Appearing in Google’s first-page search results and lead conversion doesn’t come easy, but SocialPulsar, an emerging Digital Marketing Company Kochi, shall do the trick for you. We offer truly integrated, holistic and dynamic search engine marketing services. Delivering a customer engagement experience like none other, SocialPulsar is an outstanding Internet Marketing Agency encompassing a wide array of solutions that not just increase your visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) but also convert website visitors into paying customers.

Our team

Our team comprises of experienced and innovative social media experts and webmasters, who eat, sleep and breathe Search Engine Optimization(SEO). Let SocialPulsar help you in creating a lasting brand identity, as our team is dedicated to creating a strong online presence for your brand and maintaining it all along.

What Makes us the best SEO Company in Kochi, Kerala

At SocialPulsar, we are far from offering you one-size-fits-all SEO solutions. It all starts with understanding your unique business requirements and challenges, competitors, customers, and available resources, following which custom-built search engine marketing strategies are developed for your brand. We constantly keep track of the trends, results and your client’s online behavior with a view to maximizing your ROI. Being the Best SEO agency in India, we have extensive experience in Google PPC management, social media management, proprietary technology, etc.which helps us in promoting your brand and business.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization involves a set of criteria that optimizes the website of a business with the objective of getting higher SERP rankings. The optimization process takes care of your website by making it user friendly and makes it easy to navigate. There are numerous steps and processes that comprises search engine optimization. There are different process, custom methods, various controls and strategies involved in SEO that can only be mastered and effectively rolled out by experts.

Why SEO services are important?

In the tech savvy world, having a digital presence is a prerequisite for any business to survive. But among the millions of websites launching and registering day by day, it’s crazy for a business enterprise to demand they must reach out to their users easily through a website. There are thousands of people in every city who are looking for daily answers and solutions on the internet. SEO answers the most obvious question of brands – “How to reach them at the right point of time”. It is a dedicated and mandatory effort for brands to grow the business and achieve the objectives.

Now if you are searching for more reasons to substantiate the thought, the best SEO Company in Kochi, Kerala have got them listed which rings a bell for you on why SEO strategy is important for your brand.

  • A majority of users will click only on the top 5 listings on search engines. If your business doesn’t get listed among the top listings, then it’s hard to get users onboard.
  • SEO not only focus on rankings. Rolling out a proper SEO strategy also helps in improving the overall user experience and navigation within the website.
  • Users tend to trust search engine a lot and they will be interested in top listings. By getting your website listed on the top, you can increase the trust of your website.
  • SEO helps brands in social promotions as well. Users who will be locating your business on search engine listings will promote your brand across social media.
  • SEO will increase the traffic to your website and has the distinctive power to put you ahead of the competition.

Different Stages Involved in SEO

Search engine optimization is not a static process, rather it is a framework that has several rules and methodologies. However, a typical SEO cycle can be broken into 3 main stages.

  • Technical SEO (Crawling and Indexing)

Technical SEO intends to make sure that the search engines crawl and index your website without any issues.

  • On Page SEO (Content Optimization)

On page SEO focuses on implementing rules on your website, especially content that makes it search engine friendly.

  • Off Page SEO (Website Promotion)

Off page SEO focuses on ways to promote your website and blogs to secure better search engine rankings.

Difference between SEO and Internet Marketing

Most of the people get confused over the terms SEO and Internet Marketing. Both the platforms are different from each other like grapes and oranges. But they fall into the same category of ‘fruits’. However, these platforms can work together to provide great benefits for an online enterprise. The most simple and metaphorical answer could be that SEO becomes one of promising tools in your armour called Internet Marketing.

The agenda of most of the Best SEO Companies in Kochi, Kerala is to bring the website among the top of the business listing on search engines. Page ranks are a crucial part of any online business to get more audience lined up against the brand. Almost all the part of SEO is technically aligned. Now internet marketing is a massive spectrum of activities and strategies that focuses primarily on interactions with mass audience. It involves content marketing, social media marketing and search engine marketing.

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About SocialPulsar

SocialPulsar is a full service digital marketing company headquartered in San Francisco. We are a well nuanced team of marketing experts comprising developers, designers, writers, marketers, problem solvers and think tanks who are capable of working tirelessly to achieve their online business objectives with higher ROI (Returns on Investment). Driven by professionalism, we separate ourselves from other global marketing services by offering our clients creative ways to build, plan and promote their online business. Our arsenal of digital marketing expertise includes web design, development, PPC marketing, social media marketing, SEO marketing and literally everything that is essential to steer their growth in the digital medium.