Shopping Campaign Agency in Kerala, India

Shopping Ad campaigns promote your online and local inventory, boost traffic to your website and generate relevant leads. Google and Bing have their shopping ad platforms. Leveraging these platforms to host your shopping ads will be highly beneficial to your business. Want to experience efficient shopping campaign services? Associate with the best shopping campaign agency in Kerala, India.


Hosting your shopping ads on shopping services of Google and Bing, SocialPulsar will help you unleash the full potential of your business. We also mend existing shopping ad campaigns and get them productive.

Listing our services below:

Keyword Research

Delivering concrete results through a trial and error approach, our dedicated team of experts also helps you gain traction in all relevant search engines by using relevant keywords in your website.

Product Feed Creation

Are you happy with the way your product/service ranks in the feed? We create appealing lists to help your products/services stand out in search engines.


We implement tracking at every level of the buying process, helping you to identify the gaps and improvize strategies going forward. We ensure that you have all the data points of the campaign at your disposal.

Campaign Management and Strategy

We manage your campaign end-to-end ensuring smooth functioning. SocialPulsar’s custom campaigns and immersive strategies help you maximize your ROI.

Monthly KPIs and Reporting

We keep a keen eye on your Key Performance Metrics (KPI’s) and strategize your shopping ad campaign accordingly. We keep you posted about the progress and performance of the campaign every month.

Counted among the best shopping campaign agency in Kerala, India, we provide exceptional services to aid your business growth.


Our business services include:

Design Your Company Strategy

We analyze your requirements and suggestions to structure custom business strategies for you. The strategies will be efficient and cost-effective.

Set up Campaign and Continually Optimize them

We set up effective campaigns and consistently monitor them for continuous improvement. Our experts keep optimizing the campaigns for efficiency.

Gauge Campaign Performance

We use Google Analytics and similar services to analyze the performance of your campaigns in detail. Comprehending the efficiency of your campaigns from the analysis, we improvise on the campaign strategies and attune them for the best outcomes.

SocialPulsar delivers the best shopping campaign services in Kerala, India. Contact us now.


Pay-Per-Click service plays an integral role in driving quality traffic to websites. It is cost-effective and very profitable. Though PPC platforms like Google Ads offer self-service, business owners are either too busy to focus on them or they are too far-fetched as far as the owners are concerned.

Offering comprehensive shopping campaign services, SocialPulsar is here to bridge the gap. Our Google Ads certified and Google Analytics certified experts can manage your PPC campaigns effectively while you take care of other aspects of your business.

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