Attribution models are a great way to help you determine and choose how much credit each ad interaction gets for your conversions. Attribution models have become an integral part of the Search Engine Marketing process. This is possible because of the fact that on the path to conversion, customers are likely to interact with multiple ads from the same advertiser. And the positive news is that Google Ads attribution models are now supporting YouTube and Display. YouTube Ads and Display Ads, undoubtedly contribute much to user interactions. The inclusion of these allows the advertisers to better understand each channel’s contribution to the buyer journey.

In an announcement made very recently with this regard, Charles Huyi, product manager for Google Ads mentioned that the upgradation of the Google Ads non-click models to include data-driven attribution of YouTube Ads and Display Ads, not just allows the advertisers to understand the channel’s contribution to buyer engagement, but is also a means which allows the advertisers to measure the engaged views.


Know The Buyer Journey 

The inclusion of YouTube Ads and Display Ads by the Google Ads attribution models, lets the advertisers have a clear-cut understanding of which channels are contributing much towards the buyer journey that leads to final conversions. The inclusion when combined and used along with automated bidding strategies or updated along with the manual bidding, these data driven attributions promotes additional conversions at the same CPA compared to last click. This is an additional feature that these attribution models provide apart from permitting to understand the buyer journey.


You can compare your cost per conversion and return on ad spend, much better by making use of these new models. Changing your attribution model can be done with much ease and you can find these new models under the tool’s icon. And the measurement option includes the attribution models. Display and YouTube attribution models impact on your CVR and helps you understand the customer journey in a better manner. Hence, the idea of having two different attribution models for Display Ads and YouTube Ads is justified.


Changes to Campaigns 

A change in the attribution models, is definite to bring about a change in the ‘campaigns’ tab as well.


Credit shifts:  There would be a conversion credit shift on various campaigns, ad groups, networks and the keywords associated along with the conversion action, when there are changes made to the attribution model.

Fractional credit: Based on the attribution model that you have selected, the credit for a given conversion gets distributed within contributing ad interactions. While you incorporate a non-last click model, it will show you decimals in your ‘Conversions’ and ‘All Conversions’.

Time lag: For the initial days the ‘Campaigns’ may show temporarily fewer conversions, following which the scenario would be better with the attribution model. This is because the non-last click attribution model shares credit between multiple interactions that take place at different points of time.


To Conclude

Google’s Ads attribution models help in search engine marketing as it helps the marketers determine which channels to invest in. Also, the marketers get an idea over what strategy to use on what channels. Provided, you keep an eye on the changes that this would bring about in the Campaigns over the time.

YouTube marketing has become one of the leading methods for branding and business promotion. It has overtaken many popular online platforms and became the second most extensively used online portal after Google for providing exclusive solutions for any queries and concerns. 


Free and convenient access to video graphed information has entertained billions to largely depend upon YouTube for consultation. YouTube also opens doors for productive marketing facilities. We outline certain key aspects you would require to know about YouTube marketing.



Before beginning to prepare content for YouTube you should require to set specific and measurable goals. The goals you set for the channel will also translate into the kind of audience you are targeting to reach—people who want to be educated about a subject, or who want to purchase items that will improve their lives. Or others who just want answers or troubleshooting assistance.


Once you have decided your audience the major task is completed. Now, you are only required to prepare videos focusing specifically on that group of audience. Make sure that your videos are short and interactive, the frequent update of content is requested for improving engagements. So, If you are more serious about video marketing, you will definitely select some top YouTubers in Kerala, and further you can move to international YouTubers.

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Channel Creation


YouTube allows access for every individual to create a channel for publishing their content for free. Create your business channel here and provide a detailed description of the purpose of your channel. Publish your works here, you also have options for call to action by adding links for further references from the audiences. You also have options to create a welcome video that would invite a potential audience to your channel.

Video Types


Once you are ready with your channel the next step that comes is the process of producing quality content supporting your business development. Have a look at the top 7 video types that you could consider as a reference.


  • Behind the scenes
  • Best of videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Interviews
  • Listicles
  • Product demos 
  • Testimonials

You can try any of these for providing effective awareness about your services to your audience. 


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Video Creation


Your videos should necessarily contain the company logo, watermark, and an efficient call to action feature. You should request the viewers to subscribe to your channel to stay connected with the fresh content that you would offer. CTA options help users to stay actively connected with your brand and services. 

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YouTube SEO


SEO is also available and the best YouTube SEO Tips can be made the best use of promoting your video. There are certain SEO tools for marketing your video and making it achieve admirable reach. Before getting into the concept in detail have a look at the key aspects involved in a YouTube video. 


  • Tags
  • Keywords
  • Headlines
  • Thumbnails 
  • Video descriptions
  • Hashtags

YouTube Advertising


Studies reveal the fact that over 48% of marketers are investing in YouTube marketing making it the 3rd most popular platform for advertising after Facebook and Instagram. There are certain types of ad formats that you can make use of for effectively promoting your videos. 


  • Bumper ads: Six-second long unskippable ads that are played before, during, and after videos. 
  • In-stream ads: These 15-sec ads come in skippable and non-skippable forms and appear before, during, and after videos across YouTube and other Google-affiliated videos.
  • Masthead ads: These masthead ads appear muted at the top of the YouTube search page. These ads can be 30 seconds long.
  • Outstream ads: These ads appear on mobile websites associated with Google.
  • Video discovery ads: These types of ads appear on the YouTube homepage, search results pages, and alongside related videos.

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