Steps to Optimize your profile for #InstaSuccess

Steps to Optimize your profile for #InstaSuccess

As of September 2017, the photo sharing network a.k.a. INSTAGRAM was home to 800 million monthly active users as compared to 600 million in December 2016. The platform witnessed this exponential growth after its acquisition by Facebook and introduction of advertisements.

It should not come as a surprise for you that Instagram is being used by around 15 million businesses as an advertising platform to promote their products. Not just that, the number of active advertisers every month on Instagram is 1 million.

The staggering number of users clearly indicates that the brands are doing well on Instagram. The insanely high engagement offered by the platform is a big reason to attract brands.

But just being on Instagram will do no good to your brand-you need to know what works and how to grab the attention of the remarkable number of users out there.

Social Media Marketing Companies across the globe are of the opinion that it will be really foolish, if you don’t utilize the potential of Instagram to generate new leads and revenue. It’s time to take Instagramming seriously!

Let’s explore some tips to optimize your Instagram Profile for #InstaSuccess:

#Your Bio is the first impression-Make sure it the best

Bio is the introduction you give to the users about your brand. Make sure you put the best foot forward. The bio should reflect your brand values and goals.

When someone is looking up for your brand, but if your username or profile doesn’t specify your company’s name, you just lost a potential customer. The username should be chosen keeping in mind that it should help Instagram determine your brand.

#Your Images could be the game changer

Instagram is all about appealing visual content. If you are serious about Instagramming make sure that your share high quality images starting with your profile picture. Poor quality images can easily take away the credibility of your brand.

  1. If we are to go by accomplished Social Media Marketing Companies, most of the brands successful on Instagram use their logo as their profile picture. This is a smart move as it helps to maintain the consistency of the branding.

#Hashtags are a big NO in your Bio

It is as simple as it sounds, do not use hashtags in your bio for the simple reason that they are not clickable. The fine line is that you can list a particular hashtag in your bio that you want users to tag their photos with but just do not fill you bio with a bunch of hashtags.

#One Hashtag is the key to success

CTA (Call to action) is a vital component of social media marketing and asking people to use a hashtag while tagging pictures is a CTA in itself.  It is better not to confuse your audience with multiple hashtags, so pick one and promote it like there is no tomorrow.

#Use hashtags to make your content discoverable

Asking people to use your Instagram handle while tagging pictures is very futile as it will only lead to you or that person’s followers to discover the shared image.  Instead, ask them to use a hashtag. This approach helps as other users can search the hashtag and can see all the images related to it.

#URL = CTA between user engagement and ROI

Never stick with one URL on Instagram-it is the golden rule when it comes to successful marketing. By regularly changing links, you can send your audience to different landing pages and thus exhibit your brand’s potential completely to them.

#Make the most of Instagram Stories

Even though Instagram stories are live only for 24 hours but their strategic placement at the top of a follower’s timeline makes it really important. It increases the chance of your brand being seen in the flood of advertisements on Instagram.

The feature gives you all the potential to convert stories into creative ads as GIFs, videos, live videos, photos, stickers can be mixed together. In addition, stories have their own search function.

With Instagram marketing growing by leaps and bounds, devising strategies to optimize your Instagram profile is crucial to leverage its full potential for the benefit of your brand.

If you are completely clueless about how to get started with the optimization of your Instagram profile, you can always get in touch with Social Media Marketing Companies and get started.

Go Instagramming!