What is Brand Positioning?

Brand Positioning is the lifeblood of a business. It is an activity of creating a unique impression in the target customer’s mind so that they prefer your brand over your counterparts. We are reckoned among reliable Branding Companies in India. Our solutions help set your brand apart from others. Our team creates customized branding strategy that lays the foundation for all your communications, which include your website, social media profiles, content you produce, images you use, etc. We have the expertise to position brands in order to maximize their customer relevance and competitive differentiation. Brand Positioning plays a vital role in persuading the customers to choose your brand.

Definition of Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is a strategy custom tailored for a brand with the objective of creating a unique and long lasting impression in the minds of the audience in the target marketplace of the brand. It has to be curated with the expectations of the audience in mind. It should be desirable, clear, specific, and distinctive in nature, especially in the lines of the brand’s competitor. A successful brand strategy will distinguish the brand from their competitors and bring more inbound traffic to the website. Professionals at Social Pulsar understand various nuances of brand positioning. We filter out the various associated brand attributes, the ways in which the brand benefits the audience, analyse their market segment and conduct various levels of analysis.

Steps to Create Brand Positioning

Identify the current marketing positioning  – If the brand is new to the market, then this step doesn’t apply. However, if they are even relatively new, then knowing the current market positioning is important. It is crucial to know how the brand is conceived by the audience, how it is performing and whether the existing strategy will impact the growth of the brand. Once we identify this, we might need to think about repositioning the brand.

Identify the competition – The next crucial step is to understand the positioning of the competitor in the marketplace. Relating each other we need to filter out which one is posing a threat to our brand. Evaluate your brands core values, strengths, the nature of products and services offered, ethics, the USP’s, etc. which makes your presence different in the market. Knowing yourself is an important part of brand positioning.

Understand competitor – Understanding the positioning of the competitor is vital in terms of curating your brand positioning strategy. This involves figuring out the vision mission statements, core values, brand fundamentals, and the complete brand architecture of your competitor. By closely observing and analysing the competitor strategy, you as a brand can come up with the right positioning strategy that wins the market for you.

Uniqueness of the brand – Conduct an in depth evaluation of your brand – identify the core values, value propositions, strengths, vision, features and attributes that separates you from the rest of the competitors. This will seamlessly help you in giving you a unique and distinctive brand identity in the market. Your target audience can rightly identify and get acquainted with your brand products and services.

Brand messaging – The last and foremost step involved in brand positioning is to curate and set your brand messaging tone in the most persuading manner that captivate your customer attention. This includes a set of process like scripting the brand mission/vision statement, selecting the right tagline and choose the official logo of the brand. All these brand messaging statements should be rightly aligning the core attributes and nature of the brand.

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Importance of Brand Positioning

Market differentiation of the brand

  • Justifies the pricing strategy of the brand 
  • Gain competitive advantage of the brand
  • Enrich the creative approach of the brand

Brand positioning is one of the major factors of the entire brand architecture and strategy as it conveys the values, vision,  ethos and the fundamentals of the brand and the overall organization. Marketers concerned with effective brand position for their brand should seek to understand carefully the relevant dimensions along which their brands are able to be distinguishable and distinctive as a result of consumer evaluations of brands in the marketplace. Effective brand positioning is an important aim in a firm’s marketing strategy development. Being one of the front runners of the digital marketing companies in Kochi, Social Pulsar helps you craft sustainable brand positioning strategies effortlessly. Our experts will captivatingly distinguish your brand among the competitors and bring more traction to your business enterprise.

At Social Pulsar, we follow various customised models to understand your brand to get a holistic view about the market opportunities, competition, behaviours, expectations and much more. As the best brand positioning companies in India, our experts will gather and process all the factors that delivers a deeper insights on developing a distinctive and effective brand positioning strategies. Get in touch with us today itself .