Instagram Marketing has been flourishing in our country, there has experienced a growing trend in business development (mostly small scale) using Instagram as the prime source of marketing. It has also been identified that brands are now moving from brand ambassadors to Social Media influencers and advocates as an efficient method to reach their target audience within a short period. Instagram is widely emerging as the best social media platform for personal as well as business growth. 

The most exciting thing to be noticed is that most of the top Instagrammers in India are women. This shows how empowered our women are and how influential and responsible they have become. Here is the list of a few top Instagrammers in India, where most of them are from Bollywood.


Virat Kohli: The top in the list is occupied by the Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli. He is recognized as one of the best batsmen in the world. With a follower base of 58 Million and the authentic engagement of 2.1 Million, Virat can undoubtedly be mentioned as the most influential celebrity cricketer on Instagram.


Alia Bhatt: Known as the most gorgeous actress and also the highest-paid actress in the Indian cinema. Alia Bhatt decorates the second position with a follower base of 47 Million with the authentic engagement of 1.7 Million. Her account offers a wonderful visual treat for her passionate followers.


Deepika Padukone: Besides being the most followed actress in the country, she occupies 3rd position in the list as her active engagement rate is low. Her Instagram account has achieved a magnificent follower rate of 48Million with 1.5 Million authentic engagements.


Shraddha Kapoor: The next actress on the list is Shraddha Kapoor. She is well known for her impressive acting as well as attractive dancing skills. Hitting an admirable rate of 45Million followers, her account encounters an authentic engagement rate of 1.3Million.


Narendra Modi: The only politician in the list is our prime minister Narendra Modi. Being an active social media user his profile holds 41Million followers with an authentic engagement rate of 1Million. For a politician, this itself can be considered as a great method for promotion.


Jacqueline Fernandez: Known for her selective acting approach, Jacqueline stands unique as an actor. Her Instagram account offers impressive and engaging content for her huge follower base. She owns 41Million followers in her account with 1.1Million authentic engagement.


Ranveer Singh: It is only in the 7th position that a Bollywood male actor comes into light. Ranveer Singh is well known for his extraordinary acting as well as attitude. His Instagram account holds a total follower base of 32Million with the authentic engagement of 1.4 Million.


Disha Patani: With a mind-blowing follower strength of 35Million she occupied the 8th position in the list. Authentic engagement strength of 1.2Million is a marvelous achievement as far as the total movie industry is concerned.


Akshay Kumar: The second male actor in the list is the box office hitmaker, Akshay Kumar. Although his account holds a massive follower strength of 4Million, the total authentic engagement is restricted to only .8Million.


Salman Khan: The last name in the list is none other than the macho man of Indian cinema, Salman Khan. Having a giant follower base of 33Million, the account’s authentic engagement is limited to 1Million.


Instagram has opened a huge scope for influencer marketing, this has created a significant impact on the development of many brand ideas and concepts. Even giant names in the market started approaching popular influencer accounts for the promotion of their product and services. Despite being seen in brand ad commercials, most of the Instagram celebrities are even utilizing their account to promote those particular brands’ products and services also. It has become a trend and even the followers and enjoying it.


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YouTube is one of the best entertaining and popular social media platform in the current scenario. Every passing hour, a large number of videos are uploaded to YouTube and there are thousands of people who are online and watching these videos. By recognizing the craze and nature of the viewers, there are many YouTubers who create relevant videos that get engagements frequently in a large count. In this blog, we will discuss the Top  5 YouTubers in Kerala publishing attractive and diversified videos in their channels.

  • Karikku
  • M4 Tech
  • Village Food Channel
  • Arjyou
  • Tech Travel Eat by Sujith Bhakthan

Karikku(Nikhil Prasad)

Karikku with 4.39 million subscribers leads as the top YouTuber in Kerala. Nikhil Prasad is the founder of this YouTube channel. It was launched in 2017.

Karikku started their channel by uploading funny and entertaining videos regarding the life of the football fans during the world cup that occurred at that period. Later they came back with a web series, namely “thera para”  which showed the life of BTech graduates including humor and fun in it. It gained a large crowd including school and college students. Now they are publishing web series named “plus two-class”. 

Apart from other channels, their concepts, performance of the actors and its making makes it more popular than other YouTubers. The main actors in this channel are Anu K Aniyan (George), Sabareesh Sajjin (Lolan and his father), Anand Mathews (Shambhu) and Binoy John (Shibu).

M4 Tech(Geo Joseph)

M4 Tech is a popular youtube channel of Geo Joseph with 3.48 million followers. It is a famous channel that publishes tech videos and gadget reviews.

They publish relevant videos regarding technology and daily life. Praveen Joseph is his companion in the video creation for his Youtube channel. His videos are top ranking in the Youtube trending list when it is uploaded. His way of presentation and interesting topics are his specialties in video creation. Some of his videos are translated into tech videos from other languages in a simple and effective way.

Village Food Channel(Firoz Chuttipara)

Village Food Channel is a popular Youtube channel of Firoz Chuttipura, a normal human from Palakkad. It has 2.47 million subscribers. 

Videos of cooking a higher quantity of food items are the main content of his channel. He worked as a welder in Saudi Arabia during the years of 2012-2017 and during that period he experimented on foods and learned the recipes of his mother. After that, without having an early connection with cooking, he started this channel and reached out to thousands of people. A large quantity of food is made and it is also donated for charity purposes. He is also a simple human being who is active in many social works also. With the support of his friends and acquaintances, he is now growing as a successful Youtuber in Kerala.

Arjyou (Arjun Sundaresan)

Arjyou is the viral and trending Youtuber in Kerala. His Original name is Arjun Sundaresan and he is from Alappuzha. He started his youtube channel two years ago with a few no. of videos and recently on these lockdown days, he started posting funny reaction videos on tik tok videos which became a crowd puller among all media.

From his few numbers of subscribers, now he reached 1 million within a few days and his trending videos are getting an average of 2.5 million views. Now he is the main meme reference among trolls and stickers in all social media.

In his trending videos, he never requested subscriptions and in a recent live video, he explained that “We don’t need to ask for subscribers in our videos if we are making good content and content is all that matters. Make videos that people like and you will go viral”. He said that his passion is in Cinema and he is a talented photographer also.

Personally, he is a third BA Multimedia student at St. Joseph College of Communication, Changanassery. His father is a police officer and his mother is a Panchayath secretary and he also has a brother. He told that his family and friends are supportive for him and now he is an inspiration for all YouTubers.

Tech Travel Eat by Sujith Bhakthan

Tech Travel Eat by Sujith Bhakthan is a popular Youtube channel in Kerala. It has 1 million subscribers which include people who love travel vlogs, technology and food. Sujith Bhakthan is the founder of this channel.

He is a KSRTC bus lover and was the admin of the website, Aanavandi which contained bus trip details. Then he began this channel and uploaded videos of his travel and it got higher attention from the young people. His recent video of the experience in the luxury ship is trending among the trip lovers. He is a good social being because he also posts videos on social media regarding some of the social issues that he felt during his travel diaries. He is a professional blogger who has an experience of 10 years in digital marketing.


Beno Benny

His passion is to leverage his skills and knowledge in different fields of digital marketing. He also writes blogs about the recent and trending articles in social media. By researching on the new marketing trends and updates, he is likely to get updated with it. Besides his profession, he is interested in spending time on different social media platforms.

Everyone knows the value and impact of performing perfect SEO procedures, but Only some hold proper knowledge regarding the exact tool that has to be used to achieve desired outputs. We introduce some of the most accepted and widely used SEO tools that guarantee overwhelming results.


  • Ahrefs: It is one of the best and broadly used SEO tools. It lies just below Google in the list of largest website crawlers. Ahrefs provides detailed information related to your websites, what part of your website request improvement to get listed in the top among search results.


  • Google Search Console: This tool allows you to monitor and report on your website’s presence in Google SERP. This is a free tool that can be made effective use by anyone who holds a website. Google Search Console gets you to know how Google views your website and what optimization has to be done to make it efficient.


  • SEMRush: This is also one of the most accepted tools by SEO experts. The most impressive feature of this tool is the Domain Vs Domain analysis, this allows you to compare your website with some other competitor websites. The On-Page SEO checker helps to easily monitor your website ranking and will also provide recommendations on how to improve the ranking.


  • KWFinder: This tool enables you to identify long-tailed keywords that have got a comparatively lower level of competition. The experts leverage this tool to spot the best keywords and to run analysis reports on backlinks and SERP. Their ranking track tool supports you to easily identify your ranking while tracking your improvement.


  • Moz: Moz is a full-service powerhouse, you can receive a clear insight regarding the functioning of your website which allows you to improve certain aspects of it. Moz also possesses a free MozBar toolbar that you can download for free that enables you to view your store’s metrics while browsing any other page. They also have another feature known as MozCon


  • Ubersuggest: This is one of the top keyword finder tools that help you identify keywords and the search intent behind it by revealing the top-ranking SERP’s. From short to long-tail phrases, you can sort out the right terms to use on your website with numerous suggestions from this free great keyword tool.


  • Spyfu: This tool enables you to easily find out what keyword has been searched and for how many times. This tool also helps to get the details regarding the types of keywords your competitors are using. SpyFu is recognized as one of the most detailed SEO tools available.


  • Woorank: They offer free as well as paid options to track and report on your marketing data. You can also analyze the kind of keywords your competitors might be using. Try reporting on how keywords perform over time to understand your industry and optimize for users in the best way possible.


  • Google Trends: This widely used tool of Google allows easy and comfortable analysis based on particular keywords, their searching results, engagement rates popularity, etc. This tool offers greater insight into trends around certain topics. You can also conduct analysis based on specific areas or a specific group of audiences.


  • Keywords Everywhere: It is another SEO Chrome extension that collects data from various SEO tools such as Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Trends to identify the best keywords to rank for. They use a consolidated approach to perform the task.


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In this current time period of the corona outbreak and it’s after effect situation, all the regular routines in the business world have changed. Many of the Digital Marketing Jobs and other related jobs are being interviewed virtually.  In order to overcome the current crisis and to implement a better experience for the future, Different Social media are implementing new features. In this blog, we will discuss the upcoming Virtual interview support introduced by LinkedIn.  They are planning to implement tools that can help us to groom ourselves for an interview and to implement a virtual interviewing platform.

Senior director of product management  Blake Barnes wrote on his blog about the current scenario and he quoted about the tools that they are planning to introduce.

Two new tools introduced by Linked in are

  • Video Introductions
  • AI-Powered feedback

Video Introductions

The best way for a recruiter to get an overview of a candidate and for a candidate to convey his confidence and to get a good impression is the introduction part of the interview. It is an inevitable one. So this new upcoming feature of LinkedIn is a helpful one. By this feature being implemented, the recruiter can ask for an introduction to the candidate, and the candidate can reply to that using recorded video or in written formats. They said that a carefully made response can help you in the interview to stand out before the officials.

Many of the companies demand the soft skill of an employee which is a harder one to assess. So by this feature, the recruiter can analyze the communication style, soft skill, and also his motivation within a small period of time and it will help to shortlist the efficient ones from a larger number.

For a candidate, it will help him to prepare a self-satisfying introduction that may help him to boost his confidence level. The candidate can re-record the video before submitting. So analyzing his positives and negatives and preparing himself to be an efficient one without being under pressure is possible.

AI-Powered Feedback

This feature is to help the candidate to prepare for an interview. It comes under the preparation tools offered by LinkedIn. An important problem faced by the candidates during the interview is the lack of self-confidence during the question-answer section of the interview. To help the candidates to analyze himself on the frequently asked questions of an interview, LinkedIn introduced this feature. We can answer those questions with a recorded video clip and it will be analyzed with the AI-Powered feedback section and feedback will be given to us based on the phrase usages and word fillings that we used during the answering. By this feature, we can improve ourselves to answer perfectly to the frequently asked questions during the interview.

 In this section, we can also refer to the helpful videos of experts that may help us to be a better candidate during the job interview. It is sure that this will be a life-giving feature by LinkedIn for many of the low confident job seekers.

In his blog, Blake Barnes also quoted some important tips for an interview including the importance of building a personal relationship during the interview, making a quiet atmosphere by avoiding distractions and being prepared with the essentials for an interview.

It is great to concentrate your efforts to bring up a start up company. As  it sounds, it’s not an easy task to make your dream come true. For any construction to be strong it should have its core basic to be strengthened with the accurate resources and procedures. Similarly for a startup to grow it requires some well defined strategies to guide the process. Marketing strategy is a significant one among them as this is the process working behind the revenue earned. Business works in an ever changing dynamic environment, and you must be flexible to that change. Being a part of this digital era, Indian firms could transform their conventional way of implementing the marketing strategy into digital platforms.

Marketing strategies fundamentally aim in creating more awareness, consideration and preference for our product among the consumers which inturn leads to an increase in the proportion of probable consumers in the market. Digital platforms which make use of the social media platforms and ads serve our products to consumers at their good times which enhances the effect. It is simple to move with the flow as the best digital marketing company in India could plan and implement the most suitable and tailor cut digital marketing strategy for Startups who are new in the market.

For implementing the plans effectively, the process needs to follow an order, involving all those significant steps in that. It may include:


  •  Identify your target market

Not all products meant for all. There will be a portion of consumers for whom your product will be the most appropriate one to satisfy their needs and delight them. You could lead a segment of consumers only where your products could stand unique. Find that segment of consumers, who may be grouped on various characteristics. Concentrate your efforts on that segment in order to achieve a high degree of consumer awareness, consideration and preference which makes you capable to earn a brand name that could help in expansion.


  • Conduct market research

Make a research to find the significant consumer needs  which are yet un addressed by any firms. Identify solutions to address that needs. Create plans and actions to give rise to some unique and innovative products and services which are capable to meet consumer demands. Produce and market the products by using the available resources optimally in such a way that our competitors are far behind us to come with related products. Keep on looking for innovations and creative  ideas to win consumer minds which could keep your market share high.


  • Analyze your competition

Know your strong areas which are powerful enough to grab opportunities and create an extra advantage of them. Keep an eye on your weaker areas and prepare in advance to withstand downpours which you may face in the growth stages of your startup. Being a startup plan in advance and forecast the opportunities and threats before the industry which you belong to. This is essential to harvest the most from the opportunities and incur fewer loses from threats than your competitors 


  • Come up with a realistic budget

Formulate strategies by listing the available resources and ensure their optimum utilization. As a startup we may have constraints to raise enough funds and lack of adequate resources. But compensate all these deficiencies with creative ideas along with proper forecast and allocation. Finance being the fuel factor must be considered in each and every level of implementation. 


  • Create your distribution channels

Startups have to generate awareness among consumers to inform them about our new brand. For this you can create a website and social profiles in those social media channels where your product could gain more popularity among the most probable section of consumers who may need  that. Producing organic content on these platforms will be cost effective which could increase the traffic and visitors likely to get converted to consumers.


  • Grow your email list

Making personalised communication with the consumers through emails helps in attracting, switching and retaining them. For any Startups it is a better idea to send promotions, new product information, discounts and offers to the consumers after categorising them into different stages or consumer lists.


  •  Figure out what type of content you’ll publish


Content is a significant factor in the digital Marketing strategy for Startups as it discusses what we sell and why.  Blogs, infographics, videos, newsletters and more are the different ways through which we deliver our content. Know which channels are most preferable in the target segment and start with that and progressively add the rest. Choose the best types of campaigns that will speak to your audience about how your startups differ from similar firms. Also include the most creative and influential content.


  • Test and measure all your campaigns


You must make a close analysis of how your campaigns work. Look at your social media engagement in each platform and conversion rates. Note from where do these conversions arise and concentrate in these areas.

           Check the data points such as open rates, click rates, bounce rates and more. 

Analyse the existing campaigns with advanced tools like Google Analytics to know the most effective campaigns and the ones which are not. Make necessary improvement and run the campaigns after setting some benchmarks to follow.


Marketing strategies formulated once need to be updated timely as your firms never remain as Startups. And while you grow your target audience, competition level, degree of budgets, number of distribution channels and campaigns will be on rise. You must get updated in technology and strategies to be an effective and innovative brand. And to have a great marketing strategy choose the best startup marketing company in India who could know where you are and could guide you to reach where you want to be.

Forex opens the door to massive opportunities. The present marketing situation has invited greater interest in investing in forex platforms. Many misconceptions are existing regarding doing business in forex, many have managed to receive greater ROI, while some have addressed failures. So it is a necessity to propagate genuine and transparent information related to the services and functions that it possesses. Associating with the best digital marketing company in Kerala gifts you a good opening for business growth. The following are the set of strategies that are involved in the Forex digital marketing approach.


Brand related blog posts

Developing and delivering content-rich service-oriented blog posts at regular time intervals helps to invite qualified traffic to your website. For this purpose, one should have proper and practical knowledge regarding keywords and SEO. 

You can either develop custom blog spaces on your website or even hire the service of popular blogging platforms such as WordPress and Blogger. Hire a creative content writer for the purpose and lend him ample time for developing quality content for your company.


Create lead oriented content

The contents you are going to deliver should be engaging and result oriented. It should inspire and educate the audience. Email listing should also be included in your forex digital marketing campaign. If people find your information reliable and useful then the will surely follow your brand and its services.

A Structured strategy has to be adopted while you develop content. Your content should be such that it should invite leads and also cause conversion. 


Assure visibility of your site

The forex industry is a highly competitive industry where to excel, you have to display quality and unique content. Usage of keywords is very important if you want to confront the heavy competition you have to get the support of the top Forex digital marketing agency in India. 


Successful SEO is a practice of partnering with Google to provide the best search result for the user. Some SEO strategies that have to be followed are given below:


  •      Identify an “Opportunity Keyword”
  •      Work on On-page-SEO
  •      Analyze Google’s first page
  •      Make your content look extraordinary
  •      Build Links to your page


Relying on Forex affiliates 

The majority of members in the Forex market seek money and respect. You have to reach out to your competitors and get permission from them to affiliate your services on their websites by offering them a small commission for referrals. If someone accepts your deal and the deal went well, make sure you recruit more similar promoters who can help you build your brand. 


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Reliance Jio is the biggest telecom operator in India based on the number of subscribers. Reliance Jio is also the biggest telecom company in India based on revenues. Reliance Jio has active subscribers of about 370 million. India is also the largest market for Facebook and it has nearly 400 million active users.WhatsApp has active 400 million users in India which are also the most in the world. So this deal will be between two of the biggest business tycoons in the world.


Facebook will invest 43,574 crores in Reliance Jio for a 9.99% stake and thus Facebook becomes a minority shareholder in Reliance Jio. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is trying to expand its social media services like Whatsapp and Facebook over more people in India. He is trying to expand the lead between TikTok which has already accumulated 250 million users in India in two years. Facebook is trying to widen its messaging service Whatsapp with commerce and payments into it. Facebook is trying to rival the biggest payment gateways like GooglePay, Paytm, etc.


Reliance Jio had been planning to start an online grocery marketplace called Jiomart for a long time. In a video by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said “India is a special place for us. We are also committing to work together on some critical projects that will  open up new commercial opportunities for us.” So the main aim of this deal will be the combination of payment gateway Whatsapp and Jiomart. The companies that have to fear from this deal are Walmart’s Flipkart, Paytm, and Amazon. Reliance Industries Limited shares closed at 10.3% higher at Rs 1,363.35 on the Bombay Stock Exchange on Wednesday, increasing the value of shares more than 12% in a day. This deal will be a win-win scenario for both companies.


The main things planned in this deal are


  • Jio and Facebook are developing a new commerce strategy.
  • The partnership between Jio and Facebook will boost hyperlocal commerce.
  • Whatsapp pay will be integrated into Jiomart for digital transactions. Thus both companies will benefit from this deal.


On December 31, 2019, Reliance Industries Limited’s net debt was at Rs 1.53 lakh crore due to the declining oil prices. The deal with Facebook is not the biggest deal of Reliance Industries Limited. In 2011, the London Based petroleum company BP plc bought a 30% stake in oil and gas exploration locks operated by Reliance Industries for a whopping amount of 7.2 Billion dollars. But still, this deal with Facebook is a breather of fresh air for Reliance Industries Limited because this deal will help to reduce the net debt by somewhat.


This deal will be a market-changing scenario for many companies. Companies like Flipkart, Amazon, and Paytm, etc will be worried as the deal goes through. This deal will create a new rival company. This deal will also affect many small businesses in India like grocery stores. SocialPulsar Inc is the best digital marketing company in San Francisco that helps you

Grow your business with high quality AI-driven marketing services.

Casinos secures a significant position in the entertainment industry. As everything transforms to digital, popular casinos of India  also stood with this change by serving their most popular and exciting games in the online platforms where the players located anywhere in the world could enjoy the games. Along with the advent of online platforms for gaming they also set online promotions for their land- based casinos as well as their online platforms which created an opportunity to grab more interested players towards them. This Digital transformation was fruitful with the designs and techniques of the top digital marketing agencies in India.

As a successful digital marketing agency in India our goal is to create an essential and valuable online casino marketing strategy beneficial to attain all your goals which leads to your growth. Being a casino digital marketing company in India we figure out your need to get more website traffic and there by more players. 

We could help you to achieve your goals through our services. The digital process commenced by making a tailored marketing strategy that is capable enough to satisfy your needs.


  •  Websites 

The process commences with creation or updation of an existing website  for your business by  presenting  the most important information prominent and clear with easy navigation and quality content.


  •  Search Engine Optimization

Implementing the  SEO practices like Keyword research, acquiring quality backlinks and  content optimization in the strategy, it will increase the traffic to your website for numerous keywords and phrases people are searching for on Google to locate casinos in their locale. This improves the ranking of your website.


  • Social media marketing

Social media has a significant role in digital marketing with the potential to reach a huge number of people, build a brand, promote products and services, collect feedback from customers, increase web traffic and generate conversations. Casinos may benefit from a Facebook account, Twitter campaign and a blog. Like Facebook and Instagram stories or posts and tweets, blogs also draw an audience and share insightful information in which casino-goers may be interested.


  • Promoting Mobile Apps and games.


 A casino digital marketing company in India should make efforts to promote casino mobile apps which makes the online gaming platforms vibrant and innovative. Promoting mobile Apps are inevitable as most of the players prefer to game in such portable devices which could be used at any time.


Now there arises a question – Who would be the best among the digital marketing agencies in India. To choose an agency make sure about some significant facts. Ensure the availability of experts in the technical aspects of your marketing strategy will allow you to focus on other areas.It’s important to avail the services of a professional Casino Digital Marketing Team to grow your website traffic & revenue by leveraging different marketing tactics that appeal to your ideal customer.  Choose an agency which understands your target market which could help you in developing your business goals.

Being an innovative and responsible digital marketing agency in India we ensure  your website is up-to-date and optimized according to Google through SEO audit.

Keyword trends and search engine algorithms change frequently over time and we help you to make sure your website is updated and ranks highly for the keyword phrases your potential customers are using to search for your casino.

  Along with many other digital marketing practices like Paid advertising and more we assist in generating website traffic.

Even though it’s a known fact that SEO has the highest ROI over any other marketing campaigns in the E-commerce industry, most of the online shop owners don’t seem to have gained much awareness regarding the fact. SEO methodologies and services are hard to manage and it’s a great deal organizing the services efficiently. Hence, there develop a demand for expert service providers who can take up the task. SocialPulsar being the best E-commerce SEO company in Kerala provides the perfect SEO solutions based on your requirement. We put forward a series of checklist that will ensure whether you are on the right path. 

Ecommerce Technical SEO checklist

There are certain steps to ensure your technical SEO efficiency:

Make sure your website can be crawled and indexed

If the search engine is unable to crawl your website, it can’t rank your content and products. As a result, your business won’t get listed in the search list. Your site’s crawl ability, indexability, content, speed, schema markup, and overall user-friendliness are all essential components of technical SEO.

Add Schema markup to your site

Schema markup is a batch of HTML tags that are vital to be added to your sites. They ensure your product is more appealing in the first pages of results as they allow Google to display your product details on the search result page.

Ecommerce Keyword Checklist

Sales driven keywords

The main mistake that E-commerce owners make in brand promotion is the usage of wrong keywords rather than the useful one. They tend to go behind keywords that have got widespread popularity rather than going behind keywords that causes conversion.

Focus on keyword intent

You have to make sure that the keyword you are going to use reflects the right searcher intent. You should be choosing a transactional keyword over the informational one. 

Ecommerce content checklist

Avoid Duplicated content

Google has been taking strict action against content duplication, if 60% of any content resembles any other content, then the content is proven to be duplicated. From an e-commerce point of view, if you own individual product pages for the same item, but in different colors or sizes, those pages could be considered duplicated.

Improve any thin content

If your page does not contain sufficient content and images relating to that detailing then, your page possesses less probability to get listed in the top of search results. Google looks for quality and quantity contents that can satisfy the user’s search intent. So if your content doesn’t fulfill this requirement then it will turn out to be a total failure.


SEO and support services play a very vital role in promoting your brand and services. If you are not aware of the technical aspect involved in the process, get the expert guidance immediately. Being recognized as the best digital marketing company in Kerala, SocialPulsar possesses a unique SEO strategy that is capable of delivering vibrant results to our customers. Digital world exhibits great scope for business growth, don’t miss your chance to get the benefitted from it. 

Humans are social beings. This phrase is suitable to be used in this modern period of living. Ultimately we all are connected either directly or indirectly to one or other forms of social media platforms. The global market is greatly influenced and associated with social media. Companies leverage social media services to understand the needs and deeds of their targeted customers.

Keyword research is a basic SEO task that helps to identify what popular words or phrases people enter into search engines. This process enables us to understand the demands of each keyword.  Keyword research helps to acquire information related to. What are peoples searching, how many are searching and in what form do they request information? Social media offers services to perform keyword research some of them include:

Facebook Ad Targeting option

Facebook advertising presents methods to understand audiences: Geography, Age, Gender, Interests, Connections, Marital status, language education workplaces. 

These details will help you to get a clear cut idea about your audience what is their behavior, what they are looking forward to, such information.

Analyzing Twitter Trending Topics

Mostly, trending contents in Twitter are newsworthy and people’s engagement in such matters is closely analyzed to decide what are the aspects that keep people engaging. What they are searching for and how they would like to receive their requirements.

Social media monitoring tools are available, that can be used to derive a deeper understanding of your targeted audience by closely having a watch into the conversation they are undergoing with a like-minded group of audiences. 

Hashtag Search

In Instagram, you get to see millions of hashtags that have been used by diverse audiences. For each purpose, people tend to generate their custom made hashtags which will later be taken by some others. Hashtags help to investigate our targeted audience. it also enables us to promote our product or services by generating appropriate hashtags for the same while we reveal it.

Content Analysis on Pinterest

Pinterest is a reservoir of quality content. There are loads of useful business contents on Pinterest. Searching specific key phrases in Pinterest directs you to tons of relating contents. They also provide suggested key additions that support customized keyword research. And just like Google has auto fill options in search, Pinterest offers the same, giving you even more potential keyword target ideas. 

LinkedIn Support

Being known as a professional social media platform that hosts communication between business giants and customers, LinkedIn offers greater opportunities for customer analysis. People join into a conversation that is 90% service-oriented. As most of the audiences are professionals, the leads generated through the platform will be 90% genuine and can be included in our list of the targeted audience.  

SocialPulsar, being recognized as one of the best social media marketing companies in India offers complete solutions taking into consideration every possible aspect of business communication for your company. As a pioneer digital marketing company in Kochi, we have managed to develop an impressive clientele and it’s those names in the list that define our status in the industry.