Top 5 WhatsApp Alternative Apps in India

The rolling out of the new data-sharing policy by WhatsApp, the most popular social media platform, has kicked up a storm. Most of the users across the globe have turned critical of the app’s decision to extract the data from the users and share it with the parent concern Facebook. Resulting in the shifting of people to the apps promising better privacy, which may turn destructive for the app. Though, the exact effect of the decision would be revealed in the due course of time only.

Adding fuel to the anger of the public has been the cryptic tweet from the world’s richest man Elon Musk. The CEO of SpaceX, the man with the visionary mindset, had tweeted “Use Signal”. The tweet became trending within seconds on tweeting. Signal, the top competitor of WhatsApp had seen a surge of new users within no time. Shortly after, the American whistleblower Edward Snowden came up supporting the said app.

It would be good to know the alternative apps you can use instead of WhatsApp. The info about the top social media platforms similar to WhatsApp will be useful if you think of switching over. We believe that a majority of users might say goodbye, in case it doesn’t roll back the data policy. After all, who would agree to sell their browsing, transaction, and online search data to random strangers? Here are the alternative apps for Whatsapp in India,


This cross-platform social media app developed by Signal Foundation offers exceptional privacy and end-to-end encryption. Coincidently, Signal Foundation is the agency that facilitates the encryption facility on Facebook and WhatsApp as well. You can ascertain the performance, and technical advancement of the team behind it, with this statement itself.
The signal app doesn’t link your personal info with the data or searches you carry out. Everything you share on the platform is encrypted. This includes your calls, chats, group calls, and video conferencing. Thus preventing any access to the data by the third party applications or individuals trying to obtain it. With added security features like screen security, the app aims at tension-free chatting. No wonder why top journalists and elite agencies rely on Signal.

Signal Data Collection

  1. 1. It only stores your phone number


Signal Messenger Features

View Message Details, Group Link or QR-code, Manage a group, Delete for everyone, @ Mentions in Group Chats, Storage Management, Font Size Options, Language Options, Mark as Unread, Forward, Pin or Unpin Chats, Broadcast Media, In-App Notification Options, Note to Self, Message Reactions, View-once Media, Stickers, Signal Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts, Navigate to Settings, Set and manage disappearing messages, Typing Indicators, Insights, Link Previews, Archiving or unarchiving chats, Screen Security, Unlinking devices, How do I change colors?, How do I know if my message was delivered or read?, Linked Devices, Delete messages and alerts, Leave a group, Dual Sim, Invite friends to join Signal, Block numbers or groups, Read Receipts, Signal PIN, Backup and Restore Messages, Screen Lock, View all media or files




Telegram has been giving tough competition to WhatsApp for a long. The app designed by Russian brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov was launched in 2013. It has a plethora of features on offer including supergroups, wherein you can have thousands of members in one group, unlike WhatsApp.
Another important feature is the extreme privacy promised by Telegram by using your username in place of your contact number. This facility is very important for women, especially in the Indian context. They can prevent stalkers from getting their contact number when she is added to a public group. Moreover, Telegram can be used on multiple platforms simultaneously.

Telegram Data Collection

  1. 1. Contact Info
  2. 2. Contacts
  3. 3. User ID


Telegram Features

Signal Messenger Features, Upload Multiple Profile Pictures, Try Secret Chats, Customize the Look of Telegram, Utilize Telegram Bots, Enable Auto-Night Mode, Mute Contacts and Groups, Share Your Live Location, Connect With a Proxy Server



The line is another fast-growing cross-platform messaging app. It helps you chat, call, and video call without any hassles. The app, available on both iOS and Android, has been gaining popularity rapidly. It can also be used for calling internationally, to non-Line users.
This feature-loaded messaging app has several lovely and exuberant themes and wallpapers available. You can use passcode options, message filtering options etcetera for making the app private or keeping it out of reach of children. Use Line Pay for payments, similar to the latest feature introduced in WhatsApp.


Line App Data Collection

  1. 1. phone number
  2. 2. Device Information and Access Logs


The Japanese cross-platform app Viber has a lot more offers than WhatsApp has. Although the latter is more popular, the former is a clear game-changer in the case of advanced features. You will find renowned Japanese refinements and quality in every aspect related to this mobile application.
Viber has a separate segment, Viber Games for playing games. The app has a wide variety of stickers, a Viber-out feature (for calling to non-Viber users), and several other factors that make it worthy to use.


Viber Data Collection

  1. 1. Location
  2. 2. Device ID identifiers
  3. 3. Email ID
  4. 4. Name
  5. 5. Product interaction
  6. 6. Purchase history
  7. 7. Contacts



The social media app Snapchat has many fans following. The funny and entertaining factors make it one of the most chosen apps, especially by youngsters. It has many advantageous aspects, including self-destructing messages (though recently it has been adopted by WhatsApp too), that make the app preferable.
You may be surprised to know that many features used by WhatsApp are basically plagiarized from Snapchat. Maybe, the simplicity of the former has been instrumental in making it more popular than Snapchat. In anyways, Snapchat is a preferable alternative to WhatsApp.


Snapchat Data Collection

  1. 1. Phone number
  2. 2. Email id
  3. 3. Device Information
  4. 4. Device Phonebook
  5. 5. Camera and Photos
  6. 6. Location Information
  7. 7. Information Collected by Cookies and Other Technologies
  8. 8. Log Information


The Tail End

We should never sacrifice our privacy to a conglomerate or a corporate giant. It is said, “If you are not paying for the product, you are the product.” However, it doesn’t mean that we must sacrifice our freedom to hide certain information from the world. Allowing others to peep into our every action and transaction can turn detrimental for our society as well as financial security.
A stern reaction from the users, us, is necessary for reminding WhatsApp that they cannot do anything with our data in return for providing us with a platform for interaction with our near and dear ones. Everything has a predetermined limit and none should have the audacity to cross it to earn iniquitous benefits. Of course, every corporation tries to monopolize their business field with the aim of exploiting the consumers. By switching over to alternative apps of Whatsapp in India we are sending out a strict warning to both the social media giant and other similar corporates around the world.
All those who are in a dilemma may think and decide which is better whether to remain enslaved to the app or change the social media platform. It may be difficult for some of you to change from the usual pattern you were following, the settings in the new app may not attract you initially. Nonetheless, you will find it convenient in due course. Choose the best WhatsApp alternative app in India to use.