You just did automatic SEO site audits. You see that many of your pages have low word counts. There is ample text in the pages, but not just enough to satisfy the analyses. Google says that it wants to see at least 1000 words each on pages. It is marked as having a high negative impact which might prevent more visitors from your site. Are these indicators important from an SEO standpoint? In this write-up, we analyze the same. 


SocialPulsar is one of the best SEO companies in India offering a range of search engine optimization services. As one of the top digital marketing companies in India, we keep a close watch on every new digital innovation that is happening across the world. In order to provide our clients with the best digital solutions, we work day and night in ensuring that all activities are done at par with the highest standards in trend. With this experience, we are attempting to give an answer for the low word count problem and check whether it is really crucial from an SEO point of view. 

Automatic Site Audits 

Let’s start by addressing automatic site audits. There are no tools available at this point to do this efficiently. Site audits require a couple of weeks to complete and need manual auditing of code, content, rendering, structure, page speed and so on. These are not possible merely by tools and machines. Tools make use of generic concepts to check for specific things, but these are not applicable across every website. This is the primary reason why you are getting these failures. The tools aren’t designed for auditing such specific situations. 


As a remedy, you might add scores of content and you could get negative results. You will most likely end up creating a bad user experience for your website. You may get away with the automatic audit, but it would affect the reputation of your Site. There are spiders such as DeeCrawl, ScreamingFrog and so on that can find possible issues with your website. You can determine what you are looking for and carve boundaries. This makes the spider be in line with your specific goals. 


However, just as in the case of an automatic site audit, these will have no clue why things are wrong in your Site. So, don’t mess things up in a jiffy. Try and evaluate if the tool is right. Many aspects of SEO are situational. It might not apply to your specific situation. If your page doesn’t require 1000 words, then don’t bother to write it. Write only what you need to give a good experience and add any extra resources such as Word Counts, Images, Examples, FAQs, etc. that you deem fit. 


You can also check to make sure if your site has title tags, H1 tags, Alt tags & descriptions, Internal links and Breadcrumbs. Check your page speed and if you can get gains with it, it should probably work in your favor. 


So what you need to understand is that low word counts aren’t necessarily a bad thing. The very best of results could sometimes be if there are just one to three sentences. Remember that a tool will have no idea what your website is all about. They show warnings as a part of the general practice. Just take some time and evaluate each of these warnings by yourself. It would indeed help. 


To know more about the topic or for any help regarding your SEO campaigns, get in touch with SocialPulsar. Our team is all geared up to meet your requirements. 

Every Google update is a time for digital marketing companies to revisit their plans and draft new ideas in accordance with the changes. While some of these updates ask for serious contemplation and brainstorming, many of these also pass by without being much of a concern. Towards the end of 209, Google had introduced a two-part update on how it deals with No-follows. The first update that influences rankings has already happened. The second one has unfolded on March 1, 2020and will affect crawling and indexing. So, what are the things to watch out for with these updates? 


SocialPulsar is one of the top digital marketing companies in India that offer cutting-edge web marketing services to an exclusive clientele. Ranked top among the best SEO companies in Kerala, SocialPulsar keeps a close track of updates happening in the world of web so that our clients could stand to benefit the best. Let’s have a closer look at the Crawling and Indexing Google update of March 2020. 

What the update is all about

The update is designed to influence the crawling and indexing of nofollow links. Until recently, these links were treated as a directive and Google did not crawl or index them. With the new update, this is changing. Google will from now on treat these links as a hint for the purpose of crawling and indexing. 


The nofollow has been traditionally used by many as for the purpose of keeping pages from being crawled. Pages linked with a nofollow would most probably be links to login pages, sections of a website that could be interpreted as thin pages and User profiles. These practices should now change, even though making use of nofollow to prevent Google from crawling and indexing pages wasn’t a good idea anyway. 

Will it impact rankings?

As of now, it is difficult to tell whether or not the new update will influence the rankings of websites. A lot of it depends on what pages Google will prefer to crawl and index. Google might arrive at certain rules regarding which pages should be selected and indexed. It’s up to the tech world to wait and see what is in line. 

Things to keep in mind 

  • Know the update well – Just as in the case of any update, it is important for digital marketers to be aware of this update. It is up to the businesses to find out how rankings and traffic would change in the context of this update.
  • Review its use – Using the nofollow in a poor manner may lead to undesired consequences. So it is important to review the usage of nofollow and decide whether it is time to get rid of them.

Being a team fully committed to client success, SocialPulsar always keeps a close watch on all new Google updates with diligence. For more information on the crawling and indexing update, or anything digital, please do feel free to contact SocialPulsar.

We’ve all heard of chatbots. Today, a good number of business websites make use of chatbots to give the visitor a personalized touch. It’s a good feeling when you are visiting a website and you actually have something or someone to talk with you. It helps improve the brand image of a company and lends a human touch to the user experience. However, it is uncommon to find live, intelligent chatbots. Known as AI chatbots, these chatbots should be able to use more of their intelligence in conversing with humans. Improving the intelligence quotient of a chatbot is a rather challenging task, considering the complex territories these chatbots have moved in to now. 

SocialPulsar is one of the top AI companies in India that also offers a wide array of digital marketing services to an exclusive clientele. As one of the leading chatbot agencies in Kerala, SocialPulsar has built intelligent, AI chatbots that have served various purposes for our clients. We make use of our expertise in advising our clients regarding the kind of chatbots they would require for their particular businesses. Let’s know more about chatbots and their uses. 

Do chatbots understand human requirements?

You can consider a chatbot as smart when it becomes aware of user needs. He AI chatbot must understand a specific user requirement in order to give a relevant answer. An intelligent chatbot will understand and learn the language nuances to deliver a convincing answer for a query. Future chatbots will be designed in a way that they will understand what the requirements are even before a user asks it. 

Will chatbots learn quickly?

A smart chatbot is an avid learner too. It keeps learning conversations to help itself improve its performance all the time. The modules in a chatbot are designed to let it perform well through continuous learning. Human supervisors, along with machine learning algorithms help chatbots to keep learning. This learning is important in ensuring that chatbots recognizes certain patterns of data and responds to user requests in the best possible way. 

Do chatbots know how to meet user requests?

Chatbots respond to user requests by learning from conversations regarding what the request actually is. Moving from one request to the other also involves planning until task accomplishment. In order to cater to more complex tasks, they are required to identify the sequence of the action to achieve the primary user goal. As the chatbot continues to learn from conversations, it will get smarter by day.

How to know whether a chatbot is intelligent or not?

The AI chatbot is equipped with the ability to achieve goals and work independently. Identifying goals for specific situations is not easy. The chatbot goes through a three-step process to achieve this goal:  

Sensing ability 

An AI chatbot is required to sense its environment to gather the information needed to execute a particular task. 

Sharp thinking 

The chatbot must be able to think what the user needs when a request is placed. It is required to convert that information into a comprehensible form and store it in its knowledge base. 

Quick action

The chatbot is expected to type down a reply to a user query. The time it takes is crucial in giving the user the answer he/she is seeking. It is easier with text chats, but more difficult with audio/video chats, where responding to the user through a befitting action gets difficult. 

For more information regarding chatbots or if you wish to have one for your site, contact SocialPulsar now. Let’s chat. 

SocialPulsar, a fully dedicated digital marketing and, automation company is proud to announce that we have been presented with the ‘25 Most Influential Mobile Marketing Leaders’ award at the World Marketing Congress (WMC) held on the 21st of November 2019 in Mumbai, India. One of the best mobile marketing companies in Kerala, SocialPulsar specializes in a range of services including AI-based digital marketing, SEO, social media, paid marketing and content marketing. 


The World Marketing Congress is an avenue where many of the world’s best marketers representing some of the most successful brands come together. A rendezvous of the finest marketing minds in the world, the WMC gives away awards to organizations that have come up with innovative and path-breaking solutions to various challenging market problems that the world faces. The WIMC hosts an exclusive line up of various professionals including marketing experts, strategists, business leaders and, media people. All these professionals come together at this august gathering to celebrate, recognize and reward innovative digital solutions and futuristic marketing strategies that make these marketing agencies truly world-class. 


The panel at WMC praised SocialPulsar’s marketing tactics, consumer reach and overall growth as an agency that provides cutting-edge solutions to our clients. The market-leading creative capabilities, integrity and, quality of services that keep the agency moving forward were well appreciated by the panel. The works of all the nominated companies were thoroughly evaluated and judged by the panel. Segments like social media marketing campaigns, search engine optimization, mobile app marketing etc. were taken into consideration. Based on these, the panel arrived at the conclusion that SocialPulsar needs to be applauded for the team’s outstanding services, competency in the market place and achievements in the area of mobile app marketing. 


Ajish Nair, CEO and, Founder of SocialPulsar said that it was a proud moment for the entire team to be able to bag such a coveted distinction. “It truly is an achievement; a recognition of our hard work. It adds matchless credibility to our continuous efforts to consistently deliver world-class innovative marketing solutions with utmost dedication to all our clients”. 


“This award is a testament to the skills, expertise, creativity and, vision of our digital marketers, social media managers and, content creators. We wouldn’t be where we are today without their relentless efforts and hard work. We will keep doing all that is right to continue our journey to bigger prospects. We will ensure that we would systematically progress and innovate, offering customized digital marketing solutions that deliver best-in-class results for our clients,” Ajish adds


SocialPulsar is all set to scale new heights by redefining digital marketing practices and setting new trends in the sector. 

5G is already the next big thing. The 5th Generation Mobile Network will for sure play a much larger role in the lives of people than the previous generations. The 5G mobile network is expected to interconnect people, machines, objects and devices to give life to a whole new level of opportunities. It will assure augmented levels of efficiency that will further improve user experiences and bring more industries connected. Multi-Gbps peak rates, ultra-low latency, extra-large capacity – there’s no doubt that something really very big is in store soon. 


1G came with an analog voice. 2G delivered a digital voice. 3G introduced mobile data. Then came 4G LTE that kick-started the revolution of mobile Internet. Now, with 5G in the line, where are we headed to? What significant changes will the world see with the ushering in of 5G? Let’s take a look. 

Innovative to the core

Needless to say, we haven’t experienced anything like 5G before. It will be a new kind of network experience. 5G will introduce a lot of innovations that will result in a big betterment of mobile broadband services. Mobile networks will be broadened to a great extent, so as to being able to support a variety of devices and services. The 5G network will go on to connect a lot of new industries and lead to significant improvements in performance, efficiency, and cost. Retail, transportation, education, entertainment – no matter what the industry is, 5G will for sure act as a technology of transformation. 

Some of the highlights can be summarised as: 

  • Mobile broadband will improve in a never-before manner. Apart from making Smartphones better, 5G will also result in experiences such as AR and VR with higher Uniform Data Rates, lower latency, and cost-per-bit. 
  • 5G will lead to the emergence of innovative services that would revolutionize industries ultra-reliable, low latency links. 
  • 5G will connect embedded sensors powered by the ability to scale down when it comes to data rates, power, and mobility.
  • 5G will also be equipped with the flexibility to support the services of the future.

The speed 

When it comes to speed, there’s no problem in determining that it will be faster than everything before. Peak data rates of up to 20 Gbps is what is expected. 5G will also assure more network capacity with its expansion into a new spectrum. It will enable more immediate responses and a better uniform user experience. 

Important 5G technologies 

There are some key technologies that make 5G different. They are: 

  • Scalable OFDM numerology along with 2n scaling of subcarrier spacing
  • TDD Sub-frame design that is dynamic, flexible and self-contained
  • LPDC channel coding that is highly advanced
  • State-of-the-art MIMO Antenna Technologies 
  • High-end spectrum sharing techniques

How it works

5G, just like its predecessor, will be OFDM-based and will follow more or less the same mobile networking principles. The new 5G NR interface will go on to improve OFDM in order to achieve a higher degree of flexibility. 

5G wi-fi 

5G is defined by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) and wi-fi, by IEEE. 

A 5G user will have the advantage of being able to easily use 5G, 4G and Wi-Fi. This is because 5G will interwork with 4G and Wi-Fi, enabling the user to be able to simultaneously be connected to 5G New Radio (NR), LTE or Wi-Fi. Just like Wi-Fi, 5G NR will also be designed for an unlicensed spectrum. This would allow more groups to get hold of 5G and get the best out of this brand-new technology that will soon go on to change the world in ways never imagined before. 

Get the best of 5G with SocialPulsar 

SocialPulsar is one of the best digital marketing company in Kerala, all set to offer you the very best of 5G experiences. Being one of the top social media marketing companies in India, we are all-equipped to embrace 5G and use the very best of it for the benefit of our clients. Faster load speeds, improved ad experiences, precise locations, AR & AI, B2B targeting capability – the perks offered by 5G is already inspiring the future innovations that SocialPulsar would bring its clients, efficiently. Moreover, 5G will enable SocialPulsar to: 


  • Create advertising that is complete and assures immediate impact 
  • Optimize ads to foster voice searches
  • Bring in newer opportunities for video ads
  • Create more interactive ads
  • Analyze the consumer consumption habits data to initiate direct engagement
  • Plan innovative business models to help gain more revenue
  • Embrace new ad formats and give the best pricing options

So to know more about SocialPulsar and our services, contact us soon. We will be more than happy to assist you. 

Twitter announced it has added emoji reactions feature to its direct messages. Following the footstep of Facebook, Twitter has also added text, media attachment for direct messages. To utilize them, clients will either need to drift over messages and snap the ” heart and plus symbol” on the web or double-tap a message on mobile. The recipients of the reaction as a text replay in the older version.

social media marketing

Research engineer Jane Mansion Wong is productive once it includes uncovering social media features before their dispatch. Found that twitter was trying DM responses a year ago and now it’s going to all clients on the web, iOS and, android. Twitter DM responses are like what you find on Facebook with laughing, stunned, dismal, heart and thumbs up choices. There’s likewise a fire new rather than an angry face twitter has introduced a thumbs down emoji. The client can fix the responses whenever so, all in all, they will be expelled from the message for all members you can tap on a response to see who posted it and all discussion participants get a notification at whatever point another response is included. You can even add responses to messages that have been sitting in your DMS for a considerable length of time. While some would contend that twitter ought to manage the trolls and bots populating the services, the responses feature will unquestionably be valuable for those messages. Twitter is late to this outgoing gathering. Opponent informing stages, for example, Apple iMessage and Facebook Messenger have had emoticon responses for quite a long time, while Twitter kept things moderately negligible and talk centered in its DM channel — shockingly (at any rate in the event that you esteem the administration as, above all else, a data organize).

So some may state Twitter getting on board with the emoticon response fleeting trend currently is additional proof it’s attempting to draw nearer to rivals like Facebook as a product.

In any case, provided that this is true, this change is, in any event, a moderately gradual one.

Twitter clients have likewise, obviously, consistently had the option to respond to an approaching DM by sending whatever emoticon or blend of emoticon they lean toward as a standard answer. Despite the fact that now apathetic thumbs have an easy route to act out — in so far as they’re down with Twitter’s selection of symbols.

In an FAQ about the new DM emoticon responses, Twitter takes note of that emoting well as a matter, of course, sends a warning to all discussion members “whenever another response is added to a message.” 

social media management

Modify your notification and DM settings as needs are.

You can just pick one response for every letter. Every symbol is shown under the message/media with a tally by it — to take into account bunch counts to be totted up.

NB: Clicking on another symbol will swap out the prior one — producing, er, more notification spam. What’s more, truly irritating individuals could continue flipping their response to create an ongoing emoticon spilling round of warning damnation (hello there development programmers!) with people they’ve been DMing, with the goal that’s another valid justification to secure your Twitter settings.

social media marketing company in Kochi

Clients despite everything running a more seasoned rendition of Twitter’s applications that don’t bolster message responses will see a standard book emoticon message per response sent (see example above). This kinda confusingly makes it appear as though the response sender has really preferring/flaring their own stuff. So even more motivation to not be malicious about emoji.

Concluding, Twitter is pouring somewhat more fuel on the informing fire. It has added a heart+ button to its immediate informing interface, which lets the client’s alternate way to spring up a menu of seven emoticon responses so they can rapidly communicate how they’re feeling about a missive.

Harikrishnan T.P


Digital Marketing is his passion and greatest strength. He likes to research on new marketing trends. He has an ability to think strategically.Besides his profession, He likes to play football and badminton.

    • On July 18th, 2019, the image-sharing app Instagram rolled out a new replacement that eliminated likes from posts as a component of a trial in which Instagram claims are being implemented.
      Instagram has already experimented with casting off likes in seven other countries. What we are hoping to do is depressurize Instagram a little bit, and make it a bit less of a competition,”.
    • Instagram boss Adam Mosseri informed Bloomberg after announcing the new take a look at a conference in San Francisco sponsored via Wired magazine.
    • When the test changed into the first run in Canada, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri stated the intention changed to minimize the strain of posting on-line with customers competing over the number of likes a post gets is a degree of achievement or reputation on Instagram. The variety of likes is also the manner to put a cost on a put up for the enterprise side of Instagram.
    • Influencers who get paid for the content material they showcase of their posts are measured via the number of likes their social media hobby draws.
    • Instagram stated the final week the check would make bigger to the U.S., but now it’s running everywhere to a small percentage of users in every country.
      Instagram tweets that comment to the test so far have been positive, however, it’s continuing to test because it’s this kind of fundamental alternate to the app.
    • Instagram desires its app to be a place people feel snug expressing themselves, and can focus on photos and films they share as opposed to how many likes they get, Users can nonetheless see who Liked their posts and a complete rely on the aid of tapping on the Likers list.
    • Viewers of a put up will handily see some names of mutual friends who Liked it.  They can tap via to view the Likers list but would need to manually depend on them.
      Instagram tells me it knows Like counts are crucial to many creators. it is actively working on ways that influencers can be in a position to communicate their price to partners.


Her passion is Digital marketing specialized in socialmedia marketing and writing blogs in English and Malayalam in all aspects of online marketing.She is interested in exploring the new trending ideas in social media platform and to use those for her enlightment in profession. Her dream is to be a vlogger and as a part of that she is likely to experiment with videos in tiktok and youtube.

Automation is the golden word of the day. PPCers, who were even reluctant to incorporate too much automation in their systems until a little while back, have now accepted the advent of automation. Managing various processes manually has been recognized as a waste of time, energy and efficiency. The PPC world has joined the race to the era of automation. 


Keeping in close touch with all the latest trends in the digital world, SocialPulsar, one of the best marketing automation agency in India, has been following this change very closely; the reason why we have been able to stand tall among the top marketing automation consultants in Kerala. Let’s discuss this a bit. 

Change and automation

Google now aims at increasingly utilizing automates systems like product feeds. This allows them to have more control over the placement and bidding of ads than simply keyword targeting. There are important aspects of automation that the PPC world needs to consider. Based on this, we can classify certain contradictory elements of automation that the industry needs to take notice of. 

Why talk about this now

It is important to talk about this now because the platforms wish to ‘obfuscate’ data because it is in their favor to run things. It is said that such data will result in better machines. However, it is important to slow down now a bit and think about this. We need to think over a few things. This is crucial for the industry to develop powerful and guiding convictions regarding the nature of data and automation. The desire of the forces behind this is to control every aspect of the automation process and keep the data concealed to prevent external interference on the algorithm. This can be an issue and hence we need to discuss this now. 

The necessary, contradictory elements

Statement 1: Data is owned by the one who pays, ie, the advertiser. 

The first opinion is that data is owned by the one who pays for it. The view is that the advertiser doesn’t rent it, but purchases it. In the coming days of automation, the real argument would be regarding who actually owns the data. If the data is owned by the advertiser, then they have the right over data or at least whatever data is necessary for the advertiser/company. 


There is a problem with this argument, the reason why it seems contradictory. As the person paying for it, what right do you have over the data? Just because you have a lot of data, you don’t win anything. It is the person who can actually use the data that gets the advantage. It is only what Google considers important that advertisers get in their accounts. 

Statement 2: Algorithm is good when it has proper guidelines

For ongoing feedback, machines still need human work. Some human interference is necessary for automation. Machine learning depends on connected paths from past data points in order to make the correct decisions. 

The problem with this is that bad data can affect the algorithm. Another problem is that change happens when there is actually no necessity for a change. Manual corrections can kill automated processes. 


The bottom line is that there is a danger with a platform such as Google defining the terms of what data is necessary and obfuscating the process of algorithms. If we remain silent on this, the platforms will determine the necessary information. It is useful for automation if data remained available and advertisers had control over it. 

The success of a great political campaign largely depends on how effectively a party or a politician is able to take a message to the masses. Organizing a mass rally, hitting the streets, going door to door, leaflets, television, radio – all these have been powerful tools of communication for political campaigns over the years. 


Needless to say, things have changed in a big way. The crux of all political campaigns and endeavors now begins with the Digital. With the growth of social media, all parties and leaders have taken themselves to the Web, throwing open never-before possibilities. 


Let’s have a look at how political campaign marketing strategies can be used effectively to promote both political campaigns and politicians alike. 

Social Media and Politicians 

Every politician needs to promote himself/herself to be familiar and dear to the people. The digital space, spearheaded by social media platforms provides an ideal opportunity to accomplish this. Politicians get to connect with their followers and even influence new followers. Party news, updates, images, videos, events and all the latest activities can be posted instantly and the people will get to know about it. Not only does this provide the politician an opportunity to express his views and ideas, the webspace also empowers the common man to react to those ideas and engage with their leader. We’ve seen over the past few years how even a Twitter complaint by ordinary people has inspired politicians to take actions and find solutions to problems. 

How does social media influence political campaigns ?

Social Media is widely used by all political parties as a tool to spread their propaganda. It’s a platform to market election campaigns, portfolios of politicians and various other aspects that people need to know before going out to vote. The motive is simply to make the people believe what they have to say. Some of the ways in social media influence political campaigns to include: 


People these days tend to pay more attention to the live news, updates, debates and such stuff that happens in social media sites. 

Election results

Parties and news channels have social media pages where they constantly give details regarding a live election result coverage. This is easy news for the people. 

Interacting with politicians

Thanks to social media, even common men can now directly interact with big politicians by posting comments and messages on social media platforms. 

Find a targeted audience 

Depending on what a party wishes to promote, they can find the right audience through specific targeting via social media. 

Going viral

If it’s viral, it is a hit; and is for sure effective. So if any party or politician wishes to make some content viral, what better platform than social media for this.  


Social Media Fundraising is an amazing way for political parties and politicians to raise funds for their election campaigns.

How to build a digital strategy for political campaigns?

Let’s see how a good digital marketing strategy can be arrived at in order to fetch the best results. 

Cover everything

Social Media isn’t enough. You need to employ a mix of all digital tools including websites, optimization, ads and all that goes into effective digital marketing. 

Have a website

Keep the website the center of all your communication. This helps hold the entire process together and give the campaign a solid face. 

Use Email marketing

Email marketing is still an effective way to reach out to the masses. It lends a personal touch and people are known to be influenced by them. 


Sending direct SMS using automated software to a big bulk of people is a digital strategy that really works magic. 

Social Media

Obviously no campaign is complete these days, without having an active presence in social media sites. It’s a proven platform and is here to stay. Make use of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube in making sure that you find the people everywhere and keep communicating with them. 


Need more help? Then turn to SocialPulsar. One of the top digital marketing companies in Kochi, we are fully equipped to help you plan your political campaign in the digital space in the most impressive manner. So do call us or drop in a mail. 

The food and beverage industry in India is a thriving one. The current market size of the industry is said to grow to around 46 Billion USD this year. It constitutes about 40 percent of the consumer-packaged goods industry in the country. This exponential growth is triggered by the advent of online delivery players who have set up partnerships across India. Already one of the largest food and grocery markets in the world, India’s food sector is headed for further growth with a target to achieve a bigger role in the world food trade. 


This growth comes with a reason – the prolific expansion of the digital sector that has brought the world closer and thrown wide open a whole new world of business possibilities. That’s why you need to catch up with the trends if you’re in fact a food and beverage brand. Digital Marketing is the only way you can stand the test of the market and come up with the results you dream of. But then, where do you start? How do you arrive at strategies that would assure your brand maximum reach and visibility? What would be a suitable plan? 


We at SocialPulsar are all geared up to help you with this. One of the top digital marketing agency in India, we’re sound in the various techniques that would work for you in the marketplace. Here are some good insights, which you might be interested in knowing. 


Build brand awareness

The first step is to increase awareness regarding your brand. Make it connect with the people. Build an emotional relationship between the brand and your target audience. To make this possible, we can make use of tools like SEO, social media, display ads and so on. The important thing is to accomplish certain marketing goals that will help build awareness. These include: 


  • Let the target audience know about your brand
  • Build customer engagement
  • Let the target audience connect with your brand emotionally
  • Employ influencers and brand ambassadors
  • Create product trial opportunities
  • Generate thought leadership

Augmenting product sales

Another key area where you can employ digital marketing in the food and beverage industry is by helping meet sales goals. Support shall be given in the following areas: 



You can get into email marketing and remarketing to cross-sell your additional product. Remember that if the customers are using one of your products, then there is an increased chance that they might try another. 


Pantry loading and promotion 

Newcomers shall be pampered with high-value coupons for product trials. Strategies like ‘Buy One Get One’ shall be used to drive pantry loading for the existing customers. 


Increasing distribution by offering support for stores

With geo-targeting, you can offer your distributors support and win their confidence. Make it known to prospective distributors that using geo-targeting you can drive more customers to their stores. The advantage of location targeting lets you promote your ads within given geographical locations and this, in turn, increases brand visibility. 


Enhancing shelf visibility of growing brands 

Digital ads let your customers get familiar with the brand names. The next time they visit a store they would immediately recognize the brand name. 


Collecting customer feedback

Nothing is more important to digital marketing activities and the brand in itself than the feedback of customers. You can make use of website surveys or social media polls to make this happen. It is also a way to generate more brand engagement and bring the customer closer to your brand. 


There’s no doubt as to what contribution digital marketing activities can make in a highly competitive market environment. All you need to do is arrive at a well-thought-out and structured digital marketing plan and employ it in the best possible manner. SocialPulsar, with our diverse skill sets and rich experience in doing digital marketing for the food and beverage industries could help you with it. Just take a little time to drop in an mail or make a call. Rest assured!