We are a dynamic explainer video company based in India. Our videos are an effective medium to spread the word about your product/service in short create brand awareness. Our highly experienced professional team has the expertise to craft high-end customized explainer videos as per the requirements of clients. Known as an innovative explainer video company in Kerala, we have the capability to harness the power of visual media to make things happen for your brand. We believe in harnessing the power of explainer videos to the best of any brand’s advantage.

Why choose us?

Being the best digital marketing company in Kochi, we

  • Deliver videos that engage customers
  • Converts visitors into customers
  • Increase lead generation and sales conversion
  • Explain/advertise your brand product/service within seconds
  • Helps in driving more traffic
  • Helps develop new customer base
  • Secures better and improved ROI
  • Offer affordable explainer video packages

Types of Explainer Video Services That We Offer

Whiteboard Video

Whiteboard animation is a process where a story or story board with pictures are drawn on a whiteboard or something that looks like it. The concepts are explained by narrating and drawing pictures on a whiteboard. Just give us a buzz that you wish to deliver and we will work on creating the perfect storyboard for you asap. 

2D Animation

The top explainer video companies in India use 2D cartoon animations to explain how your brand, service, product can help your customers. These videos are creative and engaging as we tell the story through 2D characters, thereby humanizing your company brand and building a connection with your customers.

3D Animation Video

We put together creative ideas into visually stunning and effective 3D motion graphics to engage your customers. These animated characters will convey your message in a very convincing and illustrative manner.

Why explainer videos are vital for business growth?

Explainer video is a short animation video that helps business to establish their brand presence in a meaningful and captivating way. They help persuade brand audience with amazingly crafted stories that grabs their attention. As a business enterprise, your success depends on expressing your goals and objectives through ways that are easily conceived by the audience. If you fail to establish a connection, your business doesn’t have too much life. It is in this context that explainer videos comes into the spotlight.

Who doesn’t love stories? Especially when stories help us relate ourselves with the situation? Explainer videos are a magic wand for brands to reach their target audience in an attractive way. It seamlessly assists brands to showcase their new complex concepts to viewers effectively.

Explainer Videos Differs from Brand Videos

The videos used in the content marketing context is not an explainer video. They are branded videos, which are more like ads, delivering informative and engaging content. What clearly differentiates explainer videos from branded ones are the animation part. Explainer videos are concise animated videos that delivers the audience great ideas in a tiny package. It simplifies the process of understanding the brand and the products and services they offer. In other words, it is a simple story outline that conveys a specific or a bunch of business objectives effortlessly to the audience.

How Explainer Videos help business?

  • Boost Conversion Rates
  • Explains Products and Services
  • Rank Higher in SERP’s
  • Trigger More Brand Interest
  • Drive More Website Traffic
  • Increase Information Retention of the Audience
  • Make Your Sales Pitch More Captivating
  • Persuades Better Sharing
  • Develops Better Brand Personality
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How Explainer Videos can Leverage the Power of Marketing for B2B organization?

Explainer videos are one of the most powerful tools for visual marketing. In the world of instant gratification, your audience demands to deliver information in limited time and precision. Imagine you are passing bulk of information to the audience in lengthy paragraphs or rich snippets. In an era where the online attention span is limited to least, your major brand announcements will not achieve its intentions. If you need to captivate your audience, then you need to make quick impression within a short duration, that too effectively. Explainer videos can effortlessly achieve this impression for a B2B organization. They can present ideas in the most simple and effective manner that engages the audience.

However, the market absorption of the idea is relatively slower. We aren’t seeing them frequently. What could be the reasons?

  • Brands find it expensive to produce the content
  • Brands find it hard to strike a balance between content and time
  • Brands find it hard to find the content producers
  • Brands find it wary to believe in the outcome

Certain things are like that. Even if the relevance is high, we find it hard to implement it. An effective and successful explainer video just doesn’t happen on its own. There are certain concerns that will definitely hit the screen. Now what exactly is required to meet the realistic expectations of an explainer video.

  • Curating strategy
  • Identifying value proposition
  • Proper scripting
  • Professional voice
  • Conduct proper testing
  • Evaluate the end result
  • Identify the perfect positioning