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Why guest posting is important for SEO?

Content marketing is one of the major aspects that becomes decisive in securing better results for SEO. While framing content strategy for your business, it is essential to understand the importance of guest posting. Especially in the ongoing era of celebrity endorsements and influencer marketing, guest marketing has larger importance in getting better traction for your website. Guest posting is creative serious ripples in the internet marketing sphere. A well scripted high ranking blogs which contains approximately 1500 words will have around 8 – 10 links. When contributed with big name publications, this can fetch ample website traction. There are several reasons that will enhance the importance of guest posting. The best SEO agency in Kochi will help you understand them easily.

  • Creating Relationship

By publishing your content on other platforms, you are creating better business relationships with another organization. A relationship that is fruitful for both entities, where both the parties will mutually benefit by creating an avenue for attracting potential traffic to the website.

  • Regular Posting

Consistency is important in our daily life. When it comes to guest posting, consistency will create and sustain the business growth. By frequently publishing content in the website, your potential users will keep on hearing from you which develops better brand popularity.

  • Comments

Knowing the feedback of customers is important for any business. Comments for guest postings are the harbingers of a healthy debate. You business will be appreciated or criticised, which will give valuable insights on improving your business operations.

  • Link Building

Healthy links are always important for SEO. Guest posting is a great opportunity to add more relevant links. However, the links must be strategically placed within the content so that the search engines can easily fetch them.

  • Targeting Information

If your business enterprise us rather specialized, then relying on guest blogging services company in Kerala will guide you in creating in depth content suiting just right for you. This helps you in targeting the right audience with the right strategy.

Benefits of Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is a practice of contributing a post to another business enterprise with the aim of developing relationship, traction, exposure, link building and establish business authority. Some of the effective benefits of guest posting are;

  • Link Building
  • Social Networking
  • Curate Traffic
  • Public Relations
  • Branding
  • Domain Authority
  • Search Engine Authority
  • Online Influence
  • Improves Content Marketing
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Rules & Regulations for Guest Blogging

In digital marketing everything has a criteria to be followed. So do guest blogging. They are as follows.

  • Your post must be original and authentic. It should be new, fresh and should not be plagiarised.
  • Your post should not be about any affiliate program or the affiliate product or a plug for an organization.
  • You must not submit the generic post on theory. The post must be informative and usable or else the purpose won’t be met.

Ways to approach Guest Posting

To approach a guest post is not so complicated. It needs to be precise and should have the necessary call to actions implemented strategically like contact form and invitations. While this will monitor the lead or build backlinks, there are some basics to be followed.

  • Research

Guest posting should evoke a sense of personalization. It should address the readers more intimately so that your audience feels like the brand is taking effort to resolve the issue. This will help you leave a better impression in the minds of readers.

  • Don’t be phony

Before availing a guest posting service, engage in proper discussion with the client in gathering their requirements and explain the strategy you are planning to implement. Always contact a particular blogger or author in case of any clarifications needed.

  • Support the guest post

People will appreciate the writers who keep in contact with the business in terms of publishing periodical posts. They should constantly support the enterprise by interacting with the audience and replying to their comments on the blog post.

  • Follow Up

It is always a good gesture is to show gratitude to the user after publishing a guest post. Always make sure to notify the guest writer if the blog or article is faring well and increasing traction. Showing gratitude always help in cultivating good relationships with the writers.

  • Relevance

Guest bloggers should identify and analyse the audience well. Observing the competitors blogs can trigger some valuable insights on how well your strategy is working. Guest writers must try to curate content that will overlap your audience with your competitor.

Guest postings are an effective strategy in digital marketing. It helps in reaching the potential audience and stay connected with them for a longer time. By posting on authoritative sites in your similar business niches will enrich your online visibility, multiplies your traffic and eventually increases your SEO rankings.