As marketers of businesses all are aiming for a successful content strategy. After all, who doesn’t want to see thousands of people sharing and enjoying their content?  But the good news is that “viral status” is totally achievable. You just need to know how viral content works or hire a professional who can help you. So, do get in touch with our social media agency in India and sit back and see how your contents go viral. 

Basically, it’s understanding what makes content inherently shareable and applying that knowledge to your own campaigns. 


What Is Viral Content?

Viral content is designed for circulation. People view it, love it, and share it across social media. Thereby hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people engage with your content. 

What type of content can go viral? It can be anything ranging from an image, video, article, or even just a catchy slogan. What matters here is that it should be unique, shareable, and memorable for all the right reasons.   


How Can A Viral Content Drive Your Marketing ROI?

Viral content is a marketing strategy that pays for itself.  You create content, and then it’s shared widely around the internet and that itself is a marketing technique. You can run a paid ad campaign if you want, but it might not be necessary because all are sharing your content online for free. 

As a result, you save money on marketing and, therefore, are boosting your ROI. Get in touch with us for successful social media marketing in Kerala. 

How to Create A Viral Content That Drives Traffic For Your Business

In fact, there’s no guarantee that any content you create will go viral for sure. However, you can try things to maximize your chances of running a viral digital marketing campaign. 

Here are the steps to work through to give your content a shot at going viral. 


1. Research

You can’t make viral content if you don’t have a solid plan in place. So, set a goal first. Decide whether you want 100,000 followers or 100,000 people to watch your video. Set a concrete goal and work for it. 

Figure out what your audience likes and where do they hang out? Understand, what type of content do they like, share, and engage with the most. Use your answers to decide where to start your campaign and what medium to use.

Finally, check past examples of viral content from your competitors and figure out what made the content so successful. Aim to deliver something even better. 

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2. Be Unique

Do all viral content have anything in common? It is original and authentic in some way. 

Here’s an example. You wouldn’t usually expect a police force to post “fun” content. Yet, the NSW Police Force delivers. The officers make themselves relatable to younger people by using wit and humor to drive home the importance of, for example, fraud detection:

Thus, the NSW Police Force used a unique approach to foster community relations and build audience trust. This strategy earned them an active follower base and engagement rate.    

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3. Hook Your Users

Your hook is your concept and it’s why people stop and pay attention to your content. And it’s also why the same people share your content with their social networks. 

Therefore, your hook is your content’s unique selling proposition (USP). 

A hook should:

 –      convey an apt message

–       appeal to your targeted audience

–        encourage your target audience to engage further with your content

The hook is like bait. It helps to capture your audience’s attention and lures them into taking the desired action. It makes them visit your website, sign up for more content, or follow you on social media. 


4. Get Visual

A viral campaign should necessarily have visuals. An article with walls of unbroken text, or an image with a cool caption, which one is likely to be shared the most?  

Visual content is easily consumable and it’s a means by which you’re trying to inform your audience, you also want to entertain them. 

You need to provide content of value and so remember to get creative in how you deliver this information if you want to go viral. 

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5. Create a Promotional Plan

You always need a solid plan for promoting your content and sharing it widely. Think back to your content goal. Do you want to promote an underselling product, or boost your brand’s presence online? 

Next is knowing where your audience is. Does your audience love sharing videos on Instagram and YouTube, or perhaps they favor hard-hitting news pieces? Always focus on sharing content on those platforms where your audience is most likely to find it.

Next, consider your budget. Can you afford a paid ad campaign, or will you rely on organic shares? 

Finally, decide how long your campaign should run.

As a whole, think of your plan as a map for helping you reach your destination. Let it guide you towards where you want to go.


6. Measure Your Success and continue the process

After you’ve launched your campaign, it starts going for viral status. Great! But, how do you track your progress to check if you have reached your goal? 

You need to measure your performance. There are programs you can use for this purpose, such as Google Analytics, social media analytics, and content marketing tools. 

What measurements you should track depends on your campaign. 

You might also want to track how often people share your links around the internet. A tool like LinkTrackr is helpful for this. 

You should also look at the number of impressions you have, which is basically how many times different people see your content. 

Evaluating your successful campaign, analyze what worked and use this data to inform your next content stream. 

Next, think about how you can create more viral content that reinforces the brand message you projected with your first campaign. 



There’s no magic formula for creating viral content. Figure out what makes a piece of content “shareable.” Learn from past successful campaigns, and create something that’s even better?   

Let not the content creation process overwhelm you. If you’re struggling to find your inspiration or you need some help setting clear marketing goals, our agency can help you get the best social media branding that you had always longed for.