What do you think of the new Instagram stories update?

The fight for supremacy between Instagram and Snapchat had been going on for a while now and it doesn’t look like it’s going to end anytime soon. As a part of this fight, Instagram recently launched their new stories update. According to which, we can post photos and videos in stories even after they 24 hours old.

In the new update the photos updated after 24 hours will have a sticker added to it with the date the photo was taken. We can also customize the sticker by resizing and reshaping it according to our wish, or you can even pin it. According to sources, Instagram has decided to get rid of the time restraint as people were finding different ways to add old photos like taking screenshots of photos and posting them into stories.

Though many people have welcomed the move because there is no need of re-save, screenshot, or edit the metadata on the image or video so it appears new. At the same time many others feel that this update has resulted in losing the ‘following along a person’s day in real time’ feel. The common feel is that the stories no more tell us a narrative and is similar to clubbing together old photos and videos and posting them as an album.

The ‘Stories’ feature of Instagram was a direct copy of Snapchat’s disappearing content gimmick. Instagram had experienced a huge surge in its daily users after this feature was introduced in August 2017 with the numbers reaching 200 million in September 2017. Not only that Instagram grew as a must-have tool for digital branding companies. And in contrast the number of Snapchat users had a steady decline during the same period. So let us wait and see how this new update is going to affect both these giants. Who will gain and who will lose?