If you have been in and around the marketing sphere for quite a long time, then you might be familiar with social influencer marketing. The terminology dates back to years, but it has stormed into digital marketing with the recent upswing of social media. We are advancing through the era of internet celebrities, who have big followership in social media. They are capable of influencing their followers and persuade them to take better decision making.

With SocialPulsar, the best influencer marketing agency in Kochi, you can easily curate market tapping strategies for brand popularity. Influencers belonging to various industries and expertise have established and maintained a certain level of trust with their followers. We are associated with various levels of social influencers who are capable of elevating your brand to new heights in less time.

Influencer marketing has several advantages for business and brands. The chosen influencers have an established connection with the audience. Hence the trust factor is already existing and brands don’t need to build it. Leave behind the concerns over content strategy as the influencers will supply the right content and format with a guaranteed reach, provided you choose the right influencer to represent your brand. 

According to the latest trends and surveys, social influencer management is outgrowing the digital ads in a significant way. Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitter have grown significantly and has become a major factor for brand popularity. Combine this with the evolving e-commerce advertisements concepts like podcasts, live broadcasts, webinars, influencer marketing has a lot of methods to reach the audience in limited time.

social media marketing company in Kochi, Kerala, India

SocialPulsar Expertise

SocialPulsar helps brands engage and activate audiences in the target market through social media influencers like bloggers, vloggers and celebrities. Relying on our expert team, we curate and run marketing rippling social influencer campaigns that echo your brand popularity and amplify your brand to new heights. We are a dynamic social influencer marketing agency. Our team has the expertise and experience to nurture and support your brand in every stage right from defining the objectives to the campaign execution.

Utilizing our social media influencer services allow your brand to engage with millions of customers across the globe. With achieving this through enhanced engagement, which ensures that online relationships convert into offline connections. Based in India, our social media marketing solutions are customized to meet the individual requirements of brands across the globe. Our strategies are highly effective in generating authentic real-world recommendations and creating brand awareness. The model comprises of all layers of influencers starting from the most trusted peer to peer strata to influencers with great social reach and engaged audience. 

Our innovative influencer marketing strategies are crafted to amplify your brand story to such a scale that it reaches millions of people. At SocialPulsar, we leverage your brand goals with the right influencer strategy like,

  • Product Promos – Straightforward technique by sharing photos or videos
  • Hashtags – Promoting content using specific short words or phrases
  • Viral Campaigns – Guide a brand’s campaigns to spread organically and rapidly
  • Brand Ambassadors – Identifying the right partner for your brand’s vertical