The recent statistics denote that social advertising is practiced by 83% of B2B marketers and is second after search engines in terms of success. Right from nurturing customers to flexing your industry influence, there is a ton that a B2B can offer your brands. Were you looking for the right b2b marketing agency in Kerala or the apt b2b lead generation company in Kerala? Well, your search ends with us.

B2B social media marketing can be tricky and especially if you’re dealing with a technical product.

Hence, we put together this useful guide to help B2B brands come up with a social strategy that favours their business’ key objectives.


  • Spell out goals for B2B social media marketing


Businesses of all sizes should focus on setting goals and doing so important for B2B companies. Competition is fierce and there are so many marketing channels as well.

Being the best b2b digital marketing company in Kerala, we advise you that rather than focus on selling, most of the B2B companies use social media as a top-of-the-funnel marketing channel. Especially for content promotion and awareness.

Based on recent research, the most-cited benefits of B2B content marketing, that marketers should prioritize are:


  • Creating brand awareness


Businesses should spell out who they are, what sets them apart and what they value as a company. The perfect place to make it happen is social media. It provides a place to promote bite-sized pieces of content that highlight all of the above.


  • Educating audiences


The best way to cement your credibility is to teach your audience. Use blog posts and e-books to firsthand reports and how-to videos. Any B2B social marketing strategy should always center around actionable and educational content.


  • Building trust


With so much competition happening around the B2B brands, anything you do to build trust and prove your business’s worth is a plus.

Testimonials, positive reviews and accolades are all ideal for sharing. There’s no better place to gather and promote social proof than social media.


  • Adopt a customer-centric B2B social strategy


The need for brands to be more “human” is an emerging attribute and the B2B companies are no exception. That’s exactly why you should put your customers at the front and center throughout your social campaigns.

Customer engagement can make your brand feel more personable. Providing positive and proactive customer service, not only puts you in your buyers’ good graces but also helps to showcase to prospective customers that you care.

Customer interactions should always be central to your strategy. 


  • Align your B2B social media strategy with business initiatives


Many marketers either fail to tie their social media performance to their organization-wide data or fail to communicate the results across departments.

But, you must know that social media is a prime place to support your company-wide initiatives. From your product launches to PR, it’s crucial to touch base with folks outside of marketing. 


  • Overcome the “boring” B2B content label


Our b2b marketing agency in Kochi has tried and tested and observed this behavior that a prospect will have an inherent interest in your service even if yours is not exactly a thrilling industry.

To make your social presence less snooze-worthy can be a challenge.  But it’s definitely not impossible. 

Here are some tactics to consider: 


  • Refine your brand voice


Conversational brand voices can highlight the humans behind your social accounts. This will make you seem more approachable. 

  • Adapt your content to social-friendly formats


Here are some ideas to give your social feeds some flavor:

– Convert your blog posts or lists into short infographics.

– Publish a minute-long snippet, instead of simply linking a podcast or video presentation.

– Make use of Twitter threads and long-form text posts as an alternative to external links or even blog posts.


  • Stay on top of trends


It’s essential to keep a pulse and check on what your customers and competitors are talking about on social media. This will make it much easier to both spot trends and chime in on relevant industry conversations.


  • Embrace employee advocacy


Our b2b marketing company in Kochi is of the opinion that if you can make use of the employees of your company to amplify and compliment your brand voice with a bit of personality, it will help in showcasing your company’s culture.

It’s well-documented that employee accounts have greater reach than business accounts alone. Hence, if you can create a sense of community among your coworkers it can give your social presence a boost.


  • Focus on the most B2B-friendly platforms


B2B companies need to use their time wisely when it comes to promotion.

Being a leading b2b marketing company in India, we recommend prioritizing one or two networks as both a primer and recap,

  • LinkedIn: 

Is the ultimate B2B network known for thought leadership content. It also aids in employee engagement and is a robust ad platform.

  • Twitter: 

The prime place to spot trends and interact both with your customers and business influencers alike.

  • Facebook: 

Most of Facebook’s B2B marketing centers around ads. It is also a good hub for employee-centric and non-promotional content.

  • YouTube: 

Is the perfect network for how-to tutorials, interviews, presentations and commercials.

  • Instagram: 

Is ideal for visuals and culture-centric content

There is also definitely a growing B2B presence on Pinterest, but the five networks mentioned above are the most important ones for B2B social media marketing at large.


  • Use analytics to inform your B2B social media strategy


Reporting and analytics are needed for B2B social. For proving your ROI and optimizing your performance, analytics can give you the answers.

Tools like Sprout social can provide a full suite of reporting, listening and analytics tools to support B2B brands regardless of their goals.


  • Does your B2B social media strategy make sense?


Irrespective of the fact that whether you’re looking to primarily build awareness or promote your content, the best practices above can help guide your strategy in a way that makes sense.


To Summarise

If you haven’t already formulated a strategy or need help with it, make sure you check out on us, as we are the best amongst the top b2b marketing companies in India and can help you translate your B2B social data into actual revenue.