can have an increased sales, ROI and advertising clicks.


There Are Two Major Ways to Generate More Leads with Google Ads


Perfect Landing Page

As soon as a visitor clicks on your Google Ad, he or she is taken immediately to the landing page of your website. This page of your company should be able to make the visitor take a positive action, especially if you are running a lead generation campaign.

The design, content and the user-friendliness of the page plays a major role in setting the experience level of the visitor. As you might be looking for the visitor to share his or her personal information on your page, it is necessary to make sure that your page gives them a feel of being safe and trustworthy, which otherwise can make them hesitant in sharing with you their personal details.


What Points to Consider While Creating a Webpage


Load Time

By having a quicker load time, your pages get loaded without delay making the visitor not lose his time and interest. Which otherwise can make him frustrated and make him leave quickly without browsing through completely.



Credibility of information portrayed on your website is required so that there is transparency and the visitor finds it easier and confident enough to get in touch with you.


Quick Navigation Process

Quicker and easier navigation process is the key to making your customer have an exceptional experience browsing through your page. Their search for the required product or service must happen quickly so that they don’t end up feeling lost.


Simpler Forms

Make your forms as simple as possible. Asking for too much information can make the visitor annoyed or uncomfortable leading them to leave your page.


Enhance Your Campaign

An increased traffic for your page is possible by increasing the chances of your page appearing in the searches. By improving your Google Ads Campaign, you can definitely drive in more traffic to your page.


Ways To Draw Traffic from Enhancing Your Campaigns


Use of Long Tail Keywords

A combination of three or more specific words makes a long keyword. This works well in those cases especially when someone is very specifically searching for something. This ideally should pave way for more business leads.


Test, and Then Test Again

Trying different kinds of strategies always comes handy. Remember to experiment with different keywords, varied forms of ad messaging, using different bids and more. Within the same ad group, try running different variants of the same ad to study the responses. Simultaneously also try using a combination of bidding strategies and check on favourable developments.


Remove Under performing Keywords and Invest in Successful Keywords

Always remember to keep checking on the keywords’ performances. Sometimes, a particular keyword might be helping in increasing the traffic, but that doesn’t assure you that you are safe from bounce rate. In those cases, plan to reallocate your budget and aim at bidding on those keywords that bring in genuine leads and sales.


Use Smart Bidding

To automatically optimise your ads, use Smart Bidding, that uses the historical information of your campaign. This leads to higher conversion rates.



You must definitely enhance your Ad campaigns and improve your landing page, in order to gain much from Google Ad Campaigns and get the best quality leads. Lead generation agencies and PPC Companies are pioneers in constantly conducting new Ad campaigns that are beneficial and are specialists in developing better keywords and in bidding strategies to achieve better results with your ads.