Social media platforms are evolving over time and there are new ones that emerge every one and then. Some of which are here to stay, while others lose market at a very early stage. Social media platforms are one amongst the kind of digital media platforms that have a key role in boosting your digital marketing scenarios. Similar was the inception of Clubhouse, a social media network, that gained popularity in the late 2020s and early 2021. Clubhouse being the first audio-only social media app has gained popularity in a shorter span of time. Social Media Marketing has gained momentum with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn and now will clubhouse also join the lead is a thought that many have.



Clubhouse was launched less than a year ago by two Stanford University alumni, Rohan Seth and Paul Davison and has turned out to be the most talked about social media platform of 2021. This app has seen a massive growth rate within a very short time and that is mainly because of its unique app features that it provides the user with. Clubhouse features are now being targeted and the giant tech companies are beginning to build potential rivals for this audio-only social media platform.


How does Clubhouse work?

Clubhouse being an audio-only social media platform, only enables you to create or participate in audio chat rooms. As you log-in successfully by creating your account in Clubhouse, you will see a host of chat rooms where discussions on varied topics and subjects will be displayed. The chat rooms that are visible to you will be based on the preferences and topic interests that you were asked to set during the time of creating a new account.

These active chat rooms will have a list of speakers talking on subjects and the listeners can occasionally chime in like in a live podcast. You also have the option to create a chatroom of your interest and start conversing with people of similar interests. Only live conversation can be heard in Clubhouse and there is no playback option available.


Is Clubhouse the next-in-line social media platform?

This hot-new app has undoubtedly created enthusiasm amongst entrepreneurs, start-ups, venture capitalists and even celebrities. The app’s feature of being a voice-only social media platform has itself drawn in huge users. There are no visual cues such as text, videos or images in it.

The attraction is very evident already. To mention, Cred founder Kunal Shah and Razorpay’s Harshil Mathur are amongst those Indian industrialists who have inclined a special interest in this trending app. And, according to a report by The Economic Times, with a participation of almost 4,000 members, Indian Startup Club emerged to be one of the biggest groups on the app within the country.

It is not mere casual conversation that happens here. There are serious and interesting discussions along the lines of product marketing, entrepreneurial insights, how to grow your start-up and hacks and tips to mention a few major topics.

It is not surprising that the app’s algorithm also cultivates an individualised experience for the user. User engagements are happening a higher level and these quality engagements are a very promising sign for any industrialist or businessman. The social network feeds on Clubhouse’s chat rooms revolving around real-life elements: spontaneity, interaction, and encounters with friends and strangers.

Clubhouses’s attribute at being able to focus on individual interest rather than intending on social circle preference has gained popularity for the app.


To Conclude

Clubhouse has been able to create user interest. But one will have to wait and see how well the app is able to maintain the momentum and be a trending attribute in the social media marketing scenario.