Using Google My Business Gets You More Customers.


The world’s most-visited website is Google and it currently holds more than 92% of the search engine market share. By creating a Google Business Profile, which was formerly known as Google My Business your business can attract new customers through Google search and Maps.

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What is Google Business Profile?

It is a free business listing from Google that allows you to provide details and photos of your business, including your location, services, and products.

By creating this free profile your business can increase its visibility across Google services. Information from your Google Business Profile will appear in Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Shopping.

Google Business Profile is only available to businesses that have contact with customers. Businesses with a physical location, like a restaurant or store, and businesses that provide services by directly meeting with clients in other locations like consultants or plumbers are eligible to create Google Business Profile.

If yours is an online-only business, you’ll have to stick to other Google tools like Google Ads and Google Analytics to serve your purpose of visibility on search consoles.


Benefits of having a Google My Business account

Makes you discoverable in Google and on Google Maps

Irrespective of the fact that whether you’re looking for foot traffic or web traffic, Google is the ultimate search referrer. Having a Google Business Profile will ensure that people find your business when looking for products and services within their local area.

By having a Google My Business listing searchers will know where and how to visit your business. Google Business Profile also improves local SEO for your business. A listing for a local business will appear when people search for a nearby business by using Google Maps.

Have better control over your online business information

Having a Google My Business profile will let you have control and update your contact information, business hours, and other essential details as needed.

Thereby, you can post updates such as you’ve expanded services or are temporarily closed, or fully reopened, and so on. Google Business Profiles also enables you to have a strong local SEO, so the information you share will rank above third-party sites that might have out-of-date details.


Enables to build trust through reviews


It is an undeniable fact that reviews are a key element of social proof and a good way to build trust and credibility.

If your business receives Google’s combined star rating and space for detailed reviews your customers can share as much or as little information about their experience with your business as they like. All of these help future potential customers decide which businesses to visit and products to buy.

Reviews coming in on such a public platform can be scary. Especially since you can’t pick and choose which Google My Business reviews to share. But you can respond to all reviews, as we’ll explain later.

But there’s nothing to worry about because Google uses a combination of positive and negative reviews is more trustworthy than page after page of glowing recommendations.

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Ways to optimize your Google My Business profile

Google determines local search ranking based on three factors:

Relevance: How perfectly your Google My Business listing matches a search

Distance: How far your location is from the search or searcher

Prominence: How well-known your business is (this is studied based on factors like links, number of reviews, review score, and SEO)


Steps to maximize your score for all three factors.


Complete all elements of your profile


Customers are more likely to consider your business to be reputable if your Google Business Profile is complete. They’re also 70% more likely to visit your location.

Google specifically mentions that “businesses with complete and accurate information are easier to match with the right searches.” This improves your score for relevance. The key here is to tell Google visitors “what you do, where you are, and when they can visit.”

Suppose your business hours change around holidays or seasons, make sure to keep them up to date.


 Verify your location(s)


Verified business locations will show in local search results across Google products, like Maps and Search. Hence, including a verified location improve your score for the distance ranking factor.


Add real images and videos of your business


Your Google Business Profile will include a logo and cover photo. Include images that are consistent with those on your social profiles which will make it easier for people to recognize your brand.

Further, add images and videos that showcase your location, work environment, and team.

For instance, if you run a restaurant, post pictures of your meals, menus, and dining room. Make them look appetizing and professional. Businesses with photos receive more requests for directions and more clicks through to their websites.


Include keywords in your profile


Using the right keywords improves relevance.

Google Analytics, Hootsuite Insights, and social monitoring tools help you uncover terms people use to search for your business. Naturally, incorporate keywords into your business description. Never stuff keywords or use irrelevant ones because this can hurt your search ranking.


Encourage and answer reviews and questions


A good review can be the deciding factor that will persuade a prospective customer in your favour. Reviews improve your Google ranking too.

But you cannot turn off reviews for your Google My Business page. And it wouldn’t be in your interest to do that anyway because reviews show customers that your business is legitimate.

You can flag and report inappropriate reviews though.

Also, you should respond to reviews, both positive and negative. Respond professionally in your brand voice and be honest and offer an apology when it’s warranted.

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Add special features and attributes


Special features are available and can be used for Google business accounts, depending on the category you’ve chosen.

Here’s the list of category-specific features available:

– Hotels can display class ratings, sustainability practices, highlights, check-in and out times, and amenities.

–  Restaurants and bars can upload menus, dish photos, and popular dishes.

–  Service-oriented businesses can display a list of services.

–  Healthcare providers in the U.S. can add health insurance information.

–  Businesses also have access to different types of buttons based on their categories, such as appointment bookings, reservations, and orders.

If your business is eligible for one of these features, but you don’t see them, maybe you have chosen the wrong category. You can choose up to 10 categories for your business.

Also adding factual attributes to your profile enables you to share more info with your customers that they may care about.


Add your products


If your business sells products, make sure to add an up-to-date inventory to your Business Profile. Apart from appearing on your profile itself, your products can appear in Google Shopping.


To Conclude

Similar to your website, Google My Business management is essential for the success of your business. It improves your visibility and makes you appear better on searches. Getting in touch with our SEO company in Kochi will help you have a professional and strong hand in marking your presence effectively in the digital world.