Tour digital marketing strategies cannot exist without a straight-laced analysis of the data. Data science is the study of this data procured; the process of obtaining valuable information from a cluster of structure or unstructured data. Information collected in this manner is used to know opportunities, transforming marketing strategies, and designing campaigns. Data science services boost business growth in multiple ways. 

Listed as the top decision science consulting agency in India, SocialPulsar presents you with young and agile technology to analyze customer data, process them efficiently and derive all valuable information. 

 SocialPulsar engages a collaborative approach in dealing with data science. Hence, we ensure a complete solution that takes into account all the queries related to your businesses. An optimized strategy aids better analyses of data stimulating rapid business growth. 


Some of the genuine services that we offer lift data through all possible authentication processes which draw out reliable data sources to our clients. For this purpose, we carry out a set of analysis which include

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Data management solutions are executed to collect all the data from the past to the current date. We use statistics and software to examine fresh information and deliver insights for causing desirable future decisions.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis refers to the use of natural language processing, text analysis, computational linguistics and biometrics to classify, extract, quantify, and study noncognitive states and individual information.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis enables you to recognise your likely competitors and dissect their product, resources and marketing strategies. This method helps you to develop a productive marketing strategy to conquer your competitors.

Marketing Analytics

This is the practice of studying marketing performance to maximize efficacy and optimize ROI. These are done to assess the progress and value of the efforts a particular company has advanced.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics uses data mining, statistics, modelling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to analyse available data to make foresight about the company’s business future.


Resource collection, Analysis, and assessment of relevant problems and solutions.

Data Preparation

Conscious collection and evaluation of reliable data.

Model Generation

Preparing the model and conducting testing and refining.

Performance Tuning

Improving model functional ability by allowing modification.


Repositioning of models from one platform to another.


Training of both technical partners and business users.


SocialPulsar, a unique marketing analytic consulting agency in India performs KPI Forecasting (Key Performance Indicator).

  • We facilitate KPI forecasting through data science making use of seasonal and non-seasonal drivers.
  • With pattern detection and pattern analysis, we identify relevant data components. 
  • With feature design, based on pattern identification in data, we build functional elements for designers. 
  • We give forecast recommendations at various levels for spike alerts and evaluations against historical benchmarks. 


  • We offer personalisation solutions that help to tailor your services to each user’s preferences. This opens more comprehensive and convenient options for your customers.
  • A one-to-one marketing strategy encourages customers to develop personal fondness with your organization.


Attribution aims to help marketers get a more general idea about when and how various marketing channels play a role in conversions. This vital data can then be used to inform future budget allotments.

  • Attribution modelling guides you in deciding the most effective marketing channel for investment. We use probabilistic criteria to attribute conversion.
  • Our attribution modelling services give campaign strategy optimization solutions which are a sequence of parameter and solution design by picking DFP’s User ID level log data from the Google Marketing Platform.
  • We combine impressions at user ID and bidding rate changes, adding metadata, giving instructions on the strongest and weakest links.
  • We combine impressions at user ID and bidding rate changes, adding metadata, giving instructions on the strongest and weakest links.


Regarded as the best analytic agency in India, SocialPulsar provides comprehensive and coherent services.

  • We provide customer response data that allow you to categorise customers into various groups.
  • These groups are sorted based on various features such as product, channel, content association, purchase intent, navigational course and the degree of customer loyalty and engagement.
  • For efficient clustering, a customer is presented with the help of certain aspects such as context information, campaign responses, purchase history of products, borrowing history of visitors etc. 

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