SocialPulsar’s unmatched expertise is highly recognized in the content marketing India industry. We offer bespoke press release services to customers across the globe with precision. We have on board an experienced team that helps customers with media targeting and press release distribution. When it comes to event press release, we are the preferred choice among customers owing to the widespread coverage offered by us. Understanding the fact each brand is unique, we offer tailored press release services in tandem with their individual requirements.

What are press releases?

As a business enterprise, you are supposed to organize a lot of events and gatherings. You need these events to become popular and reach a mass audience. Press releases are custom made documents that announces these events to the press and thereby to the mass audiences. According to Google, it is the official statement issued to media giving information on a particular matter or occasion. As technology evolved, businesses need to think beyond the conventional written format to grab the attention of the media house quickly and effectively. Today press releases come in different shapes, sizes and formats including audio or video formats. Now the all important question – what is the big deal in these press releases in the digital marketing perspective?

Grabbing media attention is not that easy. Especially when there are thousands of press releases bombarding the media houses everyday. So we need to persuade them to find that your press release needs to be published. Thats where top press release services in Kochi comes into the picture. Instead of sending each of your press releases to the media, we create them in different formats and publish them in most sought after platforms where media can easily find out about your event.

How do press releases help in SEO?

Basically press release enables your business information to be published in popular submission directories. This activity seamlessly help in secure better SEO growth patterns. How? Through backlinks. Once your press release gathers the attention of the media and people start to talk about you, then you will start earning higher number of backlinks from various webmasters. We all know the fact that building backlinks are one of the important parts of SEO. Press releases helps a brand seamlessly in boosting the SEO growth. No wonder why the relevance of professional online PR agencies in Kerala has seen robust growth to craft these press release with precision.

About Press Releases and Penalties

Today almost everything can be searched on the internet. Researching about press releases can easily fetch you all the information you were looking for. However, it is easy to find that press releases earns better backlinks than approaching any conventional media houses where a lot of scrutiny and selection will happen. Instead of targeting quality and relevant news announcements, business will spread as many as information through press releases. The free submission sites will enable you to easily pursue the task. You may even find the paid ones suitable for submissions as well. You may think the task is easy and hustle free in earning back links. But is that it? No. 

When we publish longer contents through press releases, there will be a lot of target keywords in the content. These keyword rich anchor text links will attract a lot of penalties. This will eventually reduce the quality of the press releases. So instead of creating press releases that just earns back links, make sure you have quality come along with them so that it will grab the attention of media houses. Availing the services of the best content marketing company in India will help in successfully rolling out press release services for your business.

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What comprises an effective Press Release?

Crafting an effective press release is an art on its own. However, it is all about presenting the information with the right balance. The major aspects of a press release are;

  • Have an interesting piece of news
  • Create a killer headline
  • Write the Press Release short and to the point
  • Distribute only to relevant places
  • Wait and monitor results

Everything has a good side and a bad side. Here are some of the DON’T Do’s that you need to follow while writing a press release.

  • Don’t curate press releases for everything. Numbers don’t count. Always post press releases when there is something interesting or innovative.
  • Don’t try to spam the editors. If so, the press releases will end up in their spam box itself and they will never take you for granted as well.
  • Don’t post your press releases across many platforms. Identify the relevant platforms and publish your press releases. Identify the location and target audience as well.