Driving traffic to your website is a vital aspect for any online business because more traffic is indicative of the increased brand awareness and potential revenue. It is one part of the story. Whereas the ultimate goal is to convert website visitors into either a lead or a customer. Irrespective of being macro or micro-conversions ultimately lead to more revenue and improved ROI.  And this is exactly when SocialPulsar – a dynamic Conversion Rate Optimization agency comes into the picture.


Being the best CRO agency in Kerala, our Conversion Rate Optimization services will help you understand the visitor’s requirements and optimize their on-site experience. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of your website audience and digital marketing mix ensures that our solutions make conversions on your site natural and seamless. We also offer customized eCommerce Conversion Optimization.


The Conversion Optimization Services offered by us are designed to increase macro & micro conversions, website usability, engagement metrics, etc. Reckoned as the top conversion optimization companies in Kerala, we utilize different tactics including Landing Page Optimization, multivariate testing, scroll tracking, website analytics to create the best experience for your patrons.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion Rate Optimization is a systematic process that increases the percentage of website visitors who are supposed to take the desired action on the website. It is a technical process of understanding the aesthetics of your website, how users navigate in your site, and what’s hindering them in completing or performing your brand goals.

What does the Conversion mean?

Conversion is a general term that defines a prospective visitor who completed any of your brand goals or objectives in the website. Being a business enterprise, your goals and objectives come in different sizes and shapes. There are different types of conversions namely,

  • Macro conversions – Purchasing a product from the site, requesting a quote, subscribing to a service.
  • Micro conversions – Signing up to email lists, creating an account, adding a product to a cart.

What does the conversion rate mean?

Conversion rate is the number of times a user who completes your brand goals and objectives divided by your site traffic. It’s the ratio between the number of times a user has visited the site and the number of times he/she has purchased or availed the product or service.

How to calculate the conversion rate?

Imagine you have an e-commerce website. A particular user will land on your website there is a possibility for conversion. Similarly, if he/she visits three times, then there would be three sessions or else three opportunities for conversion. Most conventionally, there are three sessions for a user arriving at a website. They are,

  • Session 1: No conversion – User was familiarizing themselves with the site and poking around.
  • Session 2: The user bought a shiny new antenna. This is a conversion!
  • Session 3: User came back and bought a new set of gears and a blinking light  — another conversion! Even though they bought two items, this is a single unique order and thus counts as a single conversion.

The conversion rate is calculated by dividing the purchase visits versus the total number of website visits. For example, if a user places two orders in three sessions, then the conversion rate is 66 percent. Imagine if you have 500 orders in 5000 sessions, your conversion rate is 10 percent.

Imagine your business is selling something on the basis of monthly subscription charges. A user could come back multiple times, but once they have purchased the subscription, they won’t convert again. The user behavior scenario goes like the following,

  • Session 1:  User came to the site for the first time to explore the service. No conversion.
  • Session 2: User subscribed to our monthly GearBox service– this is our conversion!
  • Session 3: The user came back to read blog articles and poke around.

What happens here when the user cannot bring conversion each time he/she visits. In this case, you need to measure the conversion rate by counting the number of visitors. Here you also need to consider the number of prospective or unique users visiting your website.

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Key Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Improved customer insights
  • Better Returns on Investment (ROI)
  • Better scalability
  • Better user experience
  • Enhanced trust

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