A market-leading analytics platform that meets the needs of most of the clients is known as Google Analytics. Some large clients might need an enterprise-level solution that meets more complex needs. For such sophisticated marketers, the Google Marketing Platform is the solution of choice. Google’s Marketing Platform provides a powerful and integrated analytics solution. Google Analytics 360 is used by many of the world’s biggest enterprises. Do you want to incorporate it too? Our digital marketing experts can help. 

For companies that want to upgrade, the migration path from Google Analytics to Google Analytics 360 is straightforward. You can continue to use the same tracking code, the same familiar interface and the same reports already created. Additionally, you will have access to all the other benefits of 360, which makes this transition seamless. 

Upgrading to Analytics 360 can be beneficial depending on the client’s marketing goals. Here are the top five reasons to upgrade.


1. Enhanced functionality


– Increased data freshness


Getting access to fresh data is crucial if you’re making decisions on your marketing spend daily. A standard Google Analytics may take up to two days to process all your hit data and make it available to you.

Whereas Google Analytics 360 provides a service level agreement that data is guaranteed and will be available within four hours 98% of the time.


– Unsampled reports and greater data accuracy


In the case of Google Analytics, it includes reports that include segments, custom dimensions or metrics, or non-standard reports where if sampling is applied there can be more than 500,000 sessions in the property within its date range. 

Google Analytics 360 increases the level at which this sampling applies to 100 million sessions at the view level. This will increase the accuracy of your reports, and you can be sure you’re making decisions based on all your data, not just a sample.


– An enterprise-level of custom dimensions, custom metrics, calculated metrics and audiences


Google Analytics 360 is a tool that allows many custom dimensions, metrics and audiences when compared to standard Google Analytics. This enables the customization that large enterprises need. We are one of the best digital marketing companies in Kerala, who have the capability and expertise to help you implement these.

The custom fields can be used to capture information about sessions, users, products or individual hits on the client’s website. 


2. Integration

Google Analytics 360 has many key integrations that provide significantly more power and insight than the standard version.


– Part of the Google Marketing Platform


Being part of the Google Marketing Platform enables Google Analytics 360 to join seamlessly with Search Ads 360 and Display & Video 360. This helps to bring all your click and impression data and the many Search Ads 360 dimensions into Google Analytics. Gain access to this through the best digital marketing company in Kerala.

– BigQuery integration



Data from Google Analytics 360 can be integrated with Google’s big data platform, BigQuery very easily. All the unsampled hit-level data can be quickly streamed into BigQuery with the near real-time freshness of the web interface.

BigQuery is an apt solution for interrogating, sorting and analyzing very large volumes of data. 


3. Data-Driven attribution

One key feature of Google Analytics 360 is its Data-Driven Attribution model, which takes all the channels you have into consideration, including impression data from Search Ads 360. It then uses an algorithm to determine how much credit should be given to each channel for each of the conversions and for the sales generated through your website.


4. Hit volume

Google’s terms and conditions provide a maximum of 10 million hits per month, per website on the free version of Analytics. Above this limit and you are technically in breach of the terms. Google will eventually ask you to upgrade or cease sending that volume of hits.

Whereas with Google Analytics 360, you can have monthly hit volumes in their billions per property.

Though you won’t lose access to Analytics immediately even if you exceed the 10 million hit limit, Google might stop processing your data. And also revoke access after a warning. 


5. Service level agreement and technical support


– SLA, implementation and training


The standard version of Analytics is extremely reliable. But it doesn’t guarantee service level agreements.

One key reason why clients choose to upgrade to Google Analytics 360 is the reassurance given by the underlying service level agreement (SLA). Also, the technical support that comes with the product is remarkable. For the best SEO experts in India, do contact us.

Google Analytics 360 makes sure that your data is available within four hours 98% of the time and carries a 99% SLA for data collection and reporting.

You’ll also have backing from a team of technical experts and also a rapid response time in the unlikely event of any issues.


– On-going analysis


After the initial implementation is completed, you will receive ongoing analysis and reports that have insights to help you make key business decisions for your digital strategy.

This is a critical aspect of any large analytics installation. 



The standard Google Analytics tool is a great, free platform, however, Google Analytics 360 has a lot to offer for larger organisations with high volume sites, complex analysis and attribution requirements. 

We are one of the top digital marketing agencies in Kerala with ample expertise and knowledge required to integrate solutions for tracking, analyzing, optimizing and reporting your digital marketing strategy.