YouTube’s Search Insights is a feature that enables you as a creator to know the number of views a given search term has gained for your channel over the last 28 days. YouTube’s Search Insights is thus a very useful feature that every creator looks forward to. To know how best to utilize its capabilities and use it for your end-to-end search term needs, our agency, which is the top digital marketing agency Kochi can help you out. 

YouTube’s Search Insights is thus an experimental feature that shows the creators’ search data such as the queries that led viewers to their videos and also info pertaining to query data across YouTube’s entire audience. 

YouTube’s Search Insights can also identify the content gaps that arise when viewers can’t find the exact content that they’re looking for. Search Insights was announced on YouTube’s Creator Insider channel on November 25, 2021.

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These new features of YouTube’s Search Insights are spread across two tabs within YouTube’s Insights: “Your viewers’ searches” and “Searches across YouTube.”


Why is YouTube’s Search Insights Essential? 

This experimental feature by YouTube provides brands and creators with access to the keyword data that can be used to hone in on their audience’s interests and gauge interest for any topic across YouTube’s entire user base. 

It also provides the creators with the data on how important those keywords are to their overall view count. As a creator, you can look forward to this feature of YouTube to streamline workflows that happen with regard to the content gap feature by even further simplifying highlighting content opportunities that YouTube has identified for you.

Thus YouTube’s Search Insights becomes widely available to the brands and creators and is able to improve their content planning and helps in making more relevant videos for their audiences.

The “Your viewers’ searches” tab on this feature of YouTube’s Search Insights displays the top searches from your viewers or from channels that are similar to yours. YouTube-wide search volume for the term is also made available, although it is described generically as low, medium or high.

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With this feature, creators can also see the number of views their channel received for a given query and this data is available for the previous 28-day period.

The Searches across YouTube’s tab goes beyond a channel’s own audience and allows creators to explore searches across YouTube’s entire audience as well. And essentially, this data is searchable, therefore as a creator one can, for example, type in “Chromebook” to view the most popular keywords that their viewers are using to find Chromebook-related content.

Similar to the Your viewers’ searches tab, search volume is also segregated as high, medium or low and data for views your channel received from these terms is only available for the previous 28-day period.

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The content gaps aspect of this feature is also great. “We’re also testing a new concept called content gaps,” Alina Verbenchuk of Creator Insider said, “A search becomes a content gap when viewers can’t find the information they were looking for.” 

Content gaps occur when users are not able to find any results for a particular query. It can also happen when the content they found is of low quality. When applicable, content gap labels appear next to keywords. Content gap filters are made available in both the Searches across YouTube and Your viewers’ searches tabs.


To Conclude

YouTube’s Search Insights feature has a bundle of advantages for your brand and helps you create content accordingly that will bring you high traffic. Getting in touch with our content strategy agency in Kerala will benefit you much, as we are capable of helping you create pro content and also accelerate your SEO efforts. 

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Content marketing is a new type of marketing that provides the content of free media-type to customers in exchange for their attention. A Content strategy agency in Kerala that you choose should be able to help you with content marketing in a complete manner and should provide the content that your customers want in exchange for permission to market your product or service.


The Flaws of Traditional Advertising

In the traditional form of ads, companies used to create ad content that interrupts customers in the form of billboards, T.V. commercials, magazine ads, radio ads, etc. These advertisements interrupt customers as they’re doing something else, like watching a T.V. show or driving down the street.

These kinds of ads don’t provide any value to customers and don’t offer any inherent reason for customers to view them. Traditional ads depend on good placement, clever wording, and exceptional creativity in order to capture customers’ attention only for a brief period of time. The goal of such ads is to be clever enough and capture a few seconds of attention that will hopefully communicate the brand’s message.

The three fatal flaws for traditional advertising:

1. Ads are only capable of capturing customers’ attention for a brief period of time.

2. Ads tend to interrupt customers instead of providing something of value.

3. Ads are very expensive, especially if the campaigns are unsuccessful.

So arises the need for an alternative form of advertising. A means to reach customers without interrupting them? A means to engage people so that they want to hear your message instead of doing everything they can to avoid it. And it’s called content marketing. To know the hows and strategies of content marketing, do contact our content marketing company in Kerala.


An Introduction to Content Marketing

Content marketing is a new type of marketing that provides the content of free media-type to customers in exchange for their attention.

With the help of content marketing, instead of developing ads that interrupt customers, you can create content such as:

  • Blog posts
  • Podcast recordings (.mp3s)
  • White papers & downloadable guides
  • Infographics
  • Youtube videos that benefit customers and provide value

The value for your content can be provided in two ways: as educational content and as entertainment content. In both cases, customers have free access to content that provides value.


How to Get More Out of Your Content Marketing Efforts

If you may be wondering how you can get more out of your content marketing efforts, you just definitely speak to our team of content marketing solutions in Kerala. You may be wondering how you can get the most benefit from the time you put into developing content.

Here are four ways of doing it:


  • Provide the kind of content that your customers want


Many people make the mistake of writing blogs about their business. That will create a problem because customers don’t care about you. They care about themselves more. 

It’s the truth, but you can actually take advantage of this by providing valuable content that customers want and need in exchange for their attention. This content can be educational or entertaining, and it can be a how-to article, an in-depth guide, or an entertaining video. 

Give anything that gives customers want in exchange for their valuable time and attention. 


  • Write content on what the customers’ benefit from and only occasionally promote your products


If you’re looking to value your customers, you need to mostly write content for the customers’ benefit and only occasionally promote your products. People are only interested in articles and posts that benefit them, and not ad posts touting how awesome your product or business is. 

By giving your customers the content that they want 4 out of 5 or 9 out of 10 times, you’ll be definitely rewarded with an engaged and targeted audience.


  • Write cornerstone content


These are content that can be categorized and archived in a way that’s easy for customers to find. It’s also categorised as a form of content that provides incredible value to customers over a long period of time. Copyblogger usually does this with their resources in the sidebar, and River Pools and Spas do this with their Pool 101 content. 

The best thing about cornerstone content is that it greatly increases the ROI of your content production. Each article will bring a return on your investment over a long period of time. Know more about this pro technique from our content marketing services in Kerala.


  • Use other sites to find out what kind of content people want

Sometimes it’s actually hard to know what people want to read about or what might interest them. One way to find this is to visit sites within your industry. Check on their blogs and see what post gets the most tweets and shares. 

In the internet marketing niche, social media is said to be all the rage. If you apparently write a post about Facebook or Twitter, it’s guaranteed to get more shares. With a little amount of research, you can find out what kind of posts are popular in your industry and write similar types of content. 

Yes, of course, you don’t want to write these types of posts every time, but it’s actually a great way to boost traffic when it fits into your publishing schedule.


So, are you ready to give content marketing a try?

In this article, you’ve learned about the flaws of traditional advertising and the benefits of content marketing, it’s time for you to create some compelling content. And to achieve this, our content marketing solutions in India can be of great help.