Effect of 280 characters tweets for your business

Effect of 280 characters tweets for your business

Twitter is doing a test run by doubling their tweet length to 280 characters. Last week, twitter had announced about this update and they aim to make users more expressive. According to their research, English speaking people are finding it difficult to express their thoughts within this short text limit(140 characters). Whereas Japanese, Korean and Chinese are still finding room to spare after sharing their message. So they are now testing with a limited group of people and checking its impact. Twitter looks on providing good experience from using their platform and they are making it more user friendly now.


Here are the finding what twitter has researched:

280 characters tweets

From this research it is clear that, people who tweets in English are really getting frustrated due to the character limit. They had to remove content which portray some important meaning, so as to fit in the limit. Also the number of people who tweets is showing an increase if they are not being limited by space. Eventhough, they are now experimenting it with a small group of people, according to their feedback, it would be open to all.


And the impact is very high:


Still many people are finding it hard to adapt to this change. Most of them are already used to the way it was and they have learned how to convey message in short sentence. Some find it a failure, because as the character limit increases, the number of conversations under a single thread is going down. Users will share the entire information in a single tweet and get it done with. At the same time, this might benefit users as they get a clear cut and organized information each time.


Marketers would be benefited how they are promoting their service in twitter in a more structured manner than before. Also they could mention and hashtag more relevant audience in a single tweet itself. With the update evolving, the brainiacs would find some creative ways to utilize this feature, lets hope for the best.


Still look for how it impacts the key factors such as engagements on Call-To-Action, algorithm preference, mobile usage, appearance change etc.