The importance of social media for the business world no longer needs to be emphasized. When it comes to generating better returns on investment, social media has a robust role to play for a business enterprise. We at Social Pulsar measure and analyse social media with high powered intelligence. Our expert social media savvys are proficient to analyse the impact of social media strategy and generates valuable insights on business decision making. They assist you in understanding the brand audience and track the performance of your social media verticals. We make you understand all the important aspects pertaining to customer sentiments in order to support digital marketing and customer service activities.

How does SocialPulsar work?

When it comes to social analytics, Social Pulsar has clear vision and goals aligned to separate ourselves way ahead of the competitors. By clear and focused vision and having backed by professionals, we curate and run strong social media analytics that will notch up your brand popularity even before the speculated time. Let’s have a detailed look at our operations.

Determine Business Goals

No matter how much intelligence you have, failing to determine the business goals would be fatal for any digital marketing enterprise. Hence Social Pulsar’s most obvious choice would be to clarify what exactly needs to be achieved.  Our typical objectives involve revenue management, customer service costs, tracking feedback of the business operations and any matters that involve the public opinion of any of the products and services.

Key Performance Indicators

Once the goals and objectives are determined, the second step should ideally follow by defining key performance indicators (KPI’s). This will assist in objectively evaluate the business analytics data and align them in the right intentions. After analysing the performance indicators, there are basic business metrics to be evaluated based on customer engagement across various social media channels.

Popular Tools

Social Pulsar’s arsenal of social media analytics involves most modern analytic tools that has the bandwidth to handle almost all unstructured data found in social media. Our experts rely on these tools to harvest and store the data with an unmatched potential of social media intelligence. In the most advanced formats, our experts can even run sentiment analysis that understand the rationale behind social media statements. 

Why Social Analytics?

Social media has given an unprecedented opportunity for business to keep connected with the audience. Enterprises can easily share their brand knowledge, explain how the products and services work and trigger real time interaction with prospective clients in any intervening nights. These personalised interactions enable businesses to increase their possibility of collecting and storing seamless amount of data.

Entrepreneurs are responding to the windfall in a positive way, making social media analytics one of the major factors for business growth. Forrester Consulting survey has revealed that 64 percent of marketers believe that they need data to analyse prospects. A major chunk of them agreed that customer acquisition is more challenging that customer retention.

Acquiring new customers is a matter involving huge capital investment. Social media data analytics gives an opportunity for searching and finding business answers regarding customer acquisition within an optimum cost. Social media analytics help businesses to derive informed decisions on creating deeper and broader customer insights. It gives real time data on a prospects purchase history, product usage patterns, and social media behaviour.

Social network analytics helps in deriving strong reasons behind the intention of a prospect, analyse their business actions (like search data, price comparison, product review). Once compiled all these data into one place, businesses can turn these data to actions. They can analyse the customer behaviours, anticipate future events and gain insights on developing valuable customer relationship as well.

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Importance of social media analytics

Social media platforms account to enormous amounts of data more than what we can imagine. A decade past things were different in setting up and persuading audience actions. Even today the act continues where enterprises pays digital marketing companies for persuading focus groups in social media and get engagement. However, this information is mostly unstructured data often hard to scale. With SocialPulsar’s advanced measures, it becomes a lot easier for enterprises to quantify business data in a scalable way.