We are your go-to social sweepstakes agency in India. Our team is known to design customer service and results-driven campaigns that have the potential to make your brand a favorite among customers.

At SocialPulsar, one of the best social media agency in India, we strive to create one-of-a-kind campaigns that deliver proven results and exceeds the expectations of the customers. We achieve this by understanding the individual requirements of patrons and creating campaigns as per their requirements.

Our expertise includes creating-

Facebook Giveaways
Facebook Sweepstakes

Why choose our social sweepstakes?

Generate More Leads
Grow Your Email Database
Drive More Traffic To Your Website
Create Brand Awareness
Increase Customer Engagement
More Fans, Followers, and Customer
Expand Existing Customer Base
Create a Group Of Loyal Followers

Why Social Sweepstakes?

Who doesn’t love to get more traction on your social media marketing initiatives? Running social sweepstakes is one of the smart choices to consider. But a lot of enterprises adopt and implement contests and product giveaway marketing without closely evaluating the specific brand goals and objectives, which paves the way to unsuccessful sweepstake campaigns. By availing the service of a social media marketing consultant, you can seamlessly improve your sweepstake campaigns with full efficiency.

We all love to have some to have some privileges. Before you distribute some free stuff online, you need to conduct due diligence as your audience is skeptic. There are several factors to consider while sending out sweepstakes. Modern day customers are highly informed and they will be cautious and focused in viewing your strategies. Sweepstakes should be exercised not just for the sake of the campaigns, but it also intends to trigger a long term relationship with the brand. Here are some of the benefits of social media contests.

Boost online engagement – Sweepstakes inspire the audience to take the first initiative to reach out to the brand and start the communication. The target audience is more likely to end up in deeper connections with the brand than the leads generated through conventional methods.

Build a stronger email list – Running sweepstakes can be an excellent way of lead generation for your business. If a customer is convinced to receive a free reward, then you can easily manage to gather the email address and contact details of your customers.

Inspire Virality – Your audience will be obsessed with the experience they encounter. Once finding the sweepstakes very much excited and thrilled, they will tend to share the contest with their friends and family. Hence your overall sweepstake campaign will get viral and even become an overnight sensation.

Steps involved in sweepstakes

Understanding the audience
Experimenting with various platforms
Know the type of contest to be exercised
Rethink your rewards
Differentiate yourself from the rest
Have the right resources

Social sweepstake ideas

Video-based campaigns
Giveaway campaigns
Fan content campaigns
Social cause campaigns

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