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Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis involves the tracking and evaluation of statements present in various social platforms in order to determine whether the statements are positive or negative with respect to a specific brand. We are your trusted Sentiment Analysis report generator.

To evaluate the statements, natural language processing is combined with artificial intelligence capability and text analytics with Sentiment Analysis tools.

Our Sentiment Analysis report will help customers in determining the impact of marketing efforts i.e. whether the efforts result in positive or negative sentiment towards the brand and also track brand reputation. We have social media sentiment analysis on posts and other related discussions to figure out user’s reactions to a brand/event.


Why choose us?

Socialpulsar is one of the best social media marketing company in Kerala. Our Sentiment analysis will help your brand in a number of ways. You can quickly respond to any problem regarding the product/customer service.

Easy and swift online reputation management With help of our sentiment analysis, you are alerted to any negative reviews as and when they occur, which allows you to quickly respond to the same.

You can build a loyal customer base by responding to feedback in a timely manner, which sends out a message that you care for them. Easily measure the success of any campaign/marketing effort through this analysis report. You could improve ad campaigns, product development and other marketing strategies with this information.

The analysis lets you know how your product/service stacks up against your counterparts. You can assess your online popularity, fan base and develop a bigger and better digital footprint.

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