As we are wrapping-up the last phase of yet another COVID-disrupted year, we all hope that a return to normal will happen soon. Though we expect that the full economic impacts of the pandemic are likely to play out over decades in varying ways, our reliance on social media marketing and influencer marketing is going and growing stronger. 

The implications of digital marketing, the pandemic-induced lockdowns and changing online behaviors, has seen new trends like audio social, the growth of eCommerce and the evolving metaverse for digital connection. 

Also the work from home shift, and the migration to hybrid work models, have resulted in broader digital connection. 

All of these elements will decide what’s coming next in the social media space. So what to expect from Facebook, Twitter and the rest in 2022? With the pandemic disruptions easing and stable pathways appearing there’s certainly a lot predicted to happen though even amid the chaos.


  • Facebook


Irrespective of the rising challenges, and a steady stream of controversies, Facebook remained atop the social media heap in 2021.  

The platform continues to expand into markets and also continues to add new ad tools and business options to build a more complete platform that facilitates the next stage of brand connection.

In Spite of its advancements to move into VR, and the evolving metaverse concept. It still faces challenges. But Facebook looks set for further growth and continues to develop in more, and different ways.

The key elements of development includes:

eCommerce focus

Facebook and Instagram shops have given a big push into eCommerce and a way for retailers to connect with audiences. In-stream shopping has become a key element of focus for the platform. The development of Facebook Pay and its own Diem digital currency helps streamlined payment processes and improved product discovery.

AR/VR development

The next stage of Facebook’s AR glasses are expected to be more specifically integrated with Instagram. If Facebook can own the trending Metaverse space, it will be a big win for its future ambitions.

Algorithmic shifts

Whistleblower Frances Haugen had recommended removing algorithmic amplification made by Facebook. Instead he suggested providing this as a simple, optional feed alternative.

Audio social

Facebook has taken a more measured and cautious approach, by restricting access to its audio rooms only to high-profile users and groups.

Building digital identity

Digital identity, and building a bridge between your Facebook profile and your VR/metaverse presence will be another key step.

Trust the system

With regards to Facebook ads, ‘trust the process’ will be a key refrain. With this, Facebook urges its ad partners to rely more on its machine learning processes for guidance to spend.


  • Twitter


Since Twitter’s adoption of a new, faster development timeline, it has added a lot more features over the past 18 months. Twitter improves, both in terms of engagement and revenue. Though there are key elements that require more focus, it is theoretically on track to meet the ambitious growth targets. Twitter needs improvements, or Jack Dorsey and Co. could soon be out of the job. 

Twitter’s plan for 2022 to build on its momentum:

Building payment frameworks

Twitter’s main push over the past year, in terms of its business efforts, has been building pathways for creators to make money from their tweets. It also established expanded revenue streams for the platform itself.

Options like Super Follows and Ticketed Spaces facilitate a direct monetization for users. Twitter is also developing its own Twitter Blue subscription option for access to new tweet features.

Shopping via tweet

Twitter is also developing its eCommerce options with the rise in mobile shopping shift. New shop elements are already being tested on its Professional Profiles.

Crypto and NFTs

Twitter is taking more practical steps into the next stage of tech development. These new options will enable people to make payments via cryptocurrency, and new display tools.

New video tools

Twitter to make video a bigger focus next year, as it is already set to integrate the full-screen presentation options and tools leftover from Fleets into new areas.

If it can lean into the broader interest in full-screen and short-form video, that could be an engagement winner. 


  • Instagram


This other social app of  Facebook has become a key player in many aspects.  The platform continues to chase trends, whether they be of Snapchat or TikTok-origination, and it remains popular with younger users.

What’s in store for IG in 2022?

Buy, Buy, Buy

eCommerce is the key focus on Instagram. More shopping options on Instagram favours habitual usage, and gets the users more accustomed to spending.

Instagram wants all posts to be shoppable. And is working on object identification tools, for still images and video, to facilitate that.

More shopping options are expected to be tested in IG through the year to include advanced product search by image, product discovery panels in the main feed and a big push on live shopping. 

A new usage focus for the app is developing.

AR linkage

Instagram will have direct connection into its AR glasses and tools. This will also extend to NFTs and digital avatars, which will be increasingly integrated into the IG experience.

Variable focus

Video engagement is already dominant on the platform and Reels being its fastest-growing element. It is predicted that Instagram will put more focus on these formats. Before eventually retiring the traditional feeds altogether, it will see an optional Stories/Reels home screen option.


  • Snapchat


Despite having a much smaller niche than its competitors, Snapchat has established a valuable place in the social media marketplace. Snapchat has become a key platform for more intimate connection and community. It also facilitated new trends in content consumption via shorter, snackable shows. 

Despite clear disadvantages, it also remains a leader in AR.

Here’s what’s on the horizon for Snap.

Keeping up with the big boys

Snapchat has long been the leader in AR tools and capacity and is better at understanding its audiences. It has consistently shown that it has far more creative and cultural nous.

Virtual fashion

The rise of NFTs aims at a new stage for digital representation. People can better showcase their personal fashion sense and interests through their online profiles.

Video in focus

Snap also sees potential in the spotlight. Snap is investing in top TikTok stars to create more dedicated Discover shows. This will help them take their content to the next level, and build Snap as the key platform for this new TV-like format.

Scanning the scene

With more snap options, Snapchat will look to lean into. This will help connect users to additional information and special offers .


  • Pinterest


To discover new products and trends, of all the major social platforms, Pinterest turns the biggest winner of the pandemic-led eCommerce shift. Many more users are turning to the app as a replacement for the shopping mall.

The challenge now for Pinterest is to ensure that the new users that it’s gained as a result of the pandemic don’t suddenly drift off as physical stores reopen.

So how will Pinterest do that?

Video content

Pinterest is working to align with consumption trends. New video display formats, including Stories, with a Pin-specific spin in each case are all part of the changing trend. 


Though live-streaming is not a part of Pinterest’s product suite at the moment, the expanded push on live-stream commerce, following the lead of Asian eCommerce trends, is expected to be added to Idea Pin options, likely late Q2 next year.

Simplified process

This is a key that focuses on making products more universally accessible.


  • TikTok


Tik Tok is a new big player with usage that now rivals Instagram. TikTok continues to grow, despite the lingering concerns about its connection to the Chinese Government.

What can you expect from TikTok over the next year?

Shopping spree

While TikTok continues to expand, and has now surpassed a billion active users, its key challenge still lies in effective monetization, both for the platform itself and for its top creators. 


TikTok, requires a dedicated, platform-specific, minimally disruptive approach.

Live-streaming for the win

TikTok too is looking to facilitate more live-stream commerce and more live-streaming in general to expand user behaviors.


  • LinkedIn


LinkedIn looks to have a bigger focus moving forward. The platform sits on valuable troves of career data that could help. The platform is already seeing steady increase in user engagement. And is looking to build its own creator tools and  also seek to boost its options to help facilitate more remote work arrangements. It aims to maximize the economic opportunities for the minority communities, which have been disproportionately hit by COVID-19.

Here’s what you can expect from LinkedIn in 2022.

Major Events

LinkedIn has  become a bigger facilitator of live-stream events, and expects this to become a larger element of the in-app experience in 2022.

Remote recruitment

The shift to remote work is expected to stay, and calls for consideration for many brands as they assess broader economic and lifestyle benefits over time.

Story time

As part of its announcement that it was shutting its Stories option, LinkedIn would be building some elements of stories into new tools. 


To Conclude

Mentioned in this article are some of the key trends that you can expect to see take shape in 2022 with regard to the various social media handles. Though it is still hard to predict, there are some clear indicators of key trends and shifts that point to the next stage.

With many people looking to evolve from the pre-COVID days and build new opportunities in the re-building market, social media marketing and influencer marketing will see a significant role to play. This could open up major new potential for those paying attention, and these new features will look to align with those trends, and facilitate growth.

LinkedIn marketing is indeed an integral part of social media marketing. But, one needs to understand and be informed about the changing trends and reforms that are brought about in the social media channels from time to time. This is considered and proved necessary for an effective social media management process. LinkedIn’s latest updates are that, starting from September 30th, LinkedIn stories would be removed, though the company is still committed to expanding its video capabilities.

The company announced that the feature would be removed and LinkedIn stories are going the way of Twitter’s Fleets. This change was planned based on the discovery that users love the idea of more video content on their profiles and stories weren’t seen as a right and winning approach to do it.

Here’s the exact and full-fledged details on why LinkedIn has resorted to this decision and what it means for the users and advertisers and what has LinkedIn planned for.


What Went Wrong?

LinkedIn admits that it made incorrect assumptions with regard to what users want out of an informal video product such as stories and it mentions it this way:

“In developing Stories, we assumed people wouldn’t want informal videos attached to their profile, and that ephemerality would reduce barriers that people feel about posting.

Turns out, you want to create lasting videos that tell your professional story in a more personal way and that showcase both your personality and expertise.”

In a nutshell, users liked stories but didn’t like the fact that they disappeared. Users felt that it was a waste of effort creating stories for LinkedIn as those were not permanent. Hence, instead of creating an option or feature that lets your stories last forever, LinkedIn is completely removing this feature and coming up with a new concept.


What’s Planned for September 30 by LinkedIn?

Starting on September 30, 2021, LinkedIn is removing the current stories experience. Users will no longer be able to create stories for pages from this date.

As far as advertisers are concerned , ads between stories won’t be possible and  instead will be shared to the main LinkedIn feed.

Stories that were promoted directly from a page in Campaign Manager till September 30th, 2021 will not appear in the LinkedIn feed after that date. But instead, they will need to be recreated as an image or video ad.


What’s Next For LinkedIn?

LinkedIn’s plan is to take what it learned from the launch of stories for the favourable evolution of  the product into a reimagined video experience.

Unlock (not provided) with Keyword Hero

The new experience from LinkedIn is expected to be richer and more conversational than stories:

“We want to embrace mixed media and creative tools of Stories in a consistent way across our platform, while working to integrate it more tightly with your professional identity.”

LinkedIn agrees that users enjoyed the creative tools integrated with the stories editor. Videos could be made more creative and engaging with its features like stickers and “Questions of the Day.” The ability to enhance the videos in a more professional context is preferred by the users.



Though LinkedIn hasn’t yet  revealed any further details about the video experience it’s working on, or when it will launch, as a user and from the insights from this article, you should by now have a general idea of where the feature is headed. Social Media Marketing turns cent percent beneficial only when the relevant changes brought about are absorbed and worked upon for the betterment of the brand or business.

The use of Facebook for business has been in practice since long and facebook marketing is indeed an exclusive means of promoting your business and brand for increased reach and improved user interactions. Though, initially Facebook was just a site that allowed people to stay in touch and interact, it has evolved much beyond that and brands are relying on this Social Media Marketing platform for some serious business.

Many who have a Facebook account are keen on searching about companies and its pages on Facebook, before they come to a conclusion or make a purchase. Hence, the need to promote your Facebook page or account is considered necessary.


Why To Use Facebook for Your Business


The business world is constantly evolving, so are the changing trends in social media marketing. Any company aiming at audience engagement needs to meet their needs. It’s not about you but the consumer.

Your consumer or end-user, they are right there on Facebook. Data from 2020 shows that internet users spent an average of 2 hours and 25 minutes a day on social media apps.Don’t you wish you should get noticed somewhere during this screen time?


Here are the top ways by which you can use Facebook to promote your business


1. Give a personal touch to your page

Increase your Facebook presence by starting a fan page, which gives more personal feel without you having to use your own account. As people like to interact with friends and family and can still add you to follow on your posts and engage with them. A fan page lets your company have a face beyond a name and the audience tends to interact with an entity that has a face. A lot of companies have been successful because they have resorted to having fan pages.


2. Include High-Quality Photos and Videos

Visuals are very effective means of creating interactions. Having high-quality images and videos are an added advantage. There are 2 main types of photos; one being your profile picture plus your cover photo and the other ones are your posts. Use of exciting and eye-catching photos and video clips are much likely to increase your followers. In addition, include helpful contents that are interesting as well.


3. Don’t forget the “Call to Action” Button

The ultimate goal of your Facebook page promotion is to increase your business and convert your followers to active consumers. By adding a CTA button, you are guiding your followers to the next steps.

It could be a link back, an appointment or to contact your company. Facebook allows up to seven CTA buttons.


4. Join or Create a Facebook Group

A phenomenal way to interact with others is by creating a Facebook group.Join groups of your target interests and start engaging through comments and reactions on posts in your group. Eventually, you’ll become a recognized name in the group and this will also bring your page recognition alongside. Or alternatively you can create your own Facebook group related to audience interests. This not only provides valuable free materials, but also helps promote your products and services.


5. Promote Your Facebook Page

Make use of your connections to directly and indirectly promote your Facebook page. Make use of your Instagram and wherever possible to promote your Facebook and believe it brings leads back to you.


6. Make Use of Facebook Stories and Facebook Live

These can give you more sincere and genuine connections and are means of quick promotions for your business. Apart from providing a personal touch, live streaming gives a real-time feeling and experience for your audience. Many businesses have gained much from such interactions.


7. Always Maintain a Regular and Consistent Schedule

To gain, maintain and retain an audience, it is essential to keep giving a regular dose of good posts, live interaction and stories. This, not just keeps you in their minds, but you’ll also have a pretty front page.Try to post around 1-2 times a day and several times a week as users like to see as many new posts as it interests them.

Stick to a posting schedule with automated posts using plugins on WordPress as well as using softwares made exclusively for this task.

8.  Keep Engaging Your Audience and Peers

Aim for continuous reactions and comments on your posts each time and this increases your followers. Also, by using your page and profile on Facebook, try and  follow people who have interests that overlap with your business audience.

Post real thoughtful comments as people appreciate such reactions and tend to follow you back. Don’t hesitate to message your peers, either. Especially the ones who are sure to help you out. Try finding a successful account you admire and send them a quick message.



Just stop worrying about Facebook marketing and follow these tips in promoting your page on Facebook. Social Media Marketing is definitely about doing your Facebook page promotion right. Keep posting and engaging and see yourself going better.

Social media platforms are evolving over time and there are new ones that emerge every one and then. Some of which are here to stay, while others lose market at a very early stage. Social media platforms are one amongst the kind of digital media platforms that have a key role in boosting your digital marketing scenarios. Similar was the inception of Clubhouse, a social media network, that gained popularity in the late 2020s and early 2021. Clubhouse being the first audio-only social media app has gained popularity in a shorter span of time. Social Media Marketing has gained momentum with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn and now will clubhouse also join the lead is a thought that many have.



Clubhouse was launched less than a year ago by two Stanford University alumni, Rohan Seth and Paul Davison and has turned out to be the most talked about social media platform of 2021. This app has seen a massive growth rate within a very short time and that is mainly because of its unique app features that it provides the user with. Clubhouse features are now being targeted and the giant tech companies are beginning to build potential rivals for this audio-only social media platform.


How does Clubhouse work?

Clubhouse being an audio-only social media platform, only enables you to create or participate in audio chat rooms. As you log-in successfully by creating your account in Clubhouse, you will see a host of chat rooms where discussions on varied topics and subjects will be displayed. The chat rooms that are visible to you will be based on the preferences and topic interests that you were asked to set during the time of creating a new account.

These active chat rooms will have a list of speakers talking on subjects and the listeners can occasionally chime in like in a live podcast. You also have the option to create a chatroom of your interest and start conversing with people of similar interests. Only live conversation can be heard in Clubhouse and there is no playback option available.


Is Clubhouse the next-in-line social media platform?

This hot-new app has undoubtedly created enthusiasm amongst entrepreneurs, start-ups, venture capitalists and even celebrities. The app’s feature of being a voice-only social media platform has itself drawn in huge users. There are no visual cues such as text, videos or images in it.

The attraction is very evident already. To mention, Cred founder Kunal Shah and Razorpay’s Harshil Mathur are amongst those Indian industrialists who have inclined a special interest in this trending app. And, according to a report by The Economic Times, with a participation of almost 4,000 members, Indian Startup Club emerged to be one of the biggest groups on the app within the country.

It is not mere casual conversation that happens here. There are serious and interesting discussions along the lines of product marketing, entrepreneurial insights, how to grow your start-up and hacks and tips to mention a few major topics.

It is not surprising that the app’s algorithm also cultivates an individualised experience for the user. User engagements are happening a higher level and these quality engagements are a very promising sign for any industrialist or businessman. The social network feeds on Clubhouse’s chat rooms revolving around real-life elements: spontaneity, interaction, and encounters with friends and strangers.

Clubhouses’s attribute at being able to focus on individual interest rather than intending on social circle preference has gained popularity for the app.


To Conclude

Clubhouse has been able to create user interest. But one will have to wait and see how well the app is able to maintain the momentum and be a trending attribute in the social media marketing scenario.

Having a total user base of over 1 billion, Instagram has turned out to be an adequate platform for business development. Although, there are a lot of practices that can be carried out to invite results, without the use of the right tools the process is not complete. Here we introduce some of the apps for Instagram which possess a set of tools that can be efficiently used for better results. 

Best Instagram marketing apps

Repost for Instagram

You need not be the producer of an impressive post in your feed, you can take products from other pages and market it in your feed. To share an image from any other Instagram account on your own, just copy the share URL on the post you want to share and open Repost on your phone. It’ll include a credit icon to the image, copy the description, and have you ready to post to your account in seconds. The app is absolutely free and you can download it from play store.



This particular app presents you with the best hashtags relating to your image. The app possesses an AI facility that identifies the object in your post and delivers effective hashtags for you. You can save your favourite hashtag in the app as well, it will also count the word limit so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Once you’re ready to post, AutoHash will save your selected hashtags to your clipboard, the only thing you have to do next is just simply paste it in the description. The app comes completely free of cost.


Display Purposes

This web-based tool enables you to have good control over your hashtag, if you suggest a keyword it will recommend related hashtags for your requirement. It’s a nice ally to help get more Instagram followers in your niche. There are also options for you to add the hashtag on your own. This particular application is completely free and you can download and use it anytime based on your requirement.


Best Instagram eCommerce apps

Instagram Shoppable Feed

Your Instagram photos play a crucial role in developing your business. They give a brief idea about how your product looks in context or how they can work together. With Instagram Shoppable Feed, you can easily add your Instagram photos to your store and tag the products featured in each image. This way you can promote your products and increase your followers easily.

This particular app helps you to develop galleries on your websites from your Instagram photos. The app also allows customers to post their own images of your products to your gallery. You can tag products in your gallery photos, show pricing, and include a direct Buy button on your popup. In addition, they also provide analytic reports regarding the performance of your gallery.


We have had a brief yet effective view of all the apps available for Instagram that will enable business growth. Anybody can make productive use of these services to invite massive reach and results for your Instagram account.

You might be wondering how certain videos are becoming trending on YouTube within a very short period while certain other videos are struggling to even achieve a simple milestone. The answer is quite simple, YouTube SEO. Many of you might not be much aware of the term, but this is a known practice that has been in effect ever since YouTube has changed into a huge public platform for promoting business and skill marketing. 

SocialPulsar introduces before you the top and efficient YouTube SEO tips that one should follow to achieve mind-blowing results for their videos.


Have a focus keyword: Before preparing to upload a video, you should invest a good time searching for the appropriate keyword that you could use for your video. Every search engine work with the same mechanism, they will compare the user’s search term with relevant keywords and display the user what they have asked for. If you want your video to be listed top in that search list, you should require to have a relevant and interactive keyword.


Optimize the title: Once you have received your keyword you can use it to optimize your video in diverse ways. One of the best ways is to include the keyword in your title. Your title needed to be attractive and appealing, it should urge the potential audience to click on the video link. You can assure something in your title and your video should fulfill that assurance. 


Optimize the description: Besides title optimization, you should also optimize your description. The title is the first impression of your video while descriptions deliver in-depth information related to it. YouTube only displays the first 125 characters of your description, but it is a good idea to write around double if possible. It is also recommended to put the most important keywords toward the beginning of your description.

Three major tips every YouTube video creator should keep in mind while writing description include


  • Don’t forget to include your keyword(s)!
  • Make sure that what you’re writing is unique. Don’t just copy and paste some text from your website or elsewhere
  • Include your website URL to direct viewers to your site


Hashtags: If you are done with both title and description, the next important thing is the addition of proper hashtags. You can add as many tags relating to your keywords, title, and search terms. There is a Chrome Extension for YouTube called Tube Buddy. Among many other features is keyword rank tracking, and this allows you to find out the search ranking for different tags so you can use the best ones for SEO.


Engaging Script: Your video required to have a clear and interactive script. Studies reveal that developers have got only 10 seconds to grab the attention of the user. Studies also show that if your audience isn’t engaged within the first 30 seconds then you have lost 35% of them. Make your audience engaged by delivering a short and entertaining video for their requirement.


Keep people Watching: No matter what all techniques you have practiced, if you can’t get people to stick around and watch your videos then you are not an utter failure. The only thing that matters is to hold user with your interactive approach and expand the audience base as large as possible. Work out techniques to make it possible. 


Encourage engagement: Any action from the user to your video has to be highly entertained, as it sends a strong signal to the YouTube that this particular content is found engaging, as a result, it will recommend some of your videos as a suggestion. Have a look at those top trending videos on YouTube and you will get an idea.


The content and the method of presentation are the two major factor the defines your video. No matter how much you have optimized your video if these two aspects are disappointing then your video is likely to invite disastrous effects on the platform. SocialPulsar provides a comprehensive solution for all your YouTube marketing related queries and concerns. Partner with us to experience exceptional growth for your channel.

YouTube is one of the best entertaining and popular social media platform in the current scenario. Every passing hour, a large number of videos are uploaded to YouTube and there are thousands of people who are online and watching these videos. By recognizing the craze and nature of the viewers, there are many YouTubers who create relevant videos that get engagements frequently in a large count. In this blog, we will discuss the Top  5 YouTubers in Kerala publishing attractive and diversified videos in their channels.

  • Karikku
  • M4 Tech
  • Village Food Channel
  • Arjyou
  • Tech Travel Eat by Sujith Bhakthan

Karikku(Nikhil Prasad)

Karikku with 4.39 million subscribers leads as the top YouTuber in Kerala. Nikhil Prasad is the founder of this YouTube channel. It was launched in 2017.

Karikku started their channel by uploading funny and entertaining videos regarding the life of the football fans during the world cup that occurred at that period. Later they came back with a web series, namely “thera para”  which showed the life of BTech graduates including humor and fun in it. It gained a large crowd including school and college students. Now they are publishing web series named “plus two-class”. 

Apart from other channels, their concepts, performance of the actors and its making makes it more popular than other YouTubers. The main actors in this channel are Anu K Aniyan (George), Sabareesh Sajjin (Lolan and his father), Anand Mathews (Shambhu) and Binoy John (Shibu).

M4 Tech(Geo Joseph)

M4 Tech is a popular youtube channel of Geo Joseph with 3.48 million followers. It is a famous channel that publishes tech videos and gadget reviews.

They publish relevant videos regarding technology and daily life. Praveen Joseph is his companion in the video creation for his Youtube channel. His videos are top ranking in the Youtube trending list when it is uploaded. His way of presentation and interesting topics are his specialties in video creation. Some of his videos are translated into tech videos from other languages in a simple and effective way.

Village Food Channel(Firoz Chuttipara)

Village Food Channel is a popular Youtube channel of Firoz Chuttipura, a normal human from Palakkad. It has 2.47 million subscribers. 

Videos of cooking a higher quantity of food items are the main content of his channel. He worked as a welder in Saudi Arabia during the years of 2012-2017 and during that period he experimented on foods and learned the recipes of his mother. After that, without having an early connection with cooking, he started this channel and reached out to thousands of people. A large quantity of food is made and it is also donated for charity purposes. He is also a simple human being who is active in many social works also. With the support of his friends and acquaintances, he is now growing as a successful Youtuber in Kerala.

Arjyou (Arjun Sundaresan)

Arjyou is the viral and trending Youtuber in Kerala. His Original name is Arjun Sundaresan and he is from Alappuzha. He started his youtube channel two years ago with a few no. of videos and recently on these lockdown days, he started posting funny reaction videos on tik tok videos which became a crowd puller among all media.

From his few numbers of subscribers, now he reached 1 million within a few days and his trending videos are getting an average of 2.5 million views. Now he is the main meme reference among trolls and stickers in all social media.

In his trending videos, he never requested subscriptions and in a recent live video, he explained that “We don’t need to ask for subscribers in our videos if we are making good content and content is all that matters. Make videos that people like and you will go viral”. He said that his passion is in Cinema and he is a talented photographer also.

Personally, he is a third BA Multimedia student at St. Joseph College of Communication, Changanassery. His father is a police officer and his mother is a Panchayath secretary and he also has a brother. He told that his family and friends are supportive for him and now he is an inspiration for all YouTubers.

Tech Travel Eat by Sujith Bhakthan

Tech Travel Eat by Sujith Bhakthan is a popular Youtube channel in Kerala. It has 1 million subscribers which include people who love travel vlogs, technology and food. Sujith Bhakthan is the founder of this channel.

He is a KSRTC bus lover and was the admin of the website, Aanavandi which contained bus trip details. Then he began this channel and uploaded videos of his travel and it got higher attention from the young people. His recent video of the experience in the luxury ship is trending among the trip lovers. He is a good social being because he also posts videos on social media regarding some of the social issues that he felt during his travel diaries. He is a professional blogger who has an experience of 10 years in digital marketing.


Beno Benny

His passion is to leverage his skills and knowledge in different fields of digital marketing. He also writes blogs about the recent and trending articles in social media. By researching on the new marketing trends and updates, he is likely to get updated with it. Besides his profession, he is interested in spending time on different social media platforms.

In this current time period of the corona outbreak and it’s after effect situation, all the regular routines in the business world have changed. Many of the Digital Marketing Jobs and other related jobs are being interviewed virtually.  In order to overcome the current crisis and to implement a better experience for the future, Different Social media are implementing new features. In this blog, we will discuss the upcoming Virtual interview support introduced by LinkedIn.  They are planning to implement tools that can help us to groom ourselves for an interview and to implement a virtual interviewing platform.

Senior director of product management  Blake Barnes wrote on his blog about the current scenario and he quoted about the tools that they are planning to introduce.

Two new tools introduced by Linked in are

  • Video Introductions
  • AI-Powered feedback

Video Introductions

The best way for a recruiter to get an overview of a candidate and for a candidate to convey his confidence and to get a good impression is the introduction part of the interview. It is an inevitable one. So this new upcoming feature of LinkedIn is a helpful one. By this feature being implemented, the recruiter can ask for an introduction to the candidate, and the candidate can reply to that using recorded video or in written formats. They said that a carefully made response can help you in the interview to stand out before the officials.

Many of the companies demand the soft skill of an employee which is a harder one to assess. So by this feature, the recruiter can analyze the communication style, soft skill, and also his motivation within a small period of time and it will help to shortlist the efficient ones from a larger number.

For a candidate, it will help him to prepare a self-satisfying introduction that may help him to boost his confidence level. The candidate can re-record the video before submitting. So analyzing his positives and negatives and preparing himself to be an efficient one without being under pressure is possible.

AI-Powered Feedback

This feature is to help the candidate to prepare for an interview. It comes under the preparation tools offered by LinkedIn. An important problem faced by the candidates during the interview is the lack of self-confidence during the question-answer section of the interview. To help the candidates to analyze himself on the frequently asked questions of an interview, LinkedIn introduced this feature. We can answer those questions with a recorded video clip and it will be analyzed with the AI-Powered feedback section and feedback will be given to us based on the phrase usages and word fillings that we used during the answering. By this feature, we can improve ourselves to answer perfectly to the frequently asked questions during the interview.

 In this section, we can also refer to the helpful videos of experts that may help us to be a better candidate during the job interview. It is sure that this will be a life-giving feature by LinkedIn for many of the low confident job seekers.

In his blog, Blake Barnes also quoted some important tips for an interview including the importance of building a personal relationship during the interview, making a quiet atmosphere by avoiding distractions and being prepared with the essentials for an interview.

Humans are social beings. This phrase is suitable to be used in this modern period of living. Ultimately we all are connected either directly or indirectly to one or other forms of social media platforms. The global market is greatly influenced and associated with social media. Companies leverage social media services to understand the needs and deeds of their targeted customers.

Keyword research is a basic SEO task that helps to identify what popular words or phrases people enter into search engines. This process enables us to understand the demands of each keyword.  Keyword research helps to acquire information related to. What are peoples searching, how many are searching and in what form do they request information? Social media offers services to perform keyword research some of them include:

Facebook Ad Targeting option

Facebook advertising presents methods to understand audiences: Geography, Age, Gender, Interests, Connections, Marital status, language education workplaces. 

These details will help you to get a clear cut idea about your audience what is their behavior, what they are looking forward to, such information.

Analyzing Twitter Trending Topics

Mostly, trending contents in Twitter are newsworthy and people’s engagement in such matters is closely analyzed to decide what are the aspects that keep people engaging. What they are searching for and how they would like to receive their requirements.

Social media monitoring tools are available, that can be used to derive a deeper understanding of your targeted audience by closely having a watch into the conversation they are undergoing with a like-minded group of audiences. 

Hashtag Search

In Instagram, you get to see millions of hashtags that have been used by diverse audiences. For each purpose, people tend to generate their custom made hashtags which will later be taken by some others. Hashtags help to investigate our targeted audience. it also enables us to promote our product or services by generating appropriate hashtags for the same while we reveal it.

Content Analysis on Pinterest

Pinterest is a reservoir of quality content. There are loads of useful business contents on Pinterest. Searching specific key phrases in Pinterest directs you to tons of relating contents. They also provide suggested key additions that support customized keyword research. And just like Google has auto fill options in search, Pinterest offers the same, giving you even more potential keyword target ideas. 

LinkedIn Support

Being known as a professional social media platform that hosts communication between business giants and customers, LinkedIn offers greater opportunities for customer analysis. People join into a conversation that is 90% service-oriented. As most of the audiences are professionals, the leads generated through the platform will be 90% genuine and can be included in our list of the targeted audience.  

SocialPulsar, being recognized as one of the best social media marketing companies in India offers complete solutions taking into consideration every possible aspect of business communication for your company. As a pioneer digital marketing company in Kochi, we have managed to develop an impressive clientele and it’s those names in the list that define our status in the industry. 

5G is already the next big thing. The 5th Generation Mobile Network will for sure play a much larger role in the lives of people than the previous generations. The 5G mobile network is expected to interconnect people, machines, objects and devices to give life to a whole new level of opportunities. It will assure augmented levels of efficiency that will further improve user experiences and bring more industries connected. Multi-Gbps peak rates, ultra-low latency, extra-large capacity – there’s no doubt that something really very big is in store soon. 


1G came with an analog voice. 2G delivered a digital voice. 3G introduced mobile data. Then came 4G LTE that kick-started the revolution of mobile Internet. Now, with 5G in the line, where are we headed to? What significant changes will the world see with the ushering in of 5G? Let’s take a look. 

Innovative to the core

Needless to say, we haven’t experienced anything like 5G before. It will be a new kind of network experience. 5G will introduce a lot of innovations that will result in a big betterment of mobile broadband services. Mobile networks will be broadened to a great extent, so as to being able to support a variety of devices and services. The 5G network will go on to connect a lot of new industries and lead to significant improvements in performance, efficiency, and cost. Retail, transportation, education, entertainment – no matter what the industry is, 5G will for sure act as a technology of transformation. 

Some of the highlights can be summarised as: 

  • Mobile broadband will improve in a never-before manner. Apart from making Smartphones better, 5G will also result in experiences such as AR and VR with higher Uniform Data Rates, lower latency, and cost-per-bit. 
  • 5G will lead to the emergence of innovative services that would revolutionize industries ultra-reliable, low latency links. 
  • 5G will connect embedded sensors powered by the ability to scale down when it comes to data rates, power, and mobility.
  • 5G will also be equipped with the flexibility to support the services of the future.

The speed 

When it comes to speed, there’s no problem in determining that it will be faster than everything before. Peak data rates of up to 20 Gbps is what is expected. 5G will also assure more network capacity with its expansion into a new spectrum. It will enable more immediate responses and a better uniform user experience. 

Important 5G technologies 

There are some key technologies that make 5G different. They are: 

  • Scalable OFDM numerology along with 2n scaling of subcarrier spacing
  • TDD Sub-frame design that is dynamic, flexible and self-contained
  • LPDC channel coding that is highly advanced
  • State-of-the-art MIMO Antenna Technologies 
  • High-end spectrum sharing techniques

How it works

5G, just like its predecessor, will be OFDM-based and will follow more or less the same mobile networking principles. The new 5G NR interface will go on to improve OFDM in order to achieve a higher degree of flexibility. 

5G wi-fi 

5G is defined by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) and wi-fi, by IEEE. 

A 5G user will have the advantage of being able to easily use 5G, 4G and Wi-Fi. This is because 5G will interwork with 4G and Wi-Fi, enabling the user to be able to simultaneously be connected to 5G New Radio (NR), LTE or Wi-Fi. Just like Wi-Fi, 5G NR will also be designed for an unlicensed spectrum. This would allow more groups to get hold of 5G and get the best out of this brand-new technology that will soon go on to change the world in ways never imagined before. 

Get the best of 5G with SocialPulsar 

SocialPulsar is one of the best digital marketing company in Kerala, all set to offer you the very best of 5G experiences. Being one of the top social media marketing companies in India, we are all-equipped to embrace 5G and use the very best of it for the benefit of our clients. Faster load speeds, improved ad experiences, precise locations, AR & AI, B2B targeting capability – the perks offered by 5G is already inspiring the future innovations that SocialPulsar would bring its clients, efficiently. Moreover, 5G will enable SocialPulsar to: 


  • Create advertising that is complete and assures immediate impact 
  • Optimize ads to foster voice searches
  • Bring in newer opportunities for video ads
  • Create more interactive ads
  • Analyze the consumer consumption habits data to initiate direct engagement
  • Plan innovative business models to help gain more revenue
  • Embrace new ad formats and give the best pricing options

So to know more about SocialPulsar and our services, contact us soon. We will be more than happy to assist you.