The importance of helping Google understand which content is important to help it get indexed was discussed by Google’s John Mueller. Though he had mentioned the role of external links, his overall answer was intended to stress the importance of how important the content was and also offered five ways to highlight that importance. Make your content effective with the help of our content marketing solutions in Kerala.


Situation When The URL Is Discovered But Not Indexed

A person asked Mueller the question that they are creating content for clients but Google’s search console indicates that the content is discovered but not indexed.

Not indexed means the content is not placed in Google’s index for ranking consideration. And content that’s not indexed might not exist.

And Mueller offered suggestions, including the idea of external links for the SEO that was seeking guidance about content. To incorporate the same, you may consider contacting our content marketing company in Kerala.


What Does It Indicate to be Crawled But Not Indexed?

The person who had asked the question wanted to know what it meant for the content to be discovered (crawled) and not indexed.

He asked:

“Does it mean Google thinks this content is not perfect for indexing? Or what does it mean?”

While answering to the above question, John Mueller suggested that Google’s not indexing the content doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s something wrong with the content.


John Mueller’s Answers To Google Content Indexing

John answered:

“I don’t think it means anything, in particular. …I think that’s always kind of an easy, early assumption to say, “Oh Google looked at it but decided not to index it.”

Mueller also explained what he meant by stating that everything is not automatically indexed.


John continued his answer:

“Most of the time, when we still crawl something, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we will automatically index it.

So I would almost treat those two categories of not indexed as a similar thing.

And it’s tricky because we don’t index everything, so that can happen.”

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How to Index Content Faster?

The person who has asked the question followed up by mentioning that the pattern of their content failing to be indexed is happening across five or six client websites.

He asked John Mueller for advice on how to get it indexed.

“…is there any other thing, if we do this, maybe that will help for getting indexed?”

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John Mueller’s suggestions:

“I mean… there are different things, which perhaps you’re already doing…

On the one hand, kind of making sure that it’s easy for us to recognize the important content on a website is really good.

Which sometimes means making less content and making better content. So have fewer pages that you want to have indexed.

The other thing is internal linking is very important for us to understand what you would consider being important on a website.

So things, for example, that are linked from the home page are usually a sign that you care about these pages, so maybe we should care about them more.

Things with external links, also kind of go into that category of where we see other people think that these pages are important, then maybe we will see them as important too.

And then sitemaps and RSS feeds from a technical point of view, also help us a little bit better to understand whether these pages are new or they have changed recently.

We should check them out again and see what is there.

But all of these things …come together and it’s something where it’s rare that there’s one trick that you’re missing to get these pages indexed.”

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The person followed up on the question of whether external links helped to get those pages indexed. He also mentioned how the client shared articles on social media and obtained links to those blog posts.


The person asked Mueller:

“Now we are using the blog post for interlinking as well to other pages. So getting linked to those blog posts, which are not indexed by Google, will have an impact on the website ranking or will add any value…?”

It’s a known fact that links help a site rank, so Mueller’s answer on that point isn’t surprising.

The interesting part of his answer was how he emphasized again how an external link could help to highlight to Google that an article is important.

The theme about the importance of an article was repeated by John so it may be something to think a little deeper about.


Mueller answered:

“I mean…if we find external links to those pages then chances are we might crawl and index that page, like a little bit higher, I guess.

It depends a little bit on what kind of external links, of course.

There are links from social media directly and usually have no follow attached so we don’t really forward any signals there.

And if it’s something where we can recognize well, these are maybe problematic links or not that useful links, maybe we will ignore those too.

But obviously, if we can tell that something is seen as being important we’ll probably go off and crawl and index that page more likely.

What you generally won’t see is that we will kind of forward value to the rest of the website if we don’t actually index that page.

Because if we decide not to index that page then it’s still that situation that, well, we don’t have a destination for those links, so we can’t do anything with those links for the rest of the website.”


If It Is Important It’ll Likely Be Indexed

John Mueller’s answer offers a small peek into one of the ways Google decides which content to index. He shared an important insight into indexing that relates to the importance of an article.

One major takeaway is that it helps to make it easy for Google to recognize which content is important. And of course, to do that the content itself should be important, to begin with.

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How To Make it Easy for Google to Recognize Important Content?

John Mueller had mentioned five suggestions for helping Google to recognize content that is important.


The Five Ways To Highlight Important Content

1. Make less but better content

2. Internal linking can help signal which content is considered important

3. Linking from the home page can signal what content is important

4. External links can signal that content is important

5. Site maps and RSS feeds can signal which content is important



Creating content that is important to readers increases the likelihood of external links and enthusiasm for the website in general. You leave that task with our agency that will provide you with content marketing solutions in India. Your content will get indexed favorably, that’s our promise. 


Having multiple pages on your website that rank for the same keyword can harm your SEO. If you are thinking that the more pages you have in search results, the more impressions you will receive from search users, unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Get your SEO efforts strategized through our agency which is the best SEO company in Kerala.

The reason is simple. When you have multiple pages ranking for the same keyword, you are forcing your pages to compete with each other. Consequently, each page will have a lower CTR, diminished authority, and lower conversion rates than one consolidated page would have.

And this is called SEO misstep keyword cannibalization.


Understanding Keyword Cannibalization

Keyword cannibalization happens because you are cannibalizing your results by splitting CTR, content, links, and conversions between two pages that should be ideally one.

Thus Google doesn’t get the breadth or depth of your knowledge. You are in no way improving the authority of your site for that query, either.

On the other hand, you’re asking Google to weigh your pages against one another and choose which ones it thinks suit the matching keywords best.

Instead of capitalising on a lot of valuable longer-tail keywords, you’re competing against yourself for one keyword that may be too broad to have commercial intent.

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Here’s How To Identify Keyword Cannibalization

Identifying keyword cannibalization is as easy as creating a keyword matrix. Once you’ve identified the problem, fixing keyword cannibalization is easy.

Create a spreadsheet that lists all of your site’s important URLs and their associated keywords. Alternatively, you may use a keyword mapping tool to list down the keywords.

Once URLs and their keywords are listed, run down the list and look for any duplicate entries.

As you spot any, especially across core pages, understand that you’re probably suffering from keyword cannibalization.

Now it’s time to fix those pages!

Keyword cannibalization can occur even if the meta information in your title tags seems to target the same keyword, so double-check those also. And If you’re using a rank tracking tool, take this opportunity to search for thin content and keywords mistakenly applied to the wrong page. This is an ideal time to give your site a little TLC.

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How To Fix Keyword Cannibalization?

The Solution to keyword cannibalization depends on the root of the problem. But particularly stubborn cases may require that you break out the 301s or new landing pages.

Mentioned here are five possible solutions.


1. Restructure Your Website

The simplest solution is to turn your most authoritative page into a landing page, which links to other unique variations that fall under the umbrella of your targeted keywords.


2. Create New Landing Pages

Alternatively, you can create a unique landing page to serve as your authoritative source page and link to all of your variations from there.

This should allow you to target both broad keyword terms with your consolidated pages and long-tail keywords on your variations.

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3. Consolidate Your Content

If your pages aren’t unique enough to address the issue of having multiple pages targeting the same keyword, consider combining them into one page.

Take two underperforming pages and turn them into a more authoritative source. It may solve thin content issues as well.

Start with your analytics and determine which page performs best in terms of traffic, time on page, bounce rate, conversions, etc. You may notice that one page receives most of the traffic, but the other has the content that converts more users.

The goal here could be to consolidate the converting copy content on the page with the most traffic. Thereby you would be able to maintain the same ranking and convert more of the traffic.

An added benefit of this approach is that you don’t have to worry about having your website penalised for content that Google considers thin or cookie-cutter-like.


4. Find New Keywords

Maybe your website is suffering from a poorly planned keyword strategy and maybe all you need to do is find new keywords.

Make sure your keywords accurately describe your page’s content. And that a website visitor who searched for the target keyword be satisfied by the content on each page that ranks for it.

Do some keyword research.

Looking at your pages in a spreadsheet having the details mentioned below can help you spot better keyword opportunities for similar pages:

– Keyword & rank.

– The page URL.

– SEO title & meta description.

– Word count.

– Organic traffic.

– Bounce rate.

– Conversions.

This will help you spot pages targeting the same keywords. Then, determine which pages are most valuable, which can be consolidated, and which need new keywords.

You can use your keyword research tool to find the most relevant keywords for all of the pages that you want to keep.

For instance, if you have two pages ranking well for a long-tail keyword, see if there is a related broad term that might be focusing on for one of them to capture more traffic.

Once you have found that keyword, reoptimize for it accordingly. Update the details in your spreadsheet later for future reference and performance tracking.


5. Use 301 Redirects

Using too many 301 redirects might be necessary only if you already have multiple pages ranking for the same terms.

Using 301s allows you to consolidate your cannibalized content. It links the less relevant pages to a single, more authoritative version.

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Keyword cannibalization is more prevalent today than before. The five solutions mentioned above will fix most cases of keyword cannibalization.

If your website is cannibalizing its target keywords, solutions aren’t hard and the damage isn’t permanent.

Our SEO specialist in India will use the right tools to give your SEO a well-deserved boost.


Meta descriptions help to appear in search results and social media, enticing people to click through and visit a site. Hence, optimizing your meta description was considered essential for SEO. They help search engines like Google understand what a web page is about. And the good news is that our SEO experts in Kerala will help you gain the right results from your content. 

Would you like to run a site audit using the best SEO tools, to find a flag or warning about missing or duplicate meta descriptions? Our SEO agency in India can help you with this. Thereby, we suggest what you need to make sure so that each page has a unique meta description, as part of your SEO strategy.


Meta Descriptions As A Ranking Factor

If you write an optimized meta description, it will help you rank higher in Google search results. For which, you should use your target keyword phrase in the meta description as your best SEO practice.

Yoast is considered one of the definitive experts as far as meta descriptions go. The Yoast WordPress SEO plugin was in use on over 7.9 million sites.

Yoast’s recommendation for meta descriptions:

–    Keep it up to 155 characters.

–    Use your focus keyword.

–    Make sure it matches the content of the page.

It is getting proved over and again that optimizing your meta description is essential for SEO. Are you unsure about how to go about with meta descriptions? Not to worry, our top digital marketing agency in Kochi is just a call away. 

Google’s Splitt recommends that the meta description and page title not only provide searchers a first impression but also:

“…helps Google Search to get a short summary of what you consider important about the page.”


Are Meta Keywords A Google Ranking Factor?

Meta keywords appear in the HEAD section of the page’s HTML. But does that signal to Google that will help you rank higher?

Meta keywords indeed allow you to tell search engines what topics are covered on the page, but do meta keywords affect your organic search rankings?

Is there a connection between meta keywords and improved Google rankings? Know everything about how Meta keywords can be of benefit to your ranking by approaching our agency, which is the best SEO company in Kerala.

Meta keywords give you the ability to add an unlimited number of keywords to your page. But the question is do they have an impact on search rankings.

In 2009, Google Search Central had published a post about the meta keywords tag.

The first question asked was, “Does Google ever use the keywords meta tag in its web search ranking?”

The answer was a NO

“Our web search (the well-known search at that hundreds of millions of people use each day) disregards keyword meta tags completely. They simply don’t have any effect in our search ranking at present.”

Why did Google begin to disregard the meta keywords tag?

“Because the keywords meta tag was so often abused, many years ago Google began disregarding the keywords meta tag.”

At the time, Google did not see this decision changing.

“It’s possible that Google could use this information in the future, but it’s unlikely. Google has ignored the keywords meta tag for years and currently we see no need to change that policy.”

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In Google Search Central’s Advanced SEO documentation, Google lists the meta tags that they recognize for search. They do include the meta description and meta robots. Meta keywords, however, were not mentioned in the documentation about meta tags.

Yahoo and Bing also disregard the meta keywords tag.

In 2009, Yahoo made the revelation at SMX East that the meta keywords tag has been unsupported for months.

In 2014, Bing wrote a blog post, “Blame The Meta Keyword Tag.”

In it, they wrote the following.

“Today, it’s pretty clear the meta keyword tag is dead in terms of SEO value. Sure, it might have value for contextual ad systems or serve as a signal to ‘bots playing the web looking for topics to target, but as far as search goes, that tag flat lined years ago as a booster.”

In 2021, Google had updated a page on irrelevant keywords. They had reinforced in it the fact that you shouldn’t use keywords to “…appear in a list or group, or out of context (not as natural prose)”

Further, they also mentioned that the use of keyword stuffing anywhere on your page could constitute webspam:

“Filling pages with keywords or numbers results in a negative user experience, and can harm your site’s ranking.”

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Meta Keywords As A Ranking Factor: Conclusion

Based on what Google had mentioned in 2009, Meta keywords are not a Google ranking factor though it was still used at that time and even years before that.

Hence, the bottom line is that Meta keywords are a relic of a bygone SEO era.

And, when do keywords matter in meta tags? The answer is, they matter in the meta description.

As Google sometimes uses Meta descriptions in search results, it’s important to include the main keyword in a well-written Meta description. Our content marketing company in Kerala will be of complete help. 

Our comprehensive SEO services will provide you with the right solution required to accelerate your digital marketing efforts. 



Contents that are created just for SEO purposes are rapidly losing visibility in the search results because they are often associated with keyword-stuffed articles that lack quality and voice. Google is also continuing to push search marketers towards optimizing for humans instead of algorithms. Get high-quality content for your business with the help of our SEO agency in Kochi.

Only high-quality content will address the user’s needs as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

Here’s an overview of the principles and tactics that will turn useful as you create content that not only ranks well and drives traffic but also speaks to searchers. And to get these implemented, do get in touch with our agency, which is the best SEO company in Kerala.


Structure for scannability

Even if you have the most comprehensive content, it will fail audiences if it’s not presented in a digestible format. The narrow aspect ratio of mobile devices is another factor to consider because it influences how much content a user can view at one time. 

Our SEO agency India will help you to organize your content so that your users can find the exact information they’re looking for.

The structure of your content is important as well. Walls of text can obstruct scannability. Engaging visuals serve two purposes. It improves scalability by breaking up walls of text while facilitating written content.


Understand E-A-T

Expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (collectively known as E-A-T) have become a well-known concept in the search industry. 

E-A-T is important to incorporate into your content because it shows off your expertise and your authoritativeness in your space. It creates trust signals, for both users and search engines and thus is also critical. 

A few ways that Berry recommends brands and publishers demonstrate E-A-T.



Have credibility in your space.

Use experts in your content.



Showcase your expertise, awards, external recognition, etc.

Author bio pages.

Make strong pages about “who” your organization is and what it is about.



External reviews.

High-quality external links.

Use credible sources.

Secure your site.

Ensure your site copy and content are error-free.


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These days, brands and publishers have to be familiar with Google’s standards for Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) content. 

Google holds YMYL content, that includes content related to shopping, news, current events, finance, health and safety, civics, government, law, groups of people, housing, education, and so on. To a higher standard of E-A-T as incorrect information on these subjects may harm users.

Updating content regularly can ensure that it reflects the latest news or developments. And how often publishers should update their content varies by industry.

Our SEO specialist in India will help you to strategize the plan for timely content publication


Answer the questions your audience is asking

Users come to your site for a reason and addressing that reason will help to increase your search visibility and will facilitate conversions. The first step to this is to answer the questions your audience may have by identifying those questions.

Keyword tools help to figure out what those questions are and extend the opportunity, represented by search volume, that goes with answering each question.

Social media and forums like Reddit or Quora help to know what questions the audience may have. Talking to customers directly, or surveying them also helps to source content ideas. For more information and insights into how effectively you can go about this, do contact our SEO experts in Kerala.


Create linkable content

Different types of content do better for link building and adding that linkable content must have a unique angle.

Primary or secondary research will help your content amplification efforts as it takes data and turns it into something digestible for journalists and your audience. Data visualizations and infographics are also hugely compelling. It helps especially if you’re taking something complicated and making it a lot easier to understand.

The content that features controversial opinions can generate links as they often provide unique perspectives. “Ego-bait lists,” a proven tactic can also be used to amplify your content by compiling opinions from experts, or a list of the experts themselves. 

Getting in touch with our content marketing company in Kerala will help you to utilize the formats that you can do well, and that will give you a competitive edge. 


To Wrap Up

Content is the building block of the digital world. For blog content alone more than 2 million articles are posted every day and there are over 1.8 billion websites in existence. So, making your content strategy stand out is a necessity for your reach and success. Don’t worry, just get in touch with our content strategy agency in Kerala and we shall help you through. 


An optimized site structure is a strong and essential foundation for the SEO success of any company. Do get in touch with our agency which is the best SEO company in Kerala to endeavor pro SEO strategies that will drive your business to success. 

It is important how to strengthen those foundations and identify opportunities for greater search visibility.                                        

“You wouldn’t build a house without having a strong foundation,” Niki Mosier, head of SEO and content at AgentSync said, “And you shouldn’t build a website without having a strong foundation either, and without constantly making sure that foundation is strong and that there are no cracks in it.”

Our SEO agency in Kochi will help you optimize the architecture of your site and can help search engine crawlers find and index your content. This will enable them to show those pages to users in the search results and will help send link authority around your site to make it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for.

Shared here are the strategies to ensure that the foundations of your site are solid and to help you identify opportunities for greater search visibility.


Crawl budget analysis

The crawl budget refers to the number of URLs per site that Googlebot can crawl.

“Every website gets a crawl budget, which can vary depending on the size of the site and the frequency that new content is being published on the site, so having an idea of what a website’s crawl budget is can be beneficial in making informed decisions on what to optimize,” Mosier said.

Conducting a crawl budget analysis will enable you to get a more comprehensive view of the following essential elements:

How your website is being crawled?

 If you identify that Googlebot is the client, you can make use of log file analysis to find out how Googlebot is handling the URLs on your site and if it is crawling any pages with parameters. To get access to the best local SEO services, you may consider getting in touch with our agency. 

How fast your site is?

 Many tools can tell you how fast your server reacts. A log file analysis shows you how long it’s taking for a bot to download a resource from your server. 

Indexing problems-

 Getting into the log files can show us whether bots are having trouble downloading a page fully.

How often a URL is being crawled?

 The crawl frequency enables us to figure out if there are URLs that a search engine crawler should be crawling.

Crawling problems-

It also helps to reveal when a crawler is encountering 404 errors or redirect chains.

When it comes to doing crawl budget analysis, there’s a couple of tools that are helpful such as ScaremingFrog’s Log File Analyser, Microsoft Excel and Splunk. Get in touch with our SEO agency in India to incorporate the best tool for your website.

The steps to performing a crawl budget analysis:

1. Obtain the log files; for which it is recommended to work with at least a month of data. 

2. Look for URLs with errors.

3. Assess which bots are crawling in which areas of your site.

4. Evaluate by day, week, and month. This establishes patterns that may be useful for analysis.

5. Know if a crawler is crawling URLs with parameters. This may indicate a wasted crawl budget.

6. Cross-reference crawl data with sitemap data to assess for missed content.

Once you’ve dived into the server logs and understand what your crawl budget looks like, you can use this data to prioritize your SEO tasks. Our SEO specialist in India can help you perform this task effectively.


Driving traffic with technical SEO 

Finding out how well your site is functioning will help you put the right strategies in place that will drive more traffic to it.

Doing regular site audits helps to keep a pulse on what’s happening with your websites. In addition, Google Search Console checks for Core Web Vitals or schema issues. Making use of monitoring tools such as Rank Ranger, Semrush and Ahrefs are great ways to stay alert to any issues that might pop up with your website.

Assessing the search results pages (SERP) triggers for the landscape of the keywords that you’re targeting. In addition to seeing what search features may be available, the SERP also shows which sites are ranking higher than you. 

You can check what those sites are doing by looking at their source code and it can tell you what schema they’re using. Also viewing their pages helps to scope out what their headings and user experience look like. To know how to go about with this you can consider contacting our SEO experts in Kerala.

Updating your old content also results in a rankings boost. Thus paying extra attention to your headings and above-the-fold content helps. Adding schema markup may enable your content to appear as a rich result and thus also increase your visibility on the SERP.

Paying attention to page speed is also definitely an important metric. It’s also important to pay attention to what the industry average is. To know where your competitors’ sites are ranking or are at as far as page speed and kind of set that as your benchmark are all good to know.

It’s important to assess individual page speed versus overall site speed as it allows you to see what each page on your site is loading for and then you can make improvements on a page-by-page basis. To know how to go about this, do consider getting in touch with our agency which is the best content marketing company in Kerala.


To Conclude

How your pages render can affect your user experience and also affects what search engine crawlers see. Is there a pop-up or a really big header on a particular page of your site that’s taking up a lot of the above-the-fold space? Or are you struggling to have the best and most effective content? Our content strategy agency in Kerala can help you curate the best content and also deal with your page speed, thereby improving your findability. 



Only one who owns or does online marketing for a local business will understand the challenges that come with a campaign vs. that of a non-geo-specific brand. Local SEO is different from your average SEO campaign. The local search results are changing more rapidly than any other. Getting acquainted with and implementing local SEO services is a task by itself. 

Here are some of the techniques that can be implemented to get results from your local SEO campaigns.



First Things First


Even before you go ahead and start chasing links, there’s up-front work that needs to be performed on your website. This will ensure that you’re able to get the best possible results.


Google My Business

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to claim your Google My Business page.

And once you’ve set it up, you should include the following:

– Add a long, unique description that’s formatted correctly and includes links.

– Choose the correct categories for your business.

– Upload as many photos as possible.

– Add a local phone number to your listing.

 – Add your business address that’s consistent with that on your website and local directories.

– Upload a high-resolution profile image and cover photo.

– Add your opening times/days (if relevant).

– Get real reviews from customers (I’ll come onto this).


NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number)

Consistency is key and you need to ensure that you have your full NAP across your whole website and on every page. You must use the same details and format when you mention your address on other websites (i.e. local citations).

You also want to use markup on your NAP to give the search engines all they need to display your company information correctly.

Our SEO agency in India is the best to help you with your local SEO needs and more. 


Local Reviews

These have a direct impact on local search rankings and this doesn’t just mean Google reviews. You’ll have to focus on getting reviews on your Yelp page along with other local directories. Your first priority should be Google reviews.

You will have to capture any low-hanging fruit by getting in touch with your existing customer base and seeing if they’d be interested in leaving you a review. 

Another great tip is to create a page on your website that gives instructions to your customers on exactly how they can review your business. This is effective when it comes to getting in touch with customers, especially the non-technical ones!

Do get in touch with our SEO company in Kerala to get a detailed analysis of your local SEO performance and to know what best can work for your business. 



Local On-Page SEO Factors


On-page SEO for local businesses conforms to good SEO tactics. There’s a huge weighting towards the on-page content in the local search listings. It is important that, where possible, you squeeze the most value out of your content.

You should also ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. 



Local Link Building & Citations


Link building within local SEO campaigns is important but is often overlooked.

Compared to standard SEO campaigns, local SEO relies more on links from other local websites that are relevant to your business. It’s less about getting links from high authority websites and more about getting links from those websites that are local to you and are talking about similar things to what you do.

This indicates that local directories are a useful resource for link building.

There are a number of ways to get local citations:

1. Use a service like WhiteSpark to find and upload local citations for you.

2. Get help from the extensive list of citations on the Moz website and manually submit your citations.

3. Use tools like Ahrefs, Majestic or Open Site Explorer to run competitive link research and find those citations that your competitors have gained.

4. Set up alerts with the help of Mention or Google Alerts and track new mentions of your competitors’ NAP listing.

Get in touch with our agency as we are the best SEO company in Kochi and our expertise and excellence with local SEO strategies can lead to business to greater heights. 



Local Link Building Strategies


There are numerous ways of earning or building links and here are a few to get you started:

– Go to and search for a list of local events that are relevant to your industry. Find those websites and contact them about sponsorship and ff they accept, you’ll get a link from their website 

– Create a local resource from public data and reach out to the local press to get coverage. 

– Run your own local event and bring through links from the local event page.

– Sign up to press request services to get quoted in local publications.

– Run an AMA on Reddit within other local communities.

– Line up interviews and columns within relevant online publications.

– Give a discount to local organizations for your products/services in exchange for a linked mention on their website.

– Enter local awards.

– Spend time on local PR outreach to get online and offline coverage in local news.

– Run regular competitive link research and capitalize on any new opportunities.

– Offer scholarships 

Looking for the best local SEO services? We are only a call away. 



SERP Click-Through Rate


Another ranking signal is the CTR from the SERPs and this is such a strong signal because it’s used as one of Google’s core Quality Score measures within their Adwords platform. 

It is used to measure the user experience that searchers are getting with this metric.

Moz’ Rand Fishkin carried out an experiment with his Twitter followers to know the impact of a large increase in SERP CTR on search rankings. In the results, he saw several position ranking increases in less than an hour!

In order to maximize your SERP CTR, try the following:

– Ensure you have markup set up, with reviews.

– Make your title tag as readable and relevant as possible.

– Have a detailed meta description, relevant to what users will be searching for.

– Use Twitter/Facebook/Google+/Reddit to split test titles to measure CTR from social and then take those findings to adapt your SERP snippet.


To Conclude

It is essential to get your Google My Business page set up and optimize all of your landing pages with local keyword data. We are the top SEO experts in Kerala who can take care of these and also ensure that your NAP listings remain consistently across the web.

We help to generate genuine reviews from your customers on Google and Yelp and optimize your search engine snippets. With us around, you can focus on your business, while we focus on your localized link building.



Online reviews can make or break your business. Reviews stand out in the search results and hence you should take them seriously.  Having good reviews on Google and review sites like Yelp will attract people to check out your business. Having good local reviews is helpful. Do get in touch with our SEO agency in Kochi, to know more about how you can gain good reviews.

Reviews help to improve conversions and can make people feel more comfortable about doing business with you. In surveys such as this one on Marketing Land, 90% of the respondents said that positive online reviews influence their buying decisions. 

People choose to view only highly rated sites. If your business is in a market where a large percentage of your competitors have online reviews, your listing won’t be visible if you don’t have enough good reviews.


Reviews Do Affect Your Rankings


Though Google and Bing have never confirmed that reviews have an impact on rankings, anecdotal evidence suggests it’s likely.

In 2013 in an analysis for the hotel industry, Digital Marketing Works had found a strong correlation between reviews/ratings and positions, specifically between Local Carousel rank and average review rating and quantity. We have seen similar correlations in markets we focus on and others have reported correlations, as well.

In the year 2014, MOZ Local Search Ranking Factors, had conducted a survey of industry marketers which focused on local search. Respondents were asked to identify and assign a percentage of influence to the ranking factors and overall, the respondents believed that review signals like the number of reviews, review velocity, review diversity, etc., are a significant factor in rankings.

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How To Find The Best Review Sites For You And Your Industry?


There are many review sites but focus on the most important review sites for your business and your industry. 

Here’s what we do for our clients:

Search On Your Brand Names. Search on your company and brand names, by adding and without adding “reviews” to the search. By this process, you should be able to find most of the public reviews that you already have. Check all those reviews and in case you have some bad reviews, you must consider how you should respond.
If you have a large number or bad reviews when compared to the number of good reviews on a review site, you should consider focusing on this review site in order to build up more good reviews.

Search On Important Non-Brand Keywords. You must do some non-branded searches that are relevant to your business. Scan the results for reviews, and make note of the searches you’ve done and the review sites you see on the first page or so of the search results.

Search On Brand Names Of Your Industry Leaders & Some Key Competitors. With the non-brand keywords, scan the results for reviews and make note of the searches and the review sites you see in the top results.

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How To Entice Customers To Submit A Review Online?


Create A Web Page With Links To Review Sites. This can encourage people to visit this page. For example, by putting a “Check us out on these review sites” link on most or all of your web pages and your email signatures.

Put Links To Review Sites In Your Web Pages & Email Signatures. Instead of creating a separate web page, you can put links to one or a couple of review sites on all or most of your pages. For example, you can add these links in the right or left column of the site with a headline such as “Check us out on these review sites.” Add similar links to your email signatures.

Create Business Cards With Review Site Information. Some businesses’ business cards include the URL for an important review site.

Hand Out A Flyer. Hand out a sheet with simple directions to get people started at a review site. However, the review process can change, so you’ll need to keep it up to date.

Just Ask. You could ask clients to submit a review on the phone or by email.

Add A Request To An Email About Another Topic. You could add a message to an email you send out to clients about some other topic.

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What’s With Google Reviews?

If you have a local business, you definitely want some good reviews on Google Maps (Google+ Local).

But, Google requires a Google Account in order to post a review. Everyone may not have a Google Account, and those who don’t have, want to spend the time to set one up just to submit a review. 

So, what you can do instead is to have an alternative review site for them that is easier to post reviews on. Also, you can look for customers who have a Google email account (such as since you’ll know they have a Google Account.



Focus on getting reviews over time and on a continuous basis. It’s always best to get reviews in a natural progression over time. So instead of asking all your clients to submit reviews at the same time, make getting online reviews a part of your ongoing business processes. Our SEO agency in India has got years of experience in helping clients across various industries in getting their website rank well on the search engines.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical in attracting consumers to the online platform of a business. SEO trends are constantly changing, and the need to stay on top to ensure your content strategies are effective is deemed necessary. Being the best SEO company in Kerala, we can tell you that if you are still relying on the same SEO tactics you’ve been using for years, it’s high time that you switch to the latest ones. And we are here to help. 

Many older strategies are not only ineffective in today’s SEO landscape, but some outdated ones can even negatively impact your SEO. This makes it a necessity to continually adapt SEO strategies to the latest trends.

Our SEO company in Kerala can help you stay on top by incorporating the latest SEO strategies thereby ensuring that you see positive results.

Here is a look into the SEO trends that will have the biggest impact in the year 2022.


 1. AI Will Play a Bigger Role in SEO

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to change how people interact with online content. AI’s role in SEO strategy is also highly increasing. Noteworthy is Google’s AI algorithm RankBrain. This is emerging as one of the most important ranking factors for Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) in 2022. 

Google has revealed RankBrain and many businesses are wondering how this will affect SEO. Are you also thinking about how you can cater your content strategy to an AI algorithm?  You should then definitely take our help because we are the best amongst the best SEO companies in Kerala, who have the right experience and expertise to guide you through. 

Though Google has not yet shared details on the inner workings of how RankBrain learns and analyzes content, experts anticipate that user experience is going to be one of its primary ranking factors. This indicates that click-through rate and the amount of time users spend on a website, both of these are going to be the key factors that RankBrain will be using when prioritizing content. 

We can help you reevaluate your SEO strategy and help you create content that is well-organized and useful so that you captivate and engage your readers.


2. A Shift to Long-Form Content

You will need to shift to a long-form content strategy in order to ensure that you captivate and engage readers who visit your website. A long-form content of 3,000 words or more will get you more traffic and more shares than short-form content. 

Hence, shifting your focus in creating quality long-form content can greatly improve your search rankings. In order for long-form content to be successful, it must also have the capacity to be able to keep readers engaged.

To keep your readers engaged, it is essential that you break up your content into multiple sub-sections using H2 and H3 subheadings. This will help in making it more scannable. 

The goal here is to make your content easy for readers to browse, particularly on mobile devices. Big chunks of text can be intimidating to many readers and can overwhelm a small screen. 

Approaching our SEO agency in Kochi will help you to achieve all that is mentioned here and will ensure that your content is easy to share in order to further improve your SEO. Including obvious sharing links at the beginning and end of your content also will let your readers share it with a click of a button.


3. Mobile-Friendliness is Critical for Google Rankings

Mobile-friendliness has been a key aspect of SEO ever since Google officially made it a ranking factor in 2015. It is critical to optimize your content for mobile devices, as Google rolled out mobile-first indexing in 2019. 

This means that the search engine will primarily look at the mobile version of a website when ranking the content. This is considered as the “primary” version instead of the desktop version. This switch came as a surprise to many people, and it is estimated that nearly 75% of internet users will access the internet solely via mobile devices by the year 2025.


Google has made it easy to check how effective your mobile site is with their free mobile-friendly test. Also by using Google’s Mobile Usability Report, you can find out if there are problems with your mobile website and decide what can be done to fix these issues. 

Using these tools is critical in helping you find and fix the mobile usability issues in your website. Otherwise, it could negatively affect your SEO. More internet use comes from mobile devices and hence you will need to ensure that your content is optimized with these users in mind. Which, our SEO company in Cochin can help you with. 


4. Content Should Fulfill Google’s EAT Principle

Google repeatedly emphasizes the point that content quality is critical for your ranking to become a success. This often leaves businesses wondering what Google actually means by “quality content”. While trying to improve the quality of your content for SEO purposes, it is essential to refer to the EAT principle of Google.

EAT stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Google uses these factors to determine if a web page provides quality content, and it is something businesses need to be aware of when developing content for their website.

For creating quality content, it is important that you create buyer personas, which helps you better understand what kind of content your target audience values. Buyer personas form an integral part of a successful SEO and can help businesses to create content that is interesting to their readers. 

It must be formatted in a way that the target audience finds appealing. It is also important to keep EAT in mind when you develop your content. 

Being the best amongst the top SEO companies in India, we make sure that you achieve this when you have approached us. As the quality and readability of the content, it is equally important to make sure that you back up claims that you make with statistics and facts, and make sure that you link all those to reputable sources. 

To have authoritative links in your content is a great way to fulfill all of the criteria within the EAT principle.


5. Effective SEO Needs to Include Video

It is imperative to develop an SEO strategy that includes video content as well. The online video platforms have exploded in the last few years, and it is evident that many businesses have begun to use platforms like YouTube and TikTok to engage with customers and to expand their reach.

Creating optimized video content should be an integral part of your SEO strategy moving forward. Are you thinking about how you can optimize video content? 

One way to do this is to make sure that you optimize your video channel description and include a user-friendly overview of what your channel is about. Keywords play a critical role in optimizing your video content. 

Don’t cram your video descriptions with keywords. Having a few useful keywords and hashtags can help direct your content to its intended audience.



Bottom Line

Our SEO company in Kochi can undoubtedly assure you that SEO plays a critical role in affecting your ranking. SEO is continually evolving and growing more complex. To keep up with current trends you will require to do more than stuff your content with keywords. We can help you with this. 

We are the best SEO agency in India capable of creating quality content that will rank well in Google’s algorithms. To stay up-to-date with the latest SEO trends feel free to contact us for advice on how you can best optimize your content for SEO.



With an estimated 400 million monthly active users, WhatsApp has a very important market in India. In November 2020, WhatsApp was downloaded 58 million times. 17 million of these came from its biggest market, India.1 in every 5 WhatsApp users are from India. WhatsApp’s market penetration for India has improved over the past few years. Growing from 28% to 64% now, India ranks 21st in the list, which shows how WhatsApp’s potential for continued success in India is limitless. Thus, WhatsApp and Whatsapp Chat Bots play a vital role in improving your business. We are the best SEO company in Kerala, who can help you with this. 

According to the WhatsApp stats published by GlobalWebIndex in 2020, Kenya and South Africa are leading the way with a massive market penetration of 97% and 96% respectively. In Japan, the infiltration rate is just 2%.

Nearly 95% of Android device users in India have WhatsApp installed. The socioeconomic trends suggested similar numbers for iOS and Apple devices as well.

Though a major share of WhatsApp’s users come from urban areas, rural areas have recorded an increasing share of the app’s adoption too. In India, young and old, poor and rich, urban and rural; all use WhatsApp.


Companies Follow Customers Onto Platforms

In India, 80% of small businesses are using the platform to connect with their customers and expand their business.  Fintech startup Kaarva has built a WhatsApp Chatbot that generates, qualifies and supports over 100,000 customers.  Kaarva operations are almost entirely run using WhatsApp’s Business APIs. From onboarding to cash transfer confirmations, everything’s done through WhatsApp.

Did you know that WhatsApp uses India to beta test its most important launches and experiments? WhatsApp decided to launch WhatsApp Pay in India, with India being a huge supporter of UPI transactions and being the home to 400 billion WhatsApp users. 

Once customers start transacting, the next step is to give them someone to transact with.


What Is a WhatsApp Bot?

Bots are the colloquial shorthand that is used to describe Chatbots.

Chatbots replicate human conversation. Chatbots range from Google Homes’ to automated text bots. 

Hence, chatbots can be replicated beyond just on websites, to Apps, Facebook pages and WhatsApp chats. Regardless of where you interact with, the backend functionality of a chatbot remains largely the same.


Why Should Your  Business Have a Bot?

Chatbots have two primary customer interaction roles – lead generation and customer support automation. Like any other successful automation efforts, customer service chatbots can reduce your business costs and the improvements they make in customer experience are far more impactful.

Chatbots work great both on websites and in apps. WhatsApp, on the other hand, is a much more effective medium. Marketing communication that is sent through WhatsApp sees 3x conversions than on any other channel.

Chatbots provide time-sensitive customer interactions such as conflict-resolution and lead qualification Whenever a customer visits a website looking to make a purchase, time is of the essence. And hence, queries of purchase consideration must be resolved in a manner that is both easy and timely. 

If you would like to see a demo on how WhatsApp Chatbots work, you may get in touch with us. Ours is a data-driven digital marketing agency with an impressive track record of numerous happy customers. 


How To Build a WhatsApp Bot?

Nykaa, the eCommerce fashion store Nykaa, was able to automate over 1.6 million conversations using chatbots. This allowed 99.7% of all conversations to be tended to in 30 seconds. Just as emails had made for faster response rates and better query closure rates when compared to postcards, a well-designed chatbot boosts customer satisfaction beyond the existing systems.

Note that WhatsApp’s Business APIs are not open to the public. Unless you’re a large multinational firm or an enterprise-scale company, you won’t be given access.

WhatsApp rolls out the plan to monetize its platform. It is treading cautiously so as to not irk the existing customer base. WhatsApp does this by preventing any potential for abuse by allowing only a handful of verified companies and vendors onto their platform.

To build a WhatsApp bot for your business, you should use a verified WhatsApp API provider like us. Based on the recent WhatsApp policy update, businesses can also choose to receive secure hosting services from their parent company Facebook that will help manage their communications with their customers on WhatsApp!

Businesses can advantageously host their Whatsapp APIs on Facebook directly without compromising on user data. WhatsApp is labeling conversations with businesses that are choosing to use hosting services from Facebook.


A Step-by-step Breakdown


The initial step will be to reach out to a company or a third-party provider who can build a chatbot for you. Our data-driven digital marketing agency will be more than happy to help you out. 

The next step is to make sure that you’re the right fit. Businesses are asked several questions to gauge API qualification.


The two important factors that are taken into account before processing the request are:

A. Type of Industry: 

WhatsApp pays close attention to those industries your business falls under. 

WhatsApp restricts its API access to the following industries:

1.Government and political organizations,

2.Gambling industry

3.Adult content


5.Tobacco items, Drugs, Alcohol



Here’s more on the WhatsApp industry limitations: WhatsApp Commerce Policy


B. Chatbots Use Case: 

WhatsApp doesn’t  allow users to use the bot for any promotional or marketing activities. Use WhatsApp chatbots only for customer support, non-promotional alerts, lead acquisition and notifications. 


Your WhatsApp chatbot must comply with these policies listed here.

Application Processing

Our agency will guide you through the possible use-cases, assist you with compliance, and provide proofreads and develop acceptable templates for your business.

We ensure that you not only have WhatsApp APIs but are also able to keep them.


Your WhatsApp Bot is Yours.

Once the framework is set, it’s just a matter of plugging it into your system.

The ease depends on the provider you choose. We are the best SEO company in Kerala and provide an all-in-one solutions stack. We integrate your CRM for WhatsApp queries, encrypt and decrypt messages and provide you with the benefit of a single dashboard.

Our all-encompassing dashboard allows you to monitor metrics such as the resolution time, bot deflection percentage, average CSAT rate, common phrases used by your customers, and a lot more actionable insights!


There are plenty of methods to perform this function. Location-based analysis of searches gives a clear and concise view of the reachability of certain products, services, or terms. Depending upon the space occupied and the population factors we can divide the entire area into different parts.

Country-Level Search

For brands functioning in multiple countries, getting nationwide results is more than enough. For local businesses operating within a city, ranking data will differ district by district and street by street.

best SEO company in Kerala

Check Manually

For this first, you have to adjust the google search setting and then mention that particular area you would like to focus on. However, simply checking that you have the correct TLD extension is no longer enough since Google has stopped serving results on separate country domains. So, it is required to locate Search settings in your browser and select a region from the list available under Region Settings. You can also avail of Proxy or VPN service for this purpose.

Use Rank Tracking Software

To automate the job, choose a rank tracking software to fulfill the purpose. The results obtained might vary a bit but still will lie close to the manually generated results. The best SEO company in Kerala will always prefer automated rank tracking software for the easiness of checking Google search results.

City-level search

Check Manually

Use the ‘&near=cityname’ search parameter in your Google URL: for conducting a search result considering a specific city. This method helps you to pull SERPs near a certain location. Even though, this method is easy to master, many claims that it’s unreliable, with results often delivered for a larger city nearby.

Another method involved is the use of Google Ads’ Preview and Diagnosis Tool. The Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool allow you to pick a location, specify a language as well as the user device – and fetch local SERPs regardless of your current whereabouts.

Use Rank tracking Software’s

You can utilize some of the well-known Softwares such as Rank Tracker, Ahrefs, SEMrush, Whitespark, AccuRanker, BrightLocal – you name it – all boast the functionality and deliver local search results. 


Street-level search

Check Manually

When it comes to street level search the manual option can be a bit hectic. But still, it can be used effectively for better results. Steps involved include;

  • You require to have the exact geo-coordinates of the preferred location. When in doubt, use a designated tool.
  • In your Google Chrome browser, open DevTools: navigate to the top right corner of your browser window and click on Tools > Developer Tools. You can also press Control+Shift+C (on Windows) or Command+Option+C(on Mac).
  • Move to the three-dot menu icon in the top right corner: from there, click and open More Tools > Sensors. This is also the appropriate time to give yourself some credit for getting that far in Google search configuration.
  • In the Geolocation dropdown, select “Other” and paste your target longitude and latitude coordinates respectively.
  • Run a search and retrieve the SERPs for the exact location you specified.

top digital marketing company in Kerala

Use Rank Tracking Software’s

There is also an option for using rank tracking Softwares for effective checking search results for diverse locations. 

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