Use Of An Intelligent Chatbot

We’ve all heard of chatbots. Today, a good number of business websites make use of chatbots to give the visitor a personalized touch. It’s a good feeling when you are visiting a website and you actually have something or someone to talk with you. It helps improve the brand image of a company and lends a human touch to the user experience. However, it is uncommon to find live, intelligent chatbots. Known as AI chatbots, these chatbots should be able to use more of their intelligence in conversing with humans. Improving the intelligence quotient of a chatbot is a rather challenging task, considering the complex territories these chatbots have moved in to now. 

SocialPulsar is one of the top AI companies in India that also offers a wide array of digital marketing services to an exclusive clientele. As one of the leading chatbot agencies in Kerala, SocialPulsar has built intelligent, AI chatbots that have served various purposes for our clients. We make use of our expertise in advising our clients regarding the kind of chatbots they would require for their particular businesses. Let’s know more about chatbots and their uses. 

Do chatbots understand human requirements?

You can consider a chatbot as smart when it becomes aware of user needs. He AI chatbot must understand a specific user requirement in order to give a relevant answer. An intelligent chatbot will understand and learn the language nuances to deliver a convincing answer for a query. Future chatbots will be designed in a way that they will understand what the requirements are even before a user asks it. 

Will chatbots learn quickly?

A smart chatbot is an avid learner too. It keeps learning conversations to help itself improve its performance all the time. The modules in a chatbot are designed to let it perform well through continuous learning. Human supervisors, along with machine learning algorithms help chatbots to keep learning. This learning is important in ensuring that chatbots recognizes certain patterns of data and responds to user requests in the best possible way. 

Do chatbots know how to meet user requests?

Chatbots respond to user requests by learning from conversations regarding what the request actually is. Moving from one request to the other also involves planning until task accomplishment. In order to cater to more complex tasks, they are required to identify the sequence of the action to achieve the primary user goal. As the chatbot continues to learn from conversations, it will get smarter by day.

How to know whether a chatbot is intelligent or not?

The AI chatbot is equipped with the ability to achieve goals and work independently. Identifying goals for specific situations is not easy. The chatbot goes through a three-step process to achieve this goal:  

Sensing ability 

An AI chatbot is required to sense its environment to gather the information needed to execute a particular task. 

Sharp thinking 

The chatbot must be able to think what the user needs when a request is placed. It is required to convert that information into a comprehensible form and store it in its knowledge base. 

Quick action

The chatbot is expected to type down a reply to a user query. The time it takes is crucial in giving the user the answer he/she is seeking. It is easier with text chats, but more difficult with audio/video chats, where responding to the user through a befitting action gets difficult. 

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