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Our Guerrilla Marketing Services target customers through never-been-done-before marketing activities that they recognize as unique, engaging and creative. The marketing campaigns will help your brand to cut the noise of traditional marketing and embark itself as one of a kind.

Being a pioneer in this industry, we make sure that our strategies pertaining to digital marketing include utilizing the maximum potential of social media. We believe that our matchless Guerrilla Marketing ideas attract customers, engage with them and are shared with their friends.

Go Guerrilla – Go SocialPulsar …but why?

The best part-save money!

When compared to traditional marketing methods, Guerrilla Marketing is a cost-effective affair as it utilizes unconventional promotional methods to create brand awareness and engage with customers.

Improve customer base

The two main objectives of Guerrilla Marketing are:

  • To attract new customers
  • To retain old customers

Thus, enhanced customer base.

Go viral

It can easily tap social media trends and result in enthralling campaigns that go viral in no time.

Create Collaborate

This technique essentially requires you to collaborate with other businesses and organizations to achieve the end goal. In short, build partnerships and reach your target audience easily.

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What is Guerilla Marketing?

The main objective of business is to generate profit, without which no business can survive. Marketing is a process that involves a lot of capital outflows so as to generate financial inflow. Not all businesses are capable of pouring lump sums into the marketing budget. This demanded an inception of a more budget focused marketing peripheral and guerilla marketing surfaced to fill the void.

The term Guerilla marketing was coined by Conrad Levinson in his book by the same name published in 1983. It defines itself as budget friendly and unconventional marketing efforts that generate more profit for the brand. Guerilla marketing allows small and medium sized businesses to allocate more time and resources that could be used for concentrating mainstream marketing efforts.

While bigger enterprises invests millions into marketing, a small business can target particular demography or geography and spend a fraction of their funds for gaining traction. The foremost feature of guerilla marketing is to ensure maximum reach for a brand within limited costs. There are several factors to keep an eye on to run a successful guerilla marketing campaign.

Components of Guerilla Marketing

  • Specific Target – Don’t ideate a marketing strategy that will target and serve everyone. Segment the target audience and effectively reach them.
  • Emphasize Benefits – Rather than mentioning about the materials used or service delivered, try to emphasis on how the product or service will benefit the audience.
  • Meet Expectations – Make the customers understand what you are offering, convey how does it help a potential customer and detail why they should buy it.
  • Generate Profit – The ultimate goal of guerilla marketing is to identify a customer who is willing to spend money with increasing amounts with the brand.


Effective Guerrilla Marketing Tools

  • Door hangers
  • Remnant Ad space
  • Postcards
  • Contests
  • Trade shows
  • Publicity
  • Bill inserts
  • Testimonials
  • Special events
  • Partnering with a non profit organization
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Features of Guerrilla Marketing

  • Pocket Friendly Campaigns – Guerilla marketing usually involves campaigns that are more economical and burns less in the wallet.
  • Targeted Reach – Guerilla marketing campaigns is curated to achieve more reach through word of mouth and publicity.
  • Minimalism – Guerilla marketing is all about relying on fewer resources and successfully conveying large pieces of information the target audience.
  • Channels – The major channels used for placing the campaign intends to attain the results through social media, word of mouth and publicity.