The upswing of social media has paved way for brands with a golden opportunity to connect with their prospects and customers. With a lot of verticals of social media available today, businesses have a lot of tools to educate and inform customers about their business and services. Hence, it is essential for your business to have a social media presence. But by simply having a social media arm for your business doesn’t ensure success. It needs to be timely fed and nurtured with strategies to churn out the best for you.

The easiest way to evaluate the success of your social media business strategy is to touch it with your competitor. Conducting a social media competitor analysis allows you to make a benchmark of where your business is progressing and where your business is demanding for more. Your business gets real-time valuable insights on various areas where you need to give more attention. Well, we have simplified the process in order to make you understand various aspects of conducting a social media analysis.

Identify the competitors

Even if you fail to forge a complete growth strategy for your business, it is quintessential to know the competitor strategy. Follow your competitor and how they are leveraging the strategies in social media. Closely watch their approaches in making social media content, graphics, images, videos, AdWords etc to have a detailed idea. Today, business don’t need to pour more money into marketing. They just need to use social media and some right strategies to lure more users.

Social media especially platforms like Instagram and Facebook can yield double benefits in terms of reach in an organic way compared to a paid format of the same. That’s why competitive analysis in marketing has evolved as a major facet for a digital marketing agency. Searching in Google is the simplest strategy to find your competitors. Search on the internet using the keywords that most accurately determine people to find out your business.

Once you find out the competitor, search their website and check for the social media accounts in the footer or header of the website. Evaluate their activity within a particular time period, record the number of followers and the likes they are receiving in respective social media platforms. Check for the number of promotional activities they do and make a detailed excel sheet or spreadsheet detailing the comparison. The duration of the process depends on how competitive is your industry within a particular area.

As you filtered down the preliminary data, all you need is to dig up data. Other than just looking at the number of followers and subscribers, you will need to look for additional features and functionalities that are used in the social media. SEO competitor analysis tools will derive amazing insights like total messages sent, post-breakdown strategies, customer engagements for content and respective posts. All these acts as additional metrics for perfectly compiling competitor analysis.

Social media essentials like tagging posts, using hashtags, guest activities, sending trending, popular and relevant choices can make all the difference in social media success. Gaze at the number of promotional posts of products, sale or contests. Interpret then tone of the message conveyed by your competitor, whether it’s advocating something to the audience like the call to action. All these aspects are crucial in knowing what your competitor do so that you can actually start your process on the right note.

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You buy and sell FOR money! Forex is buying and selling OF money in its different avatars (currencies). It was never or shall never be a simple game. This is why every Forex trader must shield their business with digital marketing. Unless you are visible in the eyes of search engines, there is no way you can outwit your competitors. Because, it is survival of the smartest era and digital marketing for FOREX companies is the smartest way to boom your business!

Forex digital marketing covers diverse services and based on your business expectations, you can choose them. For instance, reconsider the investment that you are planning for your trading website in an attempt to please the customers. Instead, you can enhance the website’s traffic with a custom SEO campaign based on the outcome of a comprehensive market research including link building, on page and off page optimization, keywords, and SEO strategies.

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It is no secret that Mobile is king in today’s digital landscape. By 2019, mobile advertising is forecasted to represent 72 percent of all US online ads. With the world heading towards mobile, it is high time that brands focus on delivering mobile friendly content, says a leading digital marketing company based in San FranciscoWith shift to Mobile-First Indexing by Google, and page load speed emerging as a ranking factor, making mobile friendly content is imperative for better search ranking and overall SEO.

Let’s explore some methods to make your brand ready for the mobile-dominant world in 2018.


Start with text optimization

In order to create mobile-friendly content, you need to understand how users read content on mobile devices. As shown in the image, 68% of a user’s attention is on the centre and top half. The upper two-thirds grab 86% attention.  Text below this point is rarely viewed. Nevertheless it is advised to optimize the entire content piece.

text optimization - mobile

Get to know mobile copywriting


Go for short and crisp headlines. As per CoSchedule, titles with about 6 words get the maximum click-throughs. Don’t forget to make your titles catchy to grab the user’s attention.



Make sure that your content is easily readable. Divide your content into different easily digestible segments, include subheads and write short paragraphs, these are few things you can do to improve overall readability.


Go for shorter words

It is preferred to go for more precise and shorter words while creating mobile content. Here is a list of numerous wordy phrases and their smaller alternatives.


Optimize your images and videos

Incorporating images is very crucial to make your content more readable and interesting.  But the catch here is that your images must be optimized for mobile devices otherwise it could end up consuming extra space and also add to the page load time.


Page load time and images

Your page load is a crucial factor when it comes to engaging users or them hitting back the search results. Below are some tips to ensure speedy image load:

  • Make use of compression
  • Use responsive resizing tools
  • Try creating pre-optimized images

Go for a preview process once the content is ready. Check on your mobile device to see if there is enough white space to keep the content readable.


Optimize your videos

With videos emerging to be a favourite among users, it is essential that your videos are optimized for the mobile platform. Make sure your text is readable and embed third-party video hosting services on to your website to ensure bitrates and compression is already optimized.


Optimize your Design

It is not enough to optimize text, images and videos. You need to optimize your design too.


Go for Responsive Design

A responsive design can be used across all platforms and as the screen size changes, content also changes to fit within the same.

Responsive design

Get rid of Sidebars

Sidebars are a great way to enhance user experience on a desktop but not on mobile platforms as it usually gets pushed down to the bottom of the page and is seldom used.

Keep up with trends to provide an excellent user experience irrespective of the device used by them.

“Digitalization is rewriting the DNA of business”-Patrick Bass, CEO ThyssenKrupp, North America.

In the era of digital Darwinism, customer expectations evolve at lightning-fast speed and go way beyond the conventional canons. Thus, it has become imperative for businesses to embrace digital transformation.

Digital transformation is not an entirely new entity, it began decades ago with the arrival of computers, internet, e-mail and the list goes on. However, in this day and age, the rate of transformation underway is rapid and considerably more significant.

With the boundaries of the digital and physical world blurring at a steady pace, there are profound implications on the way business is perceived and performed.

In the light of such market trends, digital transformation has evolved to be an essential for businesses across all sectors to ensure future growth, create brand awareness & loyalty, improve operational efficiency and customer experience, says a leading digital marketing company based in San Francisco.


What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the incorporation of digital technology into all domains of a business including models, processes, capabilities, operations and ultimately delivering value to customers.

Digital transformation being a cultural change, organizations must create readiness for the change by persistently challenging the status quo and experimenting with new ideas, applications and technologies.


Changing Business Models

Digital transformation is rewriting business models in several ways. In order to understand how businesses eventually benefit, let’s take a look at the changes underway in the present models.

Without further ado, let’s dive in:


  • Outcome-based modelsare here

Commercial models existing between providers and buyers of products/services are finally moving towards outcome-based models after years of speculation. These models focus on value-based measurable results.


  • Extended business reach

Take your business virtually anywhere beyond conventional market segments, customer demographics, physical locations. You can easily reach a wider audience with the boon of digital transformation.


  • Addition of digitalized products and services

The products/services are designed and delivered sans any barrier between the businesses and customers that they serve. Companies could also incorporate digitally available products/services to augment their profit.


  • Enhanced value delivery to customers

Develop a compelling value proposition by creating connections with other organizations in new markets and in turn improving the existing value available to the patrons.


  • Being part of a shared economy

Extend access to underutilized sources to other companies and customer and derive more value from the same. In return, gain access to their resources.


  • Derive more value from digital platforms

Utilize the previously unused value of customer relationships to deliver improved customer experience, join forces with partners to reap better results.


In short, not a single time-tested aspect of the business right from sourcing materials to developing products/services is immune from the wave of reinvention and re-imagination. The confluence of innovation and technologies like Big Data analytics, social, mobile, cloud has only fueled the pace of business transformation.



For some businesses, digital transformation is a disruptive force whereas for others, it is the gateway to unpatrolled opportunities.

With numerous businesses espousing digital transformation and reaping dramatic benefits, digital transformation is no longer an option for businesses but a necessity, if they wish to stay ahead and stride the right path to future growth.

Change is the only constant- the age-old adage holds true even in this digital age. In 2017, we witnessed a plethora of updates across all social media platforms. 2018 will be no different in this regard with numerous updates already sprouting in the social media arena-says a leading social media marketing company in San Francisco, California.

Let’s explore the new features now available on some of our favorite social media platforms.


Facebook is all set to promote personal content

With an aim to bring back their original mission, Facebook is changing the news feed algorithm. The modified version will be promoting more of personal content in comparison to advertisements and public content.

It is a welcome change for users since they would no longer need to spend hours scrolling through irrelevant ads and random content.


“Today In” –New Feature @ Facebook

This all-new feature in Facebook will give users access to local news and real-time events as per their location.


Instant Thread Tweeting is here

Tweeting longer-form content just got easier. The feature is a boon for brands as it got really easy to share stories on Twitter that too without annoying your followers as most of the thread will be hidden under “Show This Thread” link.


You can now follow Hashtags on Instagram

Instagram rolled out a new hashtag following feature in December.  Once you hit the follow button on a hashtag page, Instagram’s algorithm chooses highlights from the particular hashtag page and displays it in your newsfeed. On the other hand, digital marketing companies in USA are of the opinion that this update will not alter their content strategy much but it highlights the need for finding good hashtags.


Stories highlights and stories archive – latest additions on Instagram
We all have wished at least once that our stories stay for more than 24 hours on Instagram. Wish granted, it seems like with the new stories highlight feature. You can highlight your best stories in this section.

Instagram will now archive stories once they expire. Each post will be saved in the cloud and you can access it later and probably even add back to your profile as highlights. The feature is surely a great way to expand a content’s life that you have worked so hard to make.


YouTube comes up with new monetization rules

Earlier to be a part of YouTube Partner Program, which allows publishers to make money through advertising, channels needed 10,000 total views. But as per the new rules, channels need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of view time in the past year. The new rules have been created in a bid to regain advertisers trust.

Stay tuned for more updates.