We build you a positive digital presence

Do you know that almost 80% of people have changed a purchase decision due to bad reviews online? In this digital world, online reviews are critical for business as they can greatly influence a brand’s reputation and subsequently sales. SocialPulsar understands the importance of Online Reputation Management (ORM).

Your online reputation is what we protect, enhance and promote! Let us join hands to establish a reputation that reflects your brand’s values. We are a dynamic Reputation Management Company with the expertise to develop an all-inclusive digital strategy that creates an impressive online reputation for your brand. We strive to offer innovative services pertaining to Online reputation management in India and other parts of the world. Our precision coupled with proficiency in social media marketing will enhance your brand’s growth.

Our team of experts manages the perceptions prevalent about your brand on the Internet, social media, Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), etc. Being an innovative provider of SEO Services in India, we have the experience and expertise to enhance your reputation. We monitor your brand’s online reputation on review sites like Yelp, Foursquare, Google Places, and Facebook pages. This will help you to:

  • Understand your current online reputation
  • What people think about your brand
  • What people are saying about you online
  • How Google search results reflect on your brand

How do we do it?

  • Developing a positive online presence in accordance with the brand’s goals
  • Endorse the brand’s positive image
  • Mend negative reviews and images
  • Monitor social media and search results

The SocialPulsar Impact

Don’t let bad reputation spoil your business. Have complete control over your brand reputation with SocialPulsar’s proven strategies. Our experts will curate and run strategic and tactical approach that are crafted with the highest orders of care and precision in order to meet the higher standards of customer expectations. We help brands in building a positive and confident brand impact and suppress all the negative content across the internet. Our experts marketing analysts are keen in building positive, intentional content with the right placement to achieve multiple marketing goals, with high preference on reputation management. Take a look at our reputation management services and get a quote from us now.

What is reputation management?

Reputation management in digital marketing implies managing the reputation – how people perceive a brand. Here at SocialPulsar, we would like to define what exactly is reputation management. Typically, reputation management involves two basic strategies.

  • Monitoring and influencing online reputation.
  • Addressing the negative mentions or reviews.

As per the opinions of marketing experts, a brand typically does three things while doing business.

  • Building – New or facelifting brands will build a positive and reliable brand name.
  • Maintenance – Already established brands will run strategies to polish their brand name.
  • Recovery – Set of strategies curated to recover from a negative hit in brand reputation.

How can a business establish online reputation?

Here are five important aspects through which a brand can build online reputation.

  • Have a blog
  • Get listed in directories
  • Encourage reviews
  • Gain some publicity
  • Get your business social
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How to protect online reputation?

If you have already established a positive online reputation, then don’t think you have achieved what objective and sit idle. Online reputation is a continuous task because you need to protect and maintain the online reputation. Here are some smart tips to protect your online reputation.

  • Know what you can control – There are certain instances where you have least control while managing reputation. In case of customer reviews, you can’t control what they write. In such situations it is ideal to monitor what’s been written on the internet and respond to them.
  • Know how to monitor your reputation – Monitoring the online reputation is an important task to perform. Either you can avail the services of an online reputation management services, which is relatively better, or there are applications that can track keywords and trigger notifications if the brand name is mentioned in web.
  • The internet is important – Even if you don’t have an online wing for your business, it is important to know what your customers are upto. Search by the name of your brand and location on the internet. Mostly the findings would be awesome and can significantly impact your future business decisions and reputation management.