Drive customer loyalty with our amazing social  media customer service

Empower your customer service expertise with the power of social media. If you truly know how customer expectations work, then you’ll know that they expect service via social media. With the endless possibilities of creating engagement between brands and customers, there is no reason that the two superpowers i.e. social media and customer service should not meet.

Every Customer, Every Time, Every Channel – Discover Delight of Social Customer Service

When handled properly, social media can deliver stunning results in terms of brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. Coupled together, the association with social media can be considered as a positive online reputation management strategy for business. Being an innovative social media agency in India, we help you create a better customer service experience and at surprisingly affordable rates. Grow meaningful relationships with patrons across their most relevant digital touchpoints.

Why choose us?

  • Get rid of fragmented customer experiences that act as a deterrent when it comes to brand loyalty, customer retention and satisfaction.
  • Social Media Customer Service has evolved as an imperative choice for brands who wish to satisfy their customers.
  • Lower operational costs when compared to other conventional customer service procedures.
  • Provide proactive customer service.
  • Catch a wind of any potential problems even before complaints start.
  • Solutions that help you provide the best customer service experience.

Better Brand Loyalty, Customer Retention and Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Transform your customer service experience with the power of social media and social media community. Your customers want to find answers quickly online, whether it’s through search or social media. With our social customer service package, you can reduce costs by creating a better customer service experience thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

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Why social media?

During the time of inception, the purpose of social media was to facilitate a two way conversation, a social connection between the users. But due to the increased market level absorption, social media platforms have derived more roles to play in the business arena. They are important in boosting brand awareness, marketing products and services and listening to consumers.

Social media and customer service didn’t have an intentional combination of roles when they developed. Today customers are looking to solve their queries or address their pain points using social media to reach the companies. Surveys find out that around 67 percent of the audience reach the brand through social media, which implies the significance of having a strong social media presence for brands.

In order to be successful in business, brands need to have a well curated social media customer service strategy. Despite its casual tone, social media is professional and strategic in its own way. Not just having social media platforms for your business will not enhance your business. You should respond in real time whenever a prospective client knocks your website. If not they will be forced to;

  • Tell their family and friends about the experience
  • Use another channel to escalate their concerns
  • Avail less service from the particular brand
  • Unfollow the brand and fails to recommend the brand
  • Raise public comments against brand in forums