Tips To Get Good Online Reviews That Build Business


Online reviews can make or break your business. Reviews stand out in the search results and hence you should take them seriously.  Having good reviews on Google and review sites like Yelp will attract people to check out your business. Having good local reviews is helpful. Do get in touch with our SEO agency in Kochi, to know more about how you can gain good reviews.

Reviews help to improve conversions and can make people feel more comfortable about doing business with you. In surveys such as this one on Marketing Land, 90% of the respondents said that positive online reviews influence their buying decisions. 

People choose to view only highly rated sites. If your business is in a market where a large percentage of your competitors have online reviews, your listing won’t be visible if you don’t have enough good reviews.


Reviews Do Affect Your Rankings


Though Google and Bing have never confirmed that reviews have an impact on rankings, anecdotal evidence suggests it’s likely.

In 2013 in an analysis for the hotel industry, Digital Marketing Works had found a strong correlation between reviews/ratings and positions, specifically between Local Carousel rank and average review rating and quantity. We have seen similar correlations in markets we focus on and others have reported correlations, as well.

In the year 2014, MOZ Local Search Ranking Factors, had conducted a survey of industry marketers which focused on local search. Respondents were asked to identify and assign a percentage of influence to the ranking factors and overall, the respondents believed that review signals like the number of reviews, review velocity, review diversity, etc., are a significant factor in rankings.

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How To Find The Best Review Sites For You And Your Industry?


There are many review sites but focus on the most important review sites for your business and your industry. 

Here’s what we do for our clients:

Search On Your Brand Names. Search on your company and brand names, by adding and without adding “reviews” to the search. By this process, you should be able to find most of the public reviews that you already have. Check all those reviews and in case you have some bad reviews, you must consider how you should respond.
If you have a large number or bad reviews when compared to the number of good reviews on a review site, you should consider focusing on this review site in order to build up more good reviews.

Search On Important Non-Brand Keywords. You must do some non-branded searches that are relevant to your business. Scan the results for reviews, and make note of the searches you’ve done and the review sites you see on the first page or so of the search results.

Search On Brand Names Of Your Industry Leaders & Some Key Competitors. With the non-brand keywords, scan the results for reviews and make note of the searches and the review sites you see in the top results.

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How To Entice Customers To Submit A Review Online?


Create A Web Page With Links To Review Sites. This can encourage people to visit this page. For example, by putting a “Check us out on these review sites” link on most or all of your web pages and your email signatures.

Put Links To Review Sites In Your Web Pages & Email Signatures. Instead of creating a separate web page, you can put links to one or a couple of review sites on all or most of your pages. For example, you can add these links in the right or left column of the site with a headline such as “Check us out on these review sites.” Add similar links to your email signatures.

Create Business Cards With Review Site Information. Some businesses’ business cards include the URL for an important review site.

Hand Out A Flyer. Hand out a sheet with simple directions to get people started at a review site. However, the review process can change, so you’ll need to keep it up to date.

Just Ask. You could ask clients to submit a review on the phone or by email.

Add A Request To An Email About Another Topic. You could add a message to an email you send out to clients about some other topic.

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What’s With Google Reviews?

If you have a local business, you definitely want some good reviews on Google Maps (Google+ Local).

But, Google requires a Google Account in order to post a review. Everyone may not have a Google Account, and those who don’t have, want to spend the time to set one up just to submit a review. 

So, what you can do instead is to have an alternative review site for them that is easier to post reviews on. Also, you can look for customers who have a Google email account (such as since you’ll know they have a Google Account.



Focus on getting reviews over time and on a continuous basis. It’s always best to get reviews in a natural progression over time. So instead of asking all your clients to submit reviews at the same time, make getting online reviews a part of your ongoing business processes. Our SEO agency in India has got years of experience in helping clients across various industries in getting their website rank well on the search engines.

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