Analyzing a business website highlights both positive aspects that make the website successful as well as negative aspects that prevent the site from thriving. SocialPulsar, a renowned digital marketing agency in Kerala is known to offer comprehensive website analysis service to its global patrons. It becomes incredibly difficult to evaluate a website’s performance with so many different aspects to consider. This is where our team steps in. After a thorough website analysis, we recommend the required changes. Our analysis addresses every element starting from the website traffic analysis, architecture to web page analytics. It helps in optimizing different website elements.

Our Website Analysis report includes the following:

  • SEO Review

It talks about optimization for search engine ranking, website analytics, backlinks, tracking data, and keyword effectiveness.

  • Marketing Review

This section puts light on the effectiveness of the marketing strategies utilized by the site including PPC, Google AdWords, and other strategies.

  • Content Review

A detailed analysis report showcases the results after a thorough evaluation of the website’s content on different aspects.

  • Design and Development Review

The website’s codes are evaluated on different criteria and an exhaustive report is prepared. Thereafter, different design elements of the site are analyzed while providing necessary feedback.

  • Usability Review

In this section, the report highlights the results of the evaluation of factors like navigation and visitors ease of finding data in the site, placement of dynamic content, etc.

What is Website Analytics?

Having a website in place doesn’t ensure that you get success in SEO and reach more audiences. You need to constantly monitor and analyze the performance of the website and that’s exactly what it means by Website Analytics. However, it is a complex process involving a lot of processes that evaluate how effective is the website working by identifying areas where you require to improve efficiency. Being the best website auditing services in Kochi, our digital marketing expertise will periodically monitor;

  • The total amount of visitors landing on your site
  • The percentage of visitors who came from outside sources like search engines and inbound links
  • The number of new visitors
  • The website rankings

Why is Website Analytics so important?

Every system we have needs analytics in place to monitor and evaluate how effectively they are operating to achieve the intended business objectives. Hence analytics is highly crucial. In this digital world website is everything for a business, be it small or big scale enterprise. It is the core platform where all your business marketing strategies will take place. If a business is a ‘body, then a website is the heart of it. Here are a few reasons why analytics is important to your business.

  • Keywords and Search Results

People will search for your business in search engines using certain keywords or keyword phrases. Website analytics will help you discover what is the most commonly used keyword to address the category of products and services you are offering. This will increase the probability of your audience to find your website among your competitors.

  • Traffic Volume

Traffic volume means the number of visitors visiting the website. In order to understand the relevance and quality of your leads, you need to analyze the leads. Website analytics helps in improving the overall quality of the website and helps in understanding the prospects in a better way that can increase the momentum of your business growth.

  • Link Checking

As a good and trustworthy website, we need to have quality links throughout the website. Bad links can cause serious damage to the overall website score and destroy your brand’s professional appearance. Website analysis helps to monitor the entire link connected to your website – external, internal, outbound and inbound.

  • Web Content

Website analysis tools can help analyze original and quality content on your website. This helps in building highly efficient SEO friendly content that will surge your rankings in search engines. Better tool kits and link indexes help analyze your keywords, phrases, and other long-tail keywords associated with the brand.

Major information retrieved through Website Analysis

  • Traffic on the website
  • Total visits in a day
  • Percentage of visitors from outside sources
  • New visitors come every day
  • Ranking of the website
  • Performance on search engines

How to conduct an effective website analysis?

Aiming for better web traffic from search engines? Wondering how to bring more visitors to your website? A properly optimized and indexed website will get you the job done. 

Here are some major aspects that will help your website easily found by viewers in search engines.

  • Title Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Links
  • Anchor Texts
  • JavaScript
  • Canonical URL check

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