Predictive analytics makes use of numerous techniques like data mining, machine learning, modeling, artificial intelligence to analyze present data and identify/predict future outcomes. At SocialPulsar, one of the best social media companies in India, we offer predictive analytics marketing solutions that help brands optimize their marketing campaigns and enhance conversions.

We make use of predictive analytics tools to help brands improve their sales conversions as the technique helps them to target audiences who are most likely to buy their products/services. In addition, we also offer customized predictive analytics techniques. These techniques help customers optimize their marketing campaigns as it assists them in identifying the target audience and create a customized strategy to achieve the best results.


n the business ecosystem, a strong present never guarantees a better future. But what does guarantees a good future is a thoughtfully curated and analyzed predictive analysis plan. Predictive analytics denotes the process of preparing statistics and modeling of the present data to determine the future progress of the business. The process analyses the present patterns in data and evaluates the possibilities of the patterns to reappear in the future. This analysis helps businesses to plan their resources smartly so that they can take advantage of future events.



  • Predictive analytics is the use of statistics and modeling techniques to determine future performance.
  • It is used as a decision-making tool in a variety of industries and disciplines, such as insurance and marketing.
  • Predictive analytics and machine learning are often confused with each other but they are different disciplines.


There are many forms and ways of using predictive analytics. While data mining involves analyzing large chunks of data, text analysis goes through the large blocks of texts. There are descriptive models that look into a set of variables and evaluate the possible outcomes. Generally, all these models will look at past data to determine the likelihood of possible future business outcomes. For example, imagine an insurance company uses predictive analytics to determine the likelihood of having to deal with a future claim based on the current risk pool of similar policyholders. While planning a new campaign, marketers can look at the overall customer reactions and can rely on demographic


Being one of the frontrunners of the data science platforms, SocialPulsar helps you to understand and implement smarter decisions for your organizational growth. Our marketing experts are capable of rolling out predictive analytics capabilities beyond your expectations. Our flexible and scalable business solutions deliver enterprises a comprehensive way to analyze data and transform it into recommended actions in real-time. Get our quote today!


Being one of the best social media marketing companies in India, we extend the most accurate and well-defined predictive analytics solutions to your assets.

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