4 Sure-Fire Strategies to Workout Strategic Content and SEO

The growing relevance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in digital marketing has left many marketers crawling all over the internet to grab the piece of the organic traffic pie. No matter how effective is the paid marketing campaigns, who doesn’t like to sit on top of the organic traffic? According to a research finding, over 60 percent of online enterprises consider improving organic traffic as their major marketing objective. However, with the changing dynamics of business operations and the splurge in the growth of websites, what brands need is a robust, ethical and clinical way of implementing SEO.


The increasing demand for SEO services has caused an influx of snake-oil SEO advantages. We have been churning the plain and scammy advice of Google guru’s for a long time now. As time passed by the question become more and more intense – what really matters to create a perfect SEO strategy? What matters to make it effective? And the industry’s most priceless answer comes in the form of high-quality content. In this narrative, the best digital marketing company in Kerala is about to make you understand the process involved in strategic content and SEO to improve your brand authority.

Create a content strategy

Before starting to pour out the content, make sure you have a strong and unbiased content strategy in place. If you are compromising the content even the slightest of the remarks, then prepare to embrace inconsistent results. Why is it important to have a strategy in place? There are several benefits to develop a strong brand strategy across all formats.


  • It keeps you accountable and consistent
  • It paraphrases the exact blueprint of what needs to be done for brand authority.
  • It helps in laying proper planning for scheduling content tasks on the basis of time, events and seasons.
  • It will act as a framework for creating engaging content that will sure-fire the audience.


The strategy is a blueprint of the activities you are about to implement. It is basically a root map of the events to be followed as per the marketing plan. It foresees what happens in each step and what follows each step. Map the strategy and follow them intently to succeed in brand authority.

Share what you know

Expert knowledge plays an important role in building brand authority. From a brand perspective, the way of sharing content makes a huge difference. While implementing a content strategy, the message you convey should not be based on an agenda or particular motives. However, the lack of an agenda doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be a direct intent to help people. Your brand content should have the direct intention of helping your clients. And how do you achieve this? That is the value you add to the content.

Address pain points

When you give value to your audience, it implies that you are addressing their pain points and improves their lives in some way or the other. For example, while curating your content from social influencer management agency Kochi, you can demand to have informative tips and expert opinions that substantiate the user’s thoughts in the right direction. This will ensure that the reader is hooked to your topics. Once they discover the value in the content, as a brand you are able to cultivate a reading habit in them and establish an attachment with your brand.

Target informational keywords

Long format contents will help in establishing your expertise over content that the shorter formats like Tweets or Snippets. However, that doesn’t mean you should completely leave the shorter formats. In the context of SEO, long content formats can extract the real power of SEO by using long informational keywords. While writing the content, make sure it reaches every reader on an emotional level and engage them. Informational keywords are mostly long-tail searches or those that come with the typical question queries using What, Why, Where, When, and How. Take care of the content on a humane level and the rest will be epic!


One of the most popular proverbs I have heard is “Rome was not built in a day”. No one can establish brand authority and reputation over the night. When it comes to brand authority, it is your strategies and consistent actions that will be the decisive factor to emphasize brand authority. Summing up there are basically a few steps that will make your online presence valuable.


  • Building your brand through consistent, strategic content and SEO.
  • Maintaining a social presence.
  • Being friendly and open, and making genuine connections with your peers and audience.
  • Working hard to prove your knowledge and provide value to your audience everywhere.

Last, not the least, brand authority is all about consistency and patience, along with applying the latest digital intelligence and brand positioning strategies.