SocialPulsar’s banner ad services are widely preferred by customers around the globe for the phenomenal reach it offers to their brand. We, Socialpulsar, the top digital marketing agency in Kochi have on board a team of creative experts, who leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating custom banner ads for patrons. They factor in your unique business goals before creating the banners. With our expertise to create a wide variety of engaging banner ads, we can easily reach your target audience.

We have the experience and expertise to make creative banners that help you achieve your goals like:

  • Brand awareness
  • Better Online visibility
  • Improved Engagement
  • Expand existing customer base
  • Create new customers
  • Lead generation
  • Sales conversions

What is Banner Ads?

In the most simple definition, a banner is an online advertising format. Banner ads are also popularly known as display advertising because of its typical visual elements. The basic purpose of banner ads are to promote the brand across the host website, social media platforms and various landing pages. It is basically an advertisement displayed on the web page which comprises of image (.jpg, png, .gif) or multimedia files (Flash or HTML files).

A static banner ad can be a simple image with various design elements. Upon clicking them, a user is directed to the targeted host page. There are animated banners which are delivered by an ad server. The obvious purpose of both these categories is to engage the audience and persuade the user to click on it. With the advent of technology, there are various types of programmatically generated displays or sequential visual that adds more motion elements to the banners.

How does a Banner Ad Work?

Banner ads prime motive is to bring traffic to the website, specially curated landing pages or social media platforms. Relying on banner ads have various benefits on brand advertising. They are,

  • Brand Awareness

By relying on banner ads brands can grow their brand awareness among audience. There are various strategies like brand recalling, exclusive brand style sheets, alignment, logo placements, style charts, and much more to be followed to strike the right tone for your brand creatives.

  • Lead Generation

Banner ads initiates a lot of brand interactions, which makes it one of the lead generation engines for a brand. All kinds of paid ad promotions like Pay per click ads, Google display ads, remarketing ads, native ads and social media ads rely on banners to get qualified leads.

Why is Banner Advertising Effective?

One major advantage of online advertising over the traditional medium is its measuring capability. Display ads operate on the basis of click through rates (CTR) – which is calculated by dividing by the number of users who clicked the ad and the number of times the ad is being displayed (impressions). For instance, if a display ad is stated to have a CTR of 5 percent, then it implies that out of 100 impressions, the display ad was clicked 5 times. The higher the CTR the more the effectiveness of the banner ad. Getting in touch with any reputed banner advertising company in Kerala will get you professional advice regarding all the facets of display ads.

How to Create Banners for Advertising?

Design a banner ads requires a lot of proficiency. Just like any profession, designing display ads are also a work of art. However, today several tools and softwares are available like Bannersnack, which helps in getting the job done even without coding skills. Here are some of the essential answers you need to filter out to before designing a banner ad.

  • Evaluate your target audience and figure out what you want from them.
  • Identify the value proposition
  • What is the desired size of the banner ad?
  • What kind of fonts and styles matches your purpose?
  • Get clear idea on brand colours and quality photos to be used for ideating the ad.

How to Advertise the Banner?

Once the display ad is created, you need to find space to publish your ad online. Choosing an ideal networking site can help them secure space on the internet. Some of the popular platforms for advertising are Google Ads, iab, Aol Advertising, Right Media, BuyAds.com, OpenX etc. However, each of these platforms has predefined standards, which should be matched while a display ad is created. Getting in touch with the best banner advertising company in Kerala can keep all your woes away and give you the most effective display ads for all purposes.

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How to Start Banner Advertising?

In order to begin any endeavours in life you just need to possess one thing in life – understanding. Same here with banner advertising. Banner ads are all about visual treat, which go beyond the text advertising. You can use buttons, images, colours, vectors and all other design elements to make a creative ad copy that persuades the audience. One of the best banner ads companies in Kochi can give you expert advice in rolling out the feature effectively. Here are some of the must follow principles that helps in rolling out an effective display ad.

  • Define the desired impact of the campaign – What is that special idea upon which you have created the campaign.
  • Determine your budget – Advertising is a paid affair. We are offering platforms money for showcasing the ad. It is highly important to know the budget in the first place.
  • Target Audience – Understanding who you want to address your creative will give you a clear idea on framing the ad strategy.

Summing up, banner or display ads are a crucial element for digital marketing. However, if you wish to have success or wish to bring out the best out of it, then you must understand the complete process and optimize it correctly.