Why you won’t be able to use WhatsApp if you don’t accept new t&c.



This is what will happen if you don’t accept Whatsapp’s new terms and conditions!

  • 1. What data does WhatsApp collect and when?

The company has provided information on the data collected from the users, which includes account information, transactions, payments data, etc. It states that messages are only stored on your device and not on the company’s servers.

  • 2. What other data is collected under the new WhatsApp privacy policy?

These are automatically-collected information, which includes usage and log information, device and connection data, locations and cookies

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  • 3. What kind of transactions, payment information data does WhatsApp collect?

If you use Facebook-owned payment services or any of its services meant for financial transactions, WhatsApp does collect additional data, which includes information about your payment account and transaction information.

  • 4. Does Whatsapp share user data with other Facebook companies as well?

According to the new terms and conditions and privacy shared by Whatsapp, it will be able to share and receive a certain category of information with other Facebook companies, like:

* Account registration info
*Service related information
*mobile device information
*User IP address