Partner With Us

Thank you for your interest in our partner referral program. Over the years, we’ve found that working with companies like yours is the best way to cultivate win-win-win relationships:

  • You win by adding an ethical digital marketing partner to your professional network
  • Your clients win as they are referred to a knowledgeable and reputable digital marketing resource
  • We win by adding new clients who appreciate the value of our services and the results we deliver

How It Works

When one of your referrals becomes a client, you’ll receive:

  • 10% Sales Fee for the first three months of any digital marketing projects or retainers sold
  • 5% for each month your referral remains as our client
  • 10% for one-time projects

Note: Referral checks are calculated and paid monthly. Referral fees are based on billable projects and/or retainers; they exclude any monies paid to online advertising platforms (e.g., Google Ads, Facebook, etc). Referral fees are disbursed (via check or Bank Transfer) after payments are received by the new client.

For an average retainer of Rs: 3 Lakhs that would mean you receive the following:

  • Rs: 90K after the first 3 months.
  • Rs: 15k a month for every month they continue to work with us after the initial 3 months.

Our average contract lasts for 3 years, so you could around Rs:5.5 Lakhs  just from passing a lead to us!

Refer With Confidence

The digital marketing industry is crowded with firms hawking a variety of services. Yet many don’t walk their talk, use disreputable practices, provide limited services or shallow expertise. We understand that success is built over time, evidenced by diligent, ethical and client-focused work. That’s how we’re building our agency. And, that’s the kind of client we serve.

Our agency is built upon transparency and these values:

  • Clients retain control. All data used to main and optimize their online marketing belongs to the clients where they grant us access. We don’t use proprietary systems designed to keep our clients hostages. They stay with us because of results and quality of service.
  • Data-based decision making. The beauty of the digital world is measurement. We track everything we can so clients can make informed decisions.

Next Steps

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