Why Small Business Go for Digital ?

Why Small Business Go for Digital ?

Do you hold a small business and still inactive in social media craze ? It’s time to move forward to engage in the conversations about your company and its services otherwise you may lose your customers. Most of the company owns a digital presence today as part of branding either small or big. In simple words, you can expose your small business globally when going digital, let us consider a small town business women who do handicrafts as a Home Made Business, she can reach to global customers through Digital Marketing. There are some actions to be followed before you create an online presence


1) Learn your Assets

Before we start making online presence, understand what are your assets ? Learn about your services, target audiences and your brand. For eg: if you are owns a baby shop the target audience will be women between 18 and above. It is not only simply targeting but the goal is for audience attention and interaction about your product and that comes the part of reputation.


2) Sign up for Social Media

The growth of your business will be transparent through the Social Media. It’s easy to create a business page in Facebook and post your promotions, services, flyers to bring the attention of the online customers who browse their internet, and its hard too. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn provides a space to enter the Digital World.


3) Post Updates

It is very important to have a fresh content on your business page i.e., whenever a customer enter into your page they may go through the posts, business services, pictures and videos. You can likewise talk about market improvements or nearby occasions that identify with your business. It is vital to give a clear picture about your business and then the customer will decide whether they need to follow your business or not.


4) Local SEO with Google My Business

Ranking is a factor when comes to SEO(Search Engine Optimization). For SEO, maintain a proper website with less loading time, content and quality backlinks. Google Business is a best companion for ranking in specific geographical areas ,so get your details right. Besides that, make sure that the address in Google business and one in the website are same, if not correct them. By adding the same address in the footer and in contact page helps Google to recognize the relationship between them.


5) Goals Tracking

Apart from bringing online presence it is important to track these results out. By going digital you can track out the demographics of customers so that you can target more on such areas. The goals must include:

  • Increase the traffic of website 100% in next two months
  • Number of enquiries to your company in next six months
  • Increase the sales in next six months

Digital Marketing has increased over 140% and it is targeted globally. These are the ways to

bring your website and rank better for small business. Online customers have plenty of  payment gateways to buy products globally. Social Media Companies has a key role in developing your business globally. Ponder out what are the ways to bring your website, logo and tag lines unique. Finally, track the rating and rank of your website and bring ideas to promote it.